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Neno Hunting

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So we tracked, pinned and killed Neno once more

with help from alot of people in game this evening the 26th

of february. Here is some photos from the beginning of the hunt till the end


The hunt begins




The very first pinned position




And the hunt of Neno continues through various places

in Tirnwood Vale. Like to thank Maxine and Cordor for the

great job of minimize Nenos health bar :)








Recapturing Neno :)

Looks strange but we got him pinned here







Thank you everyone who participated in this Neno event.

And a big thanks to LNX members Cordor, Maxine and Quesar.

You guys made this possible :D

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My gosh you have a nice computer, great pics there.

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rofl kaddy :P


really wanted to thank everyone that changed their plans for the evening to help us :)

those who teled there, and those who just passed. :)


i like this monster very much, since its only possible to catch it with big teamwork.


<3 to all!


NICE PICS CITY.. you are an artist

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