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Knowledge window book name highlight

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I've produced a very simple new feature to help find books in the knowledge window. I know we have the "#know" console command (I wrote the patch) but GUI stuff is often simpler. The new feature prompts you to enter a string of text. Any book names that contain the entered text will be highlighted in bright/dull orange rather than the default white/grey (for read/not read). To enter the text string, you right-click the knowledge window, select the "Set Highlight Text" option, enter the text at the prompt and you're done. The other option on the right-click menu clears the highlight string. Here are some screen shots that show what it looks like. I've used the new client colour scheme. I've also changed the scroll-wheel increment to allow fine control; you can still grab the scroll-bar to move up/down fast.


I did consider making this feature a filter - displaying only book names that contain the entered text. This would have been a larger change and I think I prefer having all the names displayed in any case. I'm happy to commit the change to git if people like it...





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I use knowledge filter in user .menu - Know?||#know <filter>

Thats would be same as "Print Highlighted To Console"-option I believe. Storage have this option when a category is selected!

Also, the selected skill on Counters-tab could use this option?

Session-tab to console? Heck, why not #commands to handle all Stat-tabs along with <filter> swithch?


I like text-commands! Very useful when sharing info with guildies, like books collecting dust, knowledge not researched or w/e char-related data GUI can shows.


Sorry if this is misplaced, bad or old thoughts.



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