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Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

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I have never bought a character and accomplishments in game is the largest part of the fun. Another part is making friends, chatting in game etc. Another part is getting cool stuff.

The I WANT IT NOW attitude is not mine. The i want to work for a few months and gather the ingredients and get the nice stuff made for me IS my attitude (since i'm not going to train 3 characters at once, and neither of the ones i have are manuers). The problem with that is you can't just collect the ingredients when there are no bindings available except for ridiculous cost.

Why exactly do we NOT want people to be able to get nice equipment? Somebody explain to me why?

The impression i get is that the most powerful players have nice stuff if they want it, and they don't want other people to have nice stuff until they have reached the status of a "king" on the server.

Well what about the up and comers? They shouldn't have to a wait a year of playing (probably on their 2nd char, since most play on main first) or more just to get a suit of decent armor and nasty sword.. this is the PK server, and if newcomers could sooner get equipment they would sooner want to pk and bring more people over who want to have fun and pk each other all over the place.

I'm very curious as to the history of this server, when and why the npcs were removed, and when/why stones are so rare? send me a forum pm lest this topic be completely lost.


Edit: To Sergeys comment: "Maybe some people like server like it is now?" I say; Probably, it's the 3 people who have been playing the server steadily for the last 2+ years. But the fact that the number of players devoted to the server is so low, mayyybe it's time to take some other opinions suggestions seriously? Like those of newcomers, people who came and left, and People who don't play but would join if certain things changed. the PK server could be much more fun than the main server, there is tons of potential here, but with things as they are now, maybe it's time to start trying new things?



As you are quite new to the sever your opinions are very valubale as to why people try, then leave. We had some polls and ideas thrown around a while ago on things to improve the server such as raising the cap, getting the npc's for great swords etc. However it happens, either by getting the npc's or by increasing bindings etc, is really not that important........The important thing is that this needs fixing by any method. Yes it should be fun, with lots of action at all a/d levels and sadly it isnt. Most of us stay in the hope it will improve.

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yes i remember voting in that poll when i first started playing here. A small time later i stopped, just recently returned. I plan on playing here regularly now, with or without changes. But when things are dire, change is definitely good. If changes are made and it makes things worse, down the road they can always be changed again, Entropy willing of course. :)


Side note: i mean no offense to anyone i've disagreed with in this thread, friendly debating only

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