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The Wake of A Child

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(Eight days later)


'You've got to be kidding me! Two months ago she was perfectly allowed to come in!'

'I'm truly sorry sir, but there's nothing more I can do. She did attack one of those birds.'

'Ahh man, have you got any clue how long her last meal was?'

'I don't sir, but it still is a fact that she showed violent behaviour. I cannot grant her access to Cassa.'

'Well then, fine! I'll let her stay here for the night then, my bussiness should be done by then.' The Elf raised an angry indexfinger. 'If anything happens to her while I'm away, you know you'll be sorry.'

Then he burst out of the guard's office, his face still red with fury. Why wouldn't they allow Cath in now, she could about two months ago. If he had only fed her before taking her to that guard again.

But that was the past now, he told himself sternly. He should be searching for Lolen now, not thinking about what he could've done.


But Geelef's attempts to find Lolendalia were fruitless. She wasn't at the hotel he'd left her, nor at the market or in any of the shops. When he asked the innkeeper of the hotel, he said Lolen had left for a small town up north. Bondara was it's name.


Five minutes later the Elf had retrieved Cath from the guards and was running fullspeed along the northern forest. Not long now... Just a few hours and I'll be there.


But his predicament seemed to be untrue. Bondara was much further away as Geelef had thought. Finally arriving at a interjunction, he sat down to get some breath.

After a while, his eye could a small could of dust to his left. As that cloud became slowly bigger, he could see it was an old man walking along the road, carrying a big staff.

'Hail! Could I bother you with a small question?' said the Elf, keeping a growling Catherina down to the ground. The man stopped dead in his tracks. 'A question, you sais? Ahh yeah... You... you want to know where... no, not where... how much further Bondara is... True?'

The elf nodded silently. 'How did you know, if I may ask, what my question would be?'

'My dear son, I'm Vasha, the great Seer.'

Geelef raised his eyebrows. 'Oh... Yes, but ofcourse you are.' Clearly this man was out of his mind. 'But as great as you are, I still don't have an answer.' He hadn't the time to listen to the stories of an old man.


The man nodded. 'Yes.. You need to find someone... someone you care about really much.. love? No... But also yes... the love of a father, of a guardian.'

Vasha smiled. 'Hurry along, Bondara is a fourday walk from here. Two days if you run - at you're speed that is.'

When the Elf was long out of sight, Vasha was still staring at the point he dissappeared from view. 'Yes...' he mumbled. 'You really are the one...' Then he smiled and turned away, back on his former path.



Geelef was surprised at the accuracy of the man's words, as excactly fourty-eight hours later he found himself to step into Bondara.



This time he didn't bother to attend a guard's office to let Cath in, he just took her along. 'Be quiet, we don't want attention drawn to us!' he snapped at her, when she kept growling at a few birds. 'You'll have dinner in an hour or two.'


He tucked himself into his coat a bit more tightly, it was chilly outside. But it didn't seem to help. 'Weird...' he said thoughtfully, but further not paying any attention to the cold that penetrated his coat.

He burst into the first tavern he saw, walked up to the bartender, who looked pretty scared at the sight of the stranger with his staff and his tiger, but who still replied when Geelef asked if he'd seen a girl, Elvish, known as Lolendalia.

'I-I h-h-have, sir... She s-stays at the Bundance hotel, first street t-to the left...'

The elf nodded curtly and swooped out of the tavern just as fast as he had entered it.


Following the bartenders directions, he soon found the Bundance hotel, entered it, almost run up to the bartender, dragged the information he needed out of him, and then rushed up to Lolendalia's room.


Coming to a halt just before it, he took a deep breath, then knocked on the door.

Lolens soft voice came out of the room. 'Who's there?'

'Lolen? It's me, Geelef.' he said.

A small scream came through the door. 'Geelef?' He heard some stumbling, then the door flew open, Lolen stood behind it, her hair losely over her shoulders, smiling.

'You're back!' she said, before giving him a huge hug, smiling broadly.

Then she let go of him, her smile fading.

'Good you're back, but there's something not right... This cold... Do you feel it too?'

'Yeah,' the elf replied, tucking into his coat once more. 'But before we get to that, you need to know what happened to me, and I need to know what happened to you. Then we'll see into that weird cold.'


(( It's good to RP again :) Hey Arafin, sorry for not mentioning you, but I thought you'd introduce yourself, you know more about your char than I :D))

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(( Yay!! You're back for good this time, right? Lol.. sure hope so. I got lost last time, didn't know what to write. Arafin'll catch up.. I'm sure- he's pretty good at that. :) ))


Lolen tugged on Geelefs elbow, her smile gradually fading from her china doll lips as she motioned him towards a chair. The room having been secured and searched, the tattered bedlining removed and replaced with new sheets and new beddressings. The shredded paper on the walls torn and redone.


"What have you been doing, sir?" she asked politely as she sat down in the chair, letting herself sink into the down velvet and satin cloth, before sitting up properly, her back straight,

"Oh.. Where are my manners!? Would you care for some tea?"

she reached for the teapot on the coal burner on the bedside table.


"Well.. I guess that'd be good." he answered, eyeing Lolen slowly. She had grown since they parted, grown a lot, actually. Too much for her own good. She was sure to attract attention now.. From the unwanted things that got away. No doubt they had bred by now. It was obvious it was enough time.. things were sure to be invading the night skys once more. Perhaps they were far enough from Cassa and from the castle that they would not find her. He hoped not.


But he continued. "I've been.. um.. Busy, Lolen. Don't call me sir. You know what I think about that." He really didn't want to tell her what he had been up to.. she had probably already noticed it anyway.


"I.. I see. But I am sure that you have been safe? Did you fall from a stead? Your arm looks terrible, as though you have broken something." she asked, uncertainty hidden in her voice.


"I.. uh.. I'll tell you later. " he stated befores smiling awkwardly at her. He didn't want to say much at all... not really.


"Oh.. well.. we can talk about this later, perhaps?"

"Yeah, perhaps."

She smiled at him.. her smile broad and bright, her sparkling eyes glimmering at him from behind her button nose, her skin glowing even more radiant from her days in the sun since she had arrived. She tugged softly on a strand of ivory hair that had fallen from behind her ear, from the braid she had neatly placed them all in.


Not only did her physical appearance have changed, she had become less shy... as well. What caused such a big change?


She smiled broadly still at him, thinking the exact things, though the opposite: He was back, he looked like he had been through hell, but he was safe.. what had he been doing!? Where had he been since they had split?


"Well.. Geelef, it seems that there are things aloft in the night that enjoy invading peoples bedrooms! I had something that came through my window just the other night.. And it tore my bedspread to pieces, scratched me, and ruined the walls. It was as though it could climb, and run, on the walls! And look!"


she held out her small ankle from beneath the hem of her gown, the pearlescent blue contrasting the smooth, ivory curve of her ankles. On the inside of her ankle, lay a long red line that seemed to glow like fire against her skin.

"I managed to escape the creature with a mere scratch. But it burns moreso each day. I have been rather busy, apart from that.. Trying to figure out what in the world is keeping my quarters so cold. Even the managers are clueless... It seems something is not right. Especially not your arm! Come close.. I will fix it, and, where is Cath!? Is she alright?" she leaned towards him, her hands moving towards his arm.. if he'd allow it.


Arafin, on the other hand.. listening from behind the door, having stopped his near knocking to listen to what they said. It seemed they were happy to see each other.. too happy..


(( I don't know Arafin's charry well enough to play him either. Lol... Sorry.. but I tried. :) ))

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((This time I'm back forgood, yeah :) No way I'm going to stop RPing in this thread, ever!))


While Lolen was taking care of the Elfs arm, Arafin was still eavesdropping.


'So, where's Cath?' he heard Lolens voice after a while.

'Downstairs, she'll be up here soon I guess, if that bartender let's her.'


Arafin's attention shifted from the conversation to something in the hallway. A dark, low figure was crawling over the floor, two huge eyes flickering in the soft light of the moon, shining through a window.


Dang, forgot my sword...


He readied himself for hand-to-hand combat with whatever this creature was, but soon dropped his defence again, when he heard Geelef's voice coming from Lolen's room.


'Hey, Cath's up here right now! I'll go get her.'


Arafin, wondering if this creature was the 'Cath' the Elf was referring to, took a closer look at it. When the door behind him slung open, and light burst into the corridor, it was clear that the creature was a pearly white tiger.


'Good evening. I hope she didn't scare you?' Geelef said quietly, mentioning the tiger to come into the room.


'No...' Arafin replied slowly. 'But I do wonder why this tiger is in Bondara, and why its master is, for the same matter.'



Geelef's smile faded. 'That, I am afraid, is my business, and my business alone. And the business of this girl in the room behind me.'


'Lolendalia's business?' Arafin asked.


'You know her?'


Arafin nodded. 'I do. She bumped into me a while ago.'


Geelef raised his eyebrows. 'Bumped into you? - Hey Lolen! Do you know this guy?'

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Her reply was muffled in the high screech that came from outside. Lolen's eyes turned huge.


'What is th-? Arafin started, but he was interrupted by Geelef.


'This is not the time! Do you have some kind of weapon?' Geelef asked, while taking out his own sword.

Arafin shook his head, 'I left my sword in my room.'


Swiftly Geelef handed him his own sword. 'Take mine, but be careful, I want it back in one piece.' The Elf himself took his staff and turned to Lolen.


'This is what's snapped at your leg. And what's making the rooms so cold. He is the first and last one of his kind, not powerful but extremely agile, fast and skilled in magic. Be careful.'


'Same goes for you,' he added while turning to Arafin.


The moment Arafin wanted to say he was 'a guard at his castle, probably knew more of fighting than Geelef' they felt the floor beneath them shake. Seconds later it collapsed and they fell through the roof of the tavern beneath.


'Uh oh...' Arafin mumbled, when he laid eyes on the horrible creature that had torn the taverns ceiling apart.


In the middle of the tavern stood a man, a little taller than the average human, with blazing green eyes. His skin was covered in spikes and orange bulbs. Scars ran over his entire face.

His left hand was clutched to the neck of a terrified young women, which he held up in the air. His other hand was pointed at a young man, about the same age as the women. The moment that man opened his mouth to say something a yellow flash seared through the room, hitting the man in his head. The young man fell over, his hands clutched to his head, while the evil creature smiled.



Geelef got up first, mumbled something and created a small energy barrier between the three of them and the creature. Then he shouted:


'Bringer of Evil! Listen to me! You will let that young women go free, and you will return that young man to his former state, before it is too late.'


The dark creature, who just seemed to notice the Elf, turned around, and rumbled: 'Why should I do that? I, who has never been defeated? I, who know only victory? Who do you think that you are to command me? You know I only obey to one man. And that person is dead.'


'If you are referring to Torquin, I killed him about three months ago.'


The creatures eyes widened, then almost closed, to leave two tiny red lines in his face.

'So, you are the one that killed Torquin. You will pay most dearly. Torquin is nothing compared to me, and you know it. The only reason I obeyed him is because he saved me while I was still an egg... He was like a father to me.'


Then, with a great, deep roar, the Dark creature launched himseld at Geelef, his left hand struck the barrier, sending purple sparks everywhere. Geelef was set back a foot, but the barrier held.


'You won't win this. I am not alone!' Geelef shouted. 'That is your greatest weakness.'


Another roar accompanied the next charge of the creature. This time Geelef reshaped the barrier in such a way that the creature hit thin air.


'Is that all you can do?'

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"Geelef, what is that!?" Lolen managed to gasp, her hands thrown about her mouth, covering her cheeks. Her eyes had grown as large as dinner plates, hid behind her button nose.


Geelef obviously hadn't heard her, as he was battling to keep the shield between them and the creature from crumbling.


Lolen stared at the wretched thing, before shifting her attention towards Arafin, who had managed somehow to grasp a weapon and had begun to charge towards the creature, before he slammed into the barrier, and was tossed backwards.


"Oh.. not again, sir!" she called, rushing towards him, clutching her skirts close to her to keep her from tripping and falling and harming herself as well.


Geelef maintained the sheild, though it rippled like water, or thinned and smoothed glass. The scene wavered from inside the barrier, and Lolen felt her stomach tighten in a cold knot somewhere deep down inside.


"Geelef?? What is going on!?" she shouted towards him, patting Arafin on the shoulder as he manuevered to regain his composure.


Before the Elf could answer, the creature growled, showing foul and crooked, jagged teeth before running directly at the group, ripping the woman's head from her shoulders as he slammed into the barrier with a thud. Blood spurted against the glassy sheild, running and streaming off of it in tiny trickles, making Lolen's stomach swirl slightly.


Get a hold of yourself! You have seen far worse than this.. But all that blood.. that poor woman! she thought, watching as the creature smirked and grimaced in disgusting satisfaction, waving the womans head in it's hands, the womans eyes still shifting, staring blankly at the three of them, her paling lips moving soundlessly, strings and ligaments hanging bloodily from her neck.


Lolen felt as though she would wretch.. unsure of how the others felt.. Unsure of how the creature would react.. though it simply seemed to grimace, smirk, stare, and hiss and snort and cackle at them from it's shifty, beady eyes.


"Geelef.. what is going to happen!?" Lolen asked in a wavering, unsure tone.. Knowing that she would end up fighting if things got much worse. Fight.. or die.


(Sorry it took so long to post.. :D I've been veerrry busy! - Mina)

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(( :) It's been just two days... Not that long :P Anyway, gotta cram this up in about ten minutes, so it won't be that good...))


'You sure you want to know what this is?' Geelef finally shouted back at her, just after the creature charged again.


Lolen nodded silently, then she realised Geelef couldn't see her so she said: 'Yes, I'm sure.'


'OK; this creature here is a breed between an orc and a dragon. Don't know the names of those two anymore, but that doesn't really matter. One thing is sure, about a thousand years ago, that dragon lay an egg, two months later it got killed by the same orc she had breeded with. Family fight or something.'


Geelef stopped in his story, to relocate the barrier a bit, since the orcish dragonish thingy was circling aroun them. Then, without any warning, Geelef dropped the shield, shot a fireball at the creature, and raised it again. In the confusion that followed his attack he went on talking.


'Well, the orc didn't really care about the egg, so he just left it there to rot. Unfortunatly he didn't smash it, since someone came along and took it with him, to breed it. Ofcourse, this person thought it was a dragons egg, not some halfbreed. You know who that person is, we finished him off in the castle of Andruin.'


'Torquin... So he's been around here for a long time too?' Lolen asked.


'Yeah. Heard what he said? He could never be killed? He's immortal. Well, atleast, he'd never die of age. As you've seen, swords and spells can harm him.'


'Does this creature have a name?' Arafin asked, looking disgusted at it.


This time Geelef didn't answer, but he didn't have to. The creature answered it for him.


'Ofcourse I have, you pathethic human. My name is Anglaroth, Bringer of Darkness, Carrier of Evil. And you will pay for murdering Torquin!'


Once more Anglaroth attacked, this time Geelef barrier shattered in a million fluid pieces.


'OK guys, this is it. Hit him whereever you can!'

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When the shield broke, the pieces that remained solid shattering against the ground, making Lolen's ears ring and pain course through her head, shooting as though someone had slammed the hilt of an iron sword against her forhead.


"Geelef!?" she shouted out, her vision bluring before she felt the pain in her head once more. She thought she had closed her eyes, and that she could not open them..


"Geelef?..?" she called, raising her hands to her face, feeling towards the air, her hand reaching for one of the many shards of glass-like sheild, her skin slicing as she grabbed it, she could feel the trickle of blood, but she still couldn't see it.


"Could.. could someone please turn on the lights? I.. I can't see anything.."


Truth was, the lights were on.. the battle had been going on some ways from Lolen.. she had backed herself away from them, into a corner, unintentionally. Someone had hit her with the hilt of a sword.. maybe unintentionally.. But it had blackened her vision. The sea blue of her eyes having darkened just a shade, her pupils having shrank to the size of a tiny black beetle. No wonder she could not see.. She had been blinded.


"Lolen?" she heard Geelef inquire, before she felt a hand on her arm, then a second, tucking her behind something. She raised her hands, to feel for them, but she could not feel anything, nor hear anything. And it frightened her. Magic being used, she couldn't see.. A battle being held.. she couldn't defend herself. She was sure something was wrong, and kept blinking her eyes, each time a pain shooting through her head... so she sat.. praying that everything would be alright.. and that she, would be alright.





The clink of the swords made Geelef push forward, towards the creature that called himself "Anglaroth". Anglaroth shrinking back in turn, and sneering with his great ugly teeth visible.


"You'll never win, you stupid git!" he said, his rough voice making the Elf's ears tinge a shade of red.


He had moved Lolen.. out of the way, out of the battle. Obviously.. something was wrong with her, but he didn't know what. All he had seen was her sink into the corner, being backed by some man who he had not caught glimpse of his face. The man had gone, and she had been calling for him, so he answered while Arafin was busy fighting Anglaroth..


The battle had subdued slightly, with the screams and shouts of the people who had been in the tavern, when they escaped.. Most of them had... but some of them had stayed to help fight the three.. or to watch the battle's progression.


Lolen had been moved to safetly, behind the counter by the door, under a piece of counter to protect her from falling fragments of the ceiling.


Lanterns had been smashed, their oil spreading rapidly over the wood, seeping, soaking into the holes.. If something lit them.. There would be trouble.. for all of them.


Arafin having gone out of sight, only to weave in and out of Geelef's view as he fought Anglaroth..


A sting caught his attention, he had been sliced undoubtedly on the wrist, the bicep, and across his chest.


Anglaroth, in return.. had been stabbed in the shin by a throwing dagger, blood splotching from the crevice where the dagger lay sealed in his skin.



Anglaroth turned, and grinned maliciously.. Before he turned and ran, shouting curses and insults along the way..


"I will be back! I will! You haven't seen the last of me! I'll be back for you!! Just you wait!"

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One last fireball of Anglaroth was enough to seal their fates, the oil was set on fire, engulfing the tavern in flames.


'Get out of here!' Geelef yelled at Arafin. 'I'll take care of Lolen.'

Arafin just shook his head, crumbled across the floor and said: 'I wont get out of here. It would make me no better then any of them' He pointed at all those bystanders, who hadn't helped in the fight, but were now running for their lives.


'I'll help you carry Lolen outta here. Whatever has happened to her, it's not good...'


Geelef nodded silently, and thankfully. He threw away the burning counter covering Lolen, took her left arm and lifted her of the ground.

'You take her right...'


While they were slowly dragging Lolen around the hottest spots, to the safety of the door, something hit Geelef.

'Hey, where's Catherine? CATH!'

For the first time fear could be heard in his voice.

'Cath? You mean that withe tiger of yours? I just saw her sneak outside, following some weird guy.'

'Oh, thank god!'

The heat became almost unbearable, ash filled their lungs every time they took a breath, their faces seemed to be scorched.


Finally, after what seemed hours, they reached the doorway, stepped outside, and breathed fresh air again, and felt the cool wind on their skin.

'To the woods, I presume?' Arafin asked.

'Yeah. We'll be the safest there. People will want to thank us, or demand some refund for that tavern. Even though it's not our fault.' he added at Arafins look. 'People are always trying to get best for themselves, they don't care about strangers...'


Arafin nodded. He knew what Geelef was talking about. Even his own king didn't know his name, let alone he would do anything for him.


'And I know some herbs we could use to heal our wounds. Even though I'm not sure what's wrong with Lolen, I've seen some soothing herbs on my way here, so that should help out at least.'



All this time Lolen hadn't said a word, although she had listened carefully. But sicne opening her eyes was much too painful, and staying quiet was easier, she just didn't do a thing.


((Wai, 5th page already :) This is turning into a pretty big RP... I like it!


There's something I wanted to RP; I'll start it one of these days, it could mean the start of a lot of new quests. It's a pretty big change in the storyline though, the Black Guard would be out of sight for a long time. Just say so if you're interested, I got to work on it a bit more, but if you guys have other ideas, we'll do those first. :P And if you want to stick in this world, please say so, I don't want to ruin your fun!))

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In fact, Lolen prefered to keep her eyes closed.. the best that she could..


When she opened them, they burned like fire seared at her face. Just like the fire she had felt licking at her skin, tasting and feasting on the tender flesh it touched. She had felt the hot ash enter her lungs, stir about and settle at the bottom. Each breath she drew felt agonizingbeyond the extent that she could speak. Her head swirled and pounded, but she heard every word that they were saying.


She had felt their arms, heard their speaking, heard the woosh of the fire as it had set the oil ablaze, she heard the crackling and popping and sizzling of wood as it had become a nothing in the void of licking oranges, reds, and shocking blues.


"Geelef?" she murmered after some time of silence and thinking, she brought her hands before her face, flexing her fingers.


Geelef walked towards her, dropping his conversation with Arafin for the moment, to sit beside his friend.


"Yea?" he asked solemnly.. scanning Lolen's painfully expressioned face.


"Why can I not open my own eyes?" she asked hesitantly, feeling with the balls of her fingers towards his face, pressing her fingers to his skin.


"Your eyes are open, Lolen." he answered honestly, sensing the sadness in her once pleasant voice.


"Oh..." she murmered, trying to be strong, capping her emotions deep down inside somewhere..


"Oh Lolen.. I'm trying to help.." he stated softly, cupping her cheeks in his hands, shaking his own head, her small, warm hands on his own cheeks.


"Do not worry for me.. I will be fine.. I.. I know I will." she managed a weak smile...


But they both knew that things would not go so well if they did not find out how to fix what was done.. if it could be fixed...


((Woohoo! Yes..! Let's do it! Ohhh!! BTW! I'm thinking of starting to RP with Andalusia too.. Wan't to join hers? Looks pretty good! :D ))

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(( Hey... the weather's getting bad.. so if there isn't a post again tonight, when and if you post tonight.. There will probably be one tomorrow. :) Sorry.. I had to say that.. just incase. :D ))

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((OK; the story would be sometihng like this: after we've got you back to normal somehow, we'd be walking through the forest, fall in a trap, and we'd die. (auch...) Not to worry, our souls get ripped from our bodies and transported to the afterlife, where we can choose to do a series of quests to get our lives back, or we'd do more quests to go to heaven. Other solution is hell. O'course we choose for life, and so our journey back to earth (or, well, our planet :P) begins.


Yeah, Andalusia's rp does look pretty good. (At least, if you're talking about the one posted already :P), might post something there too.


Sorry for not continuing the story, but I've got like *no* time right now. (school...) Maybe tonight (my night that is :D))

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This will be just a at the present 5 minutes lol. As I see what we are doing, but not entirely sure how or what we do to remove the blindness Lolen has aquired.



Arafin helping Geelef set Lolen down and putting on his red cloak, "I am going to get something to eat I will return shortly. By the way my name is Aafin, good to meet someone of your calibur once again." Shaking hands and Geelef returning greetings Arafin darted off back into the town.


The pain of the wounds Arafin recieved started to kick in and he fell over into a wall and used it to remain standing. A sharp pain shot up his right leg. Sitting don he removed the armor gaurding the front of the leg and cut his clothing to see his leg more clearly in the early morning darkness. Looking at his leg it seemed like nothing was wrong with it, must just be a bad sprang. Arafin hoped Geelef would remedy that right up quick.


Picking up a stick from the ground and returning his armor to its rightful place he continued his trip into town. There was hardly anyoe out, vendors selling their wares were few and far apart. Arafin wandered till he approached a fruit stand. It seemed to be the only food anywheres in the market at the time. "Excuse me I will have some of those and yeah those too."


Shortly after buying the fruit he decided to sneak a peak at the inn for his sword and helmet. They were the more expensive of the armor and they completed his set of armor so he had to find them. Sneaking up to the back he found the rubble that would have been where his room stood if the building were still intact. The coals were still hot and the flames were still in a few places while others were still smoldering and hot. He carefully moved things around and he found his sword. He removed Geelef's sword from his scabbard and replaced it with his sword and took a rope to tie Geelef's sword back to his belt.


He left the buidling with only his sword. He could not find his helmet, it did not matter much as he always found himself removing it when batte began as it reduced his vision. "I got some fruit. It was all that was open in the market. Still too early for much else." Geelef nodded.


"Come over here and sit down Arafin. I can't completely heal your leg, but I can almost, and it doesn't help it to walk on it." Arafin sat down and Geelef worked his ways, and in minutes it felt as good as new and he wrapped it up in some type of cloth. Arafin felt bad for Lolen who appeared to be blind, but the only sign on the outside was that she hardly blinked. Whatever it was it had to be able to be fixed, and if anyone knew it would be Geelef who would fint out.


Arafin watched Geelef closely, and realized he was also an elf. However, Lolen and he were both elves, but she looked different in too many ways to be of any relation. Arafin thinking drifted off.

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((Yeah, I've been giving the blindness thingy some thought, but I think I got something figured out.




After Geelef had taken care of his own injuries for a bit, he stumbled into the forest, looking for herbs to sooth Lolens pain, maybe partly cure her blindness. After an hour he returned to Arafin and Lolen, his arms full of red and blue flowers. He gave Arafin the red ones.


'Mash up with this, please.' he said, while he took a small rectangular piece of wood out of his backpack. It was covered by ancient Elvish runes, and it glowed in the smallest way.

'Careful with it, don't touch your wounds with it, it'll suck the blood right out of you.'

Arafin nodded slowly and took the strange piece of wood, keeping it away from his own wounds.

Geelef started to enchant the blue flowers, and after he and Arafin finished, he put mixed them, and put some peachsap with it.


'Here Lolen, drink this. It'll make you feel better.'


Lolen's hands searched for the cup that Geelef handed her. When she drank it, a warm glowing sensation filled her body, and she found it less painful to speak.

'Oh, thank you. Can I have some more, please?'

'I'd wish I could give more, but you'll end up paralised if you drink too much... And I wouldn't want that to happen.'



After they'd rested for a while, Catherina suddenly turned up again. She seemed to have found something, as she kept tugging Geelef's coat.

'Follow you? Yeah, OK.' When only Geelef stood up, saying that the others should stay behind and get some more rest, Cath began tugging Arafin's clothes too.

'I guess she wants us all to come along...' Arafin said. Geelef nodded.

'Lolen, you can sit on Cath's back. You need your rest.'

After he and Arafin had helped Lolen onto Cath's back, the tiger broke into a run. 'Cath? Not so fast, please!' Lolen said, fear shining through her would-be steady voice.

Geelef and Arafin looked at eachother. 'OK; let's try to keep up...'



After a few minutes the two of them found Cath and Lolen standing next to a deep canyon, a small road leading down.

'Down here?' Geelef asked.

Cath growled and slowly walked down the road, careful not to fall down.



After about half an hour, they reached the bottom of the canyon, and they followed Catherine to a small bush. She put her head in, and dragged a man out, who was obviously out cold.


'You did that?' Geelef asked her sternly. Cath bowed her head a little in reply.

'But, but, isn't that the guy who attacked Lolen?'


Geelef bent down, smacked the man in the face and told him to wake up.

When he didn't move, the Elf added 'Or I'll let Cath have a bite at you.'

Instantly the man's eyes opened.

'Allright, allright. Just keep that thing away from me...'

'I will, but you'll have to tell me, did you attack her? And why?'

'Oh yes. I did hit that little girly in the face. Was asked by some stranger. Paid me lots for it. Told me to use this sword.'

The man held up a small sword, which was covered in a greenish yellow substance that was obviously poison.

'Told me this would blind the girl. That's what he wanted.' the man continued.

'You know how to counter the poison and make her see again?' Arafin asked him.

'Well...' the man started.

'Speak up!'

'I do. To counter it if I accidently scratched myself. But that guy also told me that he would...' the man shivered 'would to horrible stuff to me if I told you.'

'I promise you, we will do worse 'stuff' if you wont tell us how to counter it.' Geelef said darkly.

'Thought so...' the man sighed. And before anyone could stop him, he had raised the poisoned sword and stabbed it into his heart. His pupils went huge, then small, and a faint expression of satisfaction covered his face, before he fell over and died.


'NO!' Geelef shouted.

'What has happened?' Lolendalia asked, still sitting on the back of Catherina.

Arafin just nodded his head. After a while Geelef replied.

'We just lost your only hope of recovery...' he said sadly.


He had just finished talking, when they all could feel a strange sensation, as if their bodies where being torn apart, then put back together again.


'Uh oh... Now we're in really big trouble...'

'What? Arafin asked. 'And why is it so dark in here?'

Geelef didn't answer.

'What?' Arafin asked again.

'We've just been sent back to the prison I come from...' Geelef said. 'They won't be happy...'

'P- prison?' Lolen asked, uncertain if Geelef was kidding.

'Yes. Prison. Jail. Gaol. Bad.'

'So, you've been in prison before?'

'Yap. That was because I followed orders I shouldn't have followed.'

It was obvious he didn't want to talk about it.


'What's gonna happen now?' Arafin asked.

'Guess they're going to want to know what's happened. If they don't know already.'

'They? Who's they?'

Geelef didn't have the time to answer, the door of their cell creacked open, allowing light to come in. In the doorway stood a black, hooded figure, his left hand clutched a fierce dog, his right hand held a sword.


'That's they.' Geelef said.

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(( Wow! You guys have gone a way without me.. Lol, sorry I've been really rather busy.. With things here at home. :P I'll post as often as is possible. And check each day that I can. :) ))


Lolen had felt the shudder, and the beads of sweat had gathered on her milky brow, to slide down and rest along the bridge of her small, button nose. She could hear the being's breathing, it's breath rattling and shaking in it's obviously dusted lungs. She could feel it's not so steady gaze gracing them over, resting on each of them.


She held out her hand, sensing Geelef's warmth beside her. She was familiar with him now, and could tell who he was simply by being beside him, or hearing his voice she could find him. The darkness had faded just enough that she saw shadows, unsteady- wavering, flickering shadows, but shadows. And it terrified her.


"Geelef? Where are we?" she asked pitifully, shaking her head in disbelief..


"Prison." he stated calmly, before taking Lolen's hand. Lolen, who had been unsteady on her feet recently, acted as though she cared not about her lost equilibrium, but seemed steadier on her feet knowing that Cath, Geelef, and her newest friend Arafin was nearby.


"It is not where we began, is it, sir?" she asked quietly, her pink lips moving slowly and softly, and the air as sticky about her as though someone had painted it over in layers of sugar and honey. Time, she felt, had stopped completely, stood almost still.. Each ray of the sun sliding without end into a vast and gloomy, waiting darkness that it seemed only Lolen could see, and see it she could, the shadows.. she could see them slinking unrelentlessly beneath the slowly fading, slowly changing rays of sunlight.


"Geelef..?" she asked once more, though he wouldn't answer.


Her hand was cold.. she had been so tangled in her thoughts that she had not realised that he had been ripped from her, just as he had before..


"Geelef!?" she called louder, her small voice, as clear as a bell now, ringing through the sticky air.


She did not hear anything, nobreathing besides hers, no heartbeat beside her own- pumping blood and pounding exceedingly fast in the cage of bone in her chest.


"Arafin?" she asked, holding her hands out infront of her, feeling the air.. It seemed to have grown faintly cold in the doorway, which was like a blurring black blotch to her.. Fading into shadows of darker color.




She was alone..


And lost.

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When the the guard, because obivously, that was what the hooded figure was, silently strode into their cell and gestured to follow them, Arafin shot a vague look at Geelef.

The Elf nodded in reply, and mouthed so that the guard couldn't see it: 'Better do what they say, we don't want to die in here...'


It seemed the guard wanted Lolen to stay, since he nodded his head as Geelef made to pull her up, but the three others were undoubtly wanted.


Not speaking at all, the small group moved through an enourmous prison, thousands of doors all leading to hundreds of hallways, forming dozens of prisonblocks on a lone island of mere darkness.


They strode across a huge hall, a small iron door seemed to be their heading. As it came nearer Arafin got the strange feeling that this was what he was living for his entire life.


The guard opened the door, and said in a very highpitched voice: 'In.'

Not asking questions, the three followed his order.


When Catherina's tail finally was inside the dark room, the door slammed shut, covering the group in utter darkness.


'The Ancient Court hereby starts the hearing of Arafin, Catherina and Geelef.'


'What the -?' Arafin began, before he was cut off by Geelef.



Almost ten dozen of torches were suddenly lit, revealing six old Elfs, sitting behind a large table, dressed in pearly white clothes.


'We didn't do it!' Arafin said loudly. 'What ever you accuse us of.'


'Silence!' said an old man to the right. 'You certainly DID do it! Else you would not have been brought here!'



'Just listen Arafin, we don't want them angry...' Geelef said in a low voice.


'No, especially you would not want that, Geelef! How many times do we need to call you in here again?'


'We'll see where destiny takes me.' the Elf replied.


One of the younger, but still very old, women snorted. 'Destiny!' she said loudly. 'It's more like you're planning all kinds of mistreats for us.'


'Like, what?' Geelef said curiously. 'I can't see how I've done any harm to you...'


'Do we really need to tell you this again?' The old man spoke again.


'Oh yes, not for the sake of me, but for the sake of Arafin, and Lolen. They're just involved as I am, else they wouldn't have been here in the first place.'


An old lady nodded. 'He's got a point... Even though I don't like to admid it. Bring in the girl!'


She snapped her fingers, and instantly Lolendalia materialised out of thin air, looking terrified. Geelef grabbed her arm.

'It's alright.'


'Yeah, it's me. We're all here. Now, I want you to be quiet and listen carefully.'



The old lady started to talk again.

'The Elf and the tiger already know this, but for 'the sake of the other two' we shall repeat this once more.

Geelef, you have been imprisoned here a long time ago, for mugging, arson and believed murder.'


Lolens and Arafins eyes widened.


'Believed... That's the word. Didn't do it.' Geelef assured them.


'Believed murder.' The lady continued. 'Sometime later, you have been asked to escort this girl to the man that would give her her quest. If you succeeded, you would be escorting her on her quest too, earning an early release out of this prison, if you could keep her out of harms way. You agreed, if you could take your tiger with you. We allowed that.'


An old man continued. 'But you have failed miserably. The girl can't see anymore. And there is no way to get her better again. That's what you're here for.'


'Aha.' Arafin said. 'And why am I here?'


'Because you helped the three of them out, and we could hardly take them away from you without you noticing something.'


Arafins eyes widened once more. 'You got to be kidding.'


'We don't kid, mister Arafin.'

Arafin fell silent at once.


'So, that's it? No second chances or something?' Geelef asked.


'You've had enough chances. Unless you can here and now provide us with a way to cure her disease, you shall be punished. Along with the rest of you.'


'Even Lolen? She hasn't chosen this! Nor did Arafin! Let at least them live!' Geelef said.


'The load of the chosen ones are often even more heavy as the ones that have chosen...' the old lady said thoughtfully. 'And besides, they know too much.'


'Well Geelef, can you or can you not give us a way to cure this girl?' a young man said.


'I... I can not...' Geelef said, tears filling his otherwise quiet eyes.


'Then you shall be punished.' the man stated.


'And what's that punishment gonna be?' Arafin asked.




'Death? You must not mean you are going to murder us?' Lolen exclamated, in a very high voice.


'I wouldn't call it murder. Punishment.' the man said darkly.


Lolen sank down on the floor, only one thought filling her mind. She was going to die, and so did her best friends. They'd loose eachother!


But her thinking was interrupted by the guard coming into the room.

'Death?' he said, this time his voice almost happily low.

'Yes.' The young man said.

The guard snickered. 'Finally...'


And without further ado, he took the four of them in his enourmous hands and carried them out of the room, through the hall, over the grounds, into the woods surrounding the prison, to a small wooden cabin.

'Hey! Got you some victims!' The guard yelled, before letting go of the group, and vanishing into thin air.

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Lolen looked in the direction she heard Arafin shuffling about, and yet she could not see anything.


"Geelef.. ?" she asked softly, her voice trembling like the rest of her.. she could feel the hairs on her body prick.


"Hm?" she heard him mumble, and made her way towards where she thought he stood. She reached her hand out, and he met hers with his own.


"What.. what happened?" she asked a little more confidently.


Yet he remained silent, and simply patted the back of her hand.


Lolen had remained calm and stable through the whole experience, yet it seemed she could not contain her emotions any longer.. And she had begun to cry, hysterically- small, hiccuping sobs and gasps, the crystaline tears shining incandescentlyon her ivory cheeks.


"Geelef.. I do not wish to die! I have not finished my quest! I.. I have so much more that I need and wish to do!" she trembled violently, moreso than she had been.


Geelef still, remained silent.. patting her hand and rubbing her back.


"What will happen to us?" Arafin asked, startling Lolen enough to make her jump some inches into the air.


"I don't know, and I don't want to know." Geelef responded quietly, resting Lolen's head on his shoulder.


"Please do not leave me!" Lolen gasped from behind hidden tears, yet a dawning realization suddenly flurished before her lost sight, something that had suddenly sparked in her head.


"Geelef..- "


"I won't leave you."


"No.. that is not what I was going to say, sir. I was thinking, that if we should die.. Should that bring a new quest? Would that be the begining of and end of a simple life, leading into a more .. um.. complex reality?" She asked, hope fluttering in her voice.


"Mmm.." he answered shortly.. She had a point, this little woman..


She had a point....


(( Sorry this seems so short, I've kinda been really really busy!))

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((Sorry this took so long, it's been hectic at school... :( ))


But as the Elf was thinking about this words, the door of the wooden cabbin slowly creaked open, and a man's head popped out of the door.

The man looked much younger than any other person they'd seen here, maybe twenty human years, although his eyes gave him away, they concealed the wisdom of centuries, the torture of age, the blessing of knowledge.


'So, finally you've arrived. Rather late for you, isn't it?' he said to Geelef.

'Well, didn't want to die too soon.'

'Ofcourse, the ignorance of youth. You know death is just another adventure? This little girl was quite right.'


'S-sir? You mean to say that we won't loose eachother, that we will stay together?' Lolens soft voice rang.

'Yes. Do you want to know what's going to happen excactly, or you want to find out yourselves?' the man said, apperantly pleased by Lolens udnerstanding.


'I'd like to know what's going to happen' Arafin said, before the other two could speak. 'I want to know if it's gonna be the same or better as this world, else I'm gonna try to run.'

'Ofcourse... Let me tell you what will happen then.'

Lolendalia and Geelef nodded, the latter stroking Cath's back a bit, seamingly absentminded.

'Yes Geelef, I know you already know. Can you act normal for once?'

'Could do, I s'pose. It's just that I escaped "faith" three times in a row now, I kinda stopped believing in afterlife.'

The man smiled. 'Yes yes... But at least act like you care then.'

'Alright...' Geelef's eyes turned to the mans, but his hand was still stroking Cath's back.

The man rolled his eyes upwards, and muttered something which looked alot like 'Elfs...'


'Anyway, you wanted to know what's gonna happen.' the man started again.

'First, you walk into my little house, lay yourself in a coffin, and I'll turn you into a living mummy. Magically ofcourse, you won't feel a thing.' he added quickly once he saw Lolen's frightened look.

'Then, you'll be killed, in such a way your body or soul wont get hurt, but ofcourse you will feel the two of them being ripped apart - which isn't nice, and you'll remember your lives down here.'

'So, if we'd have died normally we'd have forgotten about our friendships, our adventures in this world?' Lolen asked again.

'Yeah. Well, not excactly though. You wouldn't remember it with your mind, but your heart would tell you that Arafin and Geelef are good people, you'd feel like you've known them forever if you'd see them again.'

'Ah. Same goes for hate?' Arafin asked.

'Yup. You won't ever trust anyone that you hate in this world, you'd feel there's something wrong. You've got that already, sometimes you can just tell when somebody is bad, or good.'

'You're telling me I've lived other lives before?' Arafin said in amazement.

'Yeah. You've died for about a thousand times before, each time ascending to the next plane of existance. It's a natural, good thing.'


'But - but then why do you store our bodies? We didn't see anybody else get mummyfied before...' Lolen stated.

Before the man could answer Geelef said: 'Because we might get bored in the next plane. No one knows what it's like, there are only stories of previous planes, and they all sound pretty heavy. It could well be that the next plane is just a mountainrange with loads of dust and dirt.'

The man nodded. 'Yes, you might want to return to this plane. It'll be hard to accomplish that though, and you'll probably forget what you've experienced, but at least you'd be back here.'


'You know what?' Geelef suddenly said. 'I wont do it. I don't want to move on or something. I just want to continue to live here. No messing around with my life.'

'Again...' the man sighed. 'You will go. It's inevitable. You know it. Just like you can't stop the sun rising.'

'I've escaped three times before, you said so yourself.'

All at once, the man's expression changed. His eyes turned from a soft brown to a harsh red, his clothes moved in the wind that had suddenly started to blow.

'Geelef Greenleaves the Green! You will go in! You shall die and perish!'


And Geelef complied, without a single word of resistance. His eyes seemed unusually foggy, his walking was in a wooden kind of way.

'S-sir? What have you done to him?' Lolen asked in a tiny voice.

'I've ordered him to go. None can resist their full, birth names. Not if the one who speaks it knows about it's power.'


'Just get inside please, and we can get started.'

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(( Sorry it took so long to answer, been really really really busy in life recently, and haven't had access to a computer. =^.^=))


Lolen followed the man inside slowly, cautiously.. nervous and almost nearly terrified by what had happened to her friend... and she wasn't so sure about the man's plans and ideas about dying and having her body slumber. But.. she thought it sounded semi exciting, venturing to a nether world.. where peope got caught in between living and being dead. Where people seemed to roam in a form which she had no clue about it's characterists.


"Sir? What will happen once we arrive at our destination?" she asked timidly, her bright blue eyes flickering.


"Well.. Like I told you, that's what'll happen. " he smiled at her, his crooked, yet somewhat welcoming smile.


"Oh.. Well, yes.. I did not mean to say otherwise or to question your idea, but what exactly are we looking for?" she was curious.. And her stomach tumbled violently with thoughts of what would happen to her.. What if someone found her body? What if someone truly did murder her whilste she lay sleeping? What if things didn't go as planned? What if, what if, what if!


Enough of the " What if's, Lo.." she thought to herself solemnly.. What if's would only get her into what if trouble.


She meandered to one of the single hollowed coffins, set out for display and.. most likely, for use. Geelef having readied himself into one without even seeming to know it.


"I.." she began, but quieted herself, and tried her best to crunch all emotion into the little pit in her stomach, the same she would try her best to crunch herself comfortably into one of those boxes.. Those boxes with the sides of wood, and the lid that would come over her and enclose it all around her, those boxes that would be so dark and so quiet.. Those boxes that if noone was around when she "might return" she would lay there until the very breath in her lounges ran dry, and perhaps.. If she really did die somehow.. This box might not be so bad... If ever someone found it.

And what of her friends? What if they did not return? Would she have to return to know that their spirits wandered aimlessly while their bodies rested in an ever sleep in a giant box!?



She murmered incoherently, the old man helping her into one of the box's, the padding seeming to squash in on her uncomfortably, her mind already in scrambles and shambles as she was trying to calm herself without causing trama to her own mind.


She lay back in the box, letting out her breath slowly, as the man handed her a vile of what looked, in her view, to be syrup. She really could not tell. She looked once more to the old man's shadow, who simply watched her reactions..


She reached slowly for Geelef's hand, the man promising that he would leave a partial opening for air, and for the fact that she could wave if something went wrong. She felt his warm fingers in her hand, and closed her eyes...


Oh.. this would be one adventure, or quest.. she would never forget....

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((Just glad your back :) Life's just not the same without a good long RP... - god that sounds nerdish x.o - ))


Slowly Lolen could feel her thoughts wander off, to unknown places, future times, histories of men. But next to the greatest things in this plane of excistance, she thought about her friends, about what a great time they've had, even though it was sometimes hard. Her last thoughts were about the four of them, sitting around a campfire, laughing and eating, not worrying about a thing. Then she drifted off into a deep sleep.




'Ohh, my head...' Lolen opened her eyes, to find only a narrow beam of light pertruding the coffin she lay in. She closed her eyes again and sighed.

Something must've gone wrong, she was still in the same place as before, feeling the same - no, that wasn't true. Her eyes didn't ache anymore, she could clearly see again.


Slowly Lolen raised her fingers, and touched her face. Everything seemed to be the same. As she slowly put one hand in the tiny beam of light, she sighed with relief - it looked just like it had done in her normal plane - or however she should call it.

But suddenly the fear of being alone, the fear of being trapped inside a coffin overwhelmed her. She started to scream, scream like she'd never screamed before, neither in this nor in the previous plane.


Almost instantly a soft soothing voice broke through the fear in her heart.

'Shh... Lolen, it's gonna be alright. We just gotta take this stone of your grave.'

'Arafin? Stone? Grave? What do you mean?'

'He means your in a grave, and you're underneath a stone. Nothing to worry about, we'll fix it in a moment.' Geelefs voice rang through the thick coffin walls.

And sure enough, only seconds later the stone on top of her coffin was removed, and Lolen saw Arafin, Geelef and Cath standing around her, the tiger poking her head inside to see if she was alright.


'Where - where are we?' Lolen asked.

'Dunno. Never been this far before...' Geelef replied. 'But I think we're in somekind of graveyard, only like, you're not coming here when you died, but when you are born - not in the normal way ofcourse, but through magic like we did.'

Lolen took a look around. They were in a pretty spacey building, waving grass covered the mountainous floor, which had boulders on it every here and there.

'Yeah, we moved some of those to see what's beneath them. All empty spaces, only some runes we can't read.' Arafin said, after he'd followed her eyes.

'Uhm... what do we do next?'

'Follow Cath.' Geelef smiled.

'She seems to have found something, at least she wanted to show us something, it might be the way out.'

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(Been busy, lots of things have happened, life is finally catching up lol or something like that. My monitoe broke, so I had to gather up some of my money and cart it off to either make more or buy a new monitor...well lets just say $125 wasnt enough to cover the cost of the monitor I wanted. Anywho I found a nice plasma monitor in the paper for $50 and I am back to continue. But I am already late for work so I will do it later, sorry lol)

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(( Wow.. You guys, I'm so sorry I haven't posted.. I've got a lot of BS going on in my life right now.. So.. If you don't mind, can you two continue this until I get everything together? Thanks.. :) -Mina..))

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Lolen searched aimlessly through the bag she had acquired, her poor back aching as she had been slouching and slumping through an endless marsh of mud and grass, her tightened breeches slaughed over in disgustingly dirty muck, that clung to the cloth, twining in each little loophole the weavers had made.


"Hello!?" she shouted out into the marsh, the leaves much too tall for her to see over, she could barely tell that her friends were behind her, in the darkened mass of marsh. The fireflys buzzing lazily in the fog- thickened air, their low buzzing making each of the stars seem silent watchers, as though they were not there at all.


The fog so thick you could cut it with a knife, an axe perhaps would work better.


Lolen's thick ivory hair twined into a tight twist at the back of her head, her bright blue eyes resting on the scene before her, the rope holding the three together. Geelef in front, the others behind. The rope slacking enough that none could feel the other unless the rope was tugged on.


Her naturally soft voice echoing as though she was loud, at least ten times more than she actually sounded, into the fog- thickened air. The yellow streaks of the moons light spreading like thin, knobby fingers across the blood red sky, her black marrs blotching together, congregating, it seemed.


Cath had roamed her own way, looking out for the travellors as they had pressed their way past the TriShir marsh, south of Navanell, north of Cad'Siil. All of these outposts of the secured gaurd.


Lolen, had remained silent when needed, learning new skills with a bow and quiver of arrows, magic- trying to be the least afraid of how much she truly was, and with wielding a sword.


She had grown the extent she ever would, standing at her full grown height of an average sixteen year old human girl, her hair like that of the finest ivory white, her eyes the deepest, yet brightest blue like that of the finest saphires found in Ta'Riito. Her skin milky white, tinted a light peach, and as soft as a babes skin.


Geelef had grown his share as well, so had Arafin... Yet she could hardly tell through all the fog.


If they had not tied themselves together, to make it through the marsh, they would have long ago seperated. Wandering towards the blinking lights deep beneath the surface, wandering from the dry patches of land as they walked, not nearing the extreme depths of insanity that lay beyond.


She held her hands together loosely, turning her head left and right, keeping a piece of amber colored grass in her mouth, chewing nonchalantly, almost carelessly, before calling out again into the night:


"Where are we going, dear friends?"


And continued her wait for a reply..



(( Wooh.. back! Finally! Lol, getting my bellybutton pierced next Friday yous guys, for getting good grades, what do you think? I missed you guys, haven't heard from any of you.. If you want to ever email me when your busy or something's come up, my emails Black_Wednesday666@yahoo.com. :) - Mina!))

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((Cool! I love piercings! Although I wouldn't take one myself, my parents wont let me... (Getting good grades all the time so thats no reason to get one for me - don't mean to brag, just telling why :)

And since were sharing emails: gdireks@home.nl is mine. *That's gonna be cause for loads of spam by someone who reads these forums and doesn't like me 0.0*))



En wat betekent dat in vredesnaam? (Translate it on bablefish or something, I'm too lazy to think for you.)




Lolen didn't have to wait long, a load roar from Catherina told the three of them she'd found the exit.

'Seems Cath's finally found it.' Geelef muttered, though his words were drowned in the dense fog.


'Over here!'

A clear voice cut through the fog, making it dissappear as the sound went. Soon, the fog around them was vanished totally, and a bright blueish light shone through a small door.


'So, you've found it.' the voice said. As Arafin cautiously moved closer, his hands ready to unseath his sword, a man came into view, a man much like the mysterious man which sent them to this plane of life. His clothes were a bright white though, and seemed to glow in the blue light which lit the room behind the door. His face friendly, he said: 'There is no need to worry, Arafin, I am here to guide you, not to harm you.'


Arafin loosened up a bit, but was still cautious when he asked how the man knew his name.

'The spell that has sent you here uses your names in it, and your descriptions. And we monitor every spell that the Guardian of the Gate casts. He's the guy that sent you here.' he added when he saw their puzzled faces.


'So, you're here to help us, right?' Geelef asked. 'How about you tell us where we are, and what we can expect.'


'As said, you've moved on to the next plane. This plane isn't much unlike yours. We fight with the same weapons, use the same magic, and generally have the same laws and customs. Different is the world outside the Walls. It's a wrecked place, evil florishes, monsters roam it. But still, most of you will want to go there, it's not quite as - boring - as the rest of the world.' The man walked into the room, which was decorated with several wooden chairs and a table, sat down and gestured the others to do the same while he went on talking.

'It's a beautiful place though, deserts and oases, forests, mountainranges, it looks alot like the wilderness in your plane.'


'So, basically, I'd be able to take you on right here and now without too much trouble?' Arafin asked sceptically.

'No.' the man answered, smiling. 'Your current sword wouldn't harm me - unless it's made out of tatinium ofcourse.'

'Tatinium? You mean titanium?'

'Ah yes, always mix it up. It's an element we don't have, it can only be brought here by magic. And it's very lethal to us. Only the monsters outside seem to have develloped some sort of resistance against it. They should be harmed in about the same way as you are.'

'Good we all brought titanium weapons.' Geelef stated. 'But basically, you are about the same strength as we are?'


'Yes, except for our natural resistance against most metal alloys and some minor superficial differences, we're the same.'

'Superficial differences?' Lolen asked.

'Green hair and purple eyes seem to do well among us.' the man smiled. 'And we've got six toes, but you're wearing shoes anyway.'


After that the man told them about the customs in their new plane, about the geography, cultures, weapons and magic. When talking about the last subject, explaining that it was not much different from their old plane, Geelef stood up and asked for a target.

'A target?'

'Something to aim a fireball at.'

'Ah ofcourse.' Without further ado the man conjured a small wooden staff, and sent it flying at Geelef.

The latter conjured a fireball, about the size of a battlehammer and shattered the staff.

'Easy...' he muttered, while sitting down again.

'What d'you mean?

'I tried to conjure a ball the size of my fist. We must be closer to the source of magic or something.'

The man nodded. 'Each plane brings you closer to heaven, or what you would call heaven. Heaven is pure magic and energy, no more matter. We are currently two planes removed from heaven.'

'So, in the next plane we'd be even more powerful?' Geelef asked.

'Well, yes, but you wouldn't be able to use weapons or magic.' said the man in a little voice. 'That plane would be Hell.'

Lolen's eyes widened. 'So you're saying we have to go through hell to get to heaven?'

'No, no, no, absolutely not. You just skip a plane if you've done exeptionally well in your life.'


After that the man wouldn't speak of magic or planes anymore, but showed them where they could rest for a bit. The four of them all slept in a matter of seconds, even though they wanted to think about what was told.

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