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Mixing-harvesting-hauling shop

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Hi there :hiya:


Im startin my new services

Offering mixing/hauling/harvesting


Well services closed for guild YARR


Mixing = Ings+food ( for lower ess like Fe/We/Ea's/Ae's so payment just because it's boring to do (0.15gc per one) :omg:


Hauling = leather,thread,FPS,essences from shop ....( little bigger price then from shop )


Harvesting = Flowers: All arranged


Orders on flowers max 2K!


For flowers in 0.50 rage is max order 5k!


0.50 rage = RR,SF,lilacs,mums,BSF,RS,Impats,BLs


1gc rage = wheat

1.5gc = all CF/MOP flowers


All other flowers on trade ( orders 2k max )




2.2gc rage = coal,sulphur (max order 3k)

2.5gc rage = all quartzes,silver (max order 2.5k)

3.7gc rage = iron ( max order 2k)

9gc rage = gypsum (max order 0.5k)

3gc rage = gypsum in bag ( max order 3k)


Orders to be done :

Vinoveritas 2,5k silver ore

Riky 2k iron ore

Lucifer_wn 2k iron ore



Orders done :

Vinoveritas 2.5k Silver ore

Teehee 2k BSF/BL



Orders held :



Orders ready for delivery:

Mistral 2.5k silver ore 6.25kgc



Happy posting :D


And see ya later !! :hiya:


Ingame RenO

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Well marnick i can't haul wine but will work on it :D


Orders in progress:

Lucifer_wn 2k iron ore


And psihokiller please orders on flowers are 2k :)

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