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The Wake of A Child

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And so he was right, as usual.. He had indeed left them a present, though Lolen would never find out what it was.


It had been two nights since leaving the nice couple, their laughter still ringing in her ears. She wondered quite frequently what they were doing.. They seemed familiar to her too, but she still couldn't place where she knew them from.


Slowly, she rolled over in her sleeping bag, the cottony material making a perfect nest for her tiny body. She stared blankly at the sky.. everything not making sense, though she seriously tried to make it seem that it did.


(( Don't post yet.. I'm not done with this one.. Ran out of time. Post in a while. :P ))

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The winter had passed, and the spring air was cool, though the ground remained warm from the suns rays of kissing it. She flopped her tiny hand beside her head, leaning a little to the side to stretch her fingers and yawn.. The night soon overwhelmed her, Mr. Sand Man taking her hostage.




In the morning, the sun dappled the flooring of the forest where they had migrated.

She opened her eyes slowly, Geelef standing over her with his hands full of apples, their shining coats making her smile broadly. She sat up hesitatingly, fluttering her eyes at him in a girlish manner. He handed her an apple, letting it slide into her open palms.


At first bite, she felt relieved, the juice spilling over her lips, dripping down her chin. A giggle fought its way from her tiny mouth, as she licked her lips.


Geelef smiled at her, as though she was someone special, making her insides tingle faintly. She had never thought that she was special, it never was shown to her.. Not by her parents and most certainly not by all her friends. She didn't know what to think about this, so she simply smiled and kept a happy composure. She smiled broader, only to feel her skin prickle as she bit into the apple once more..


((Sorry this post sucks.. I need to find an inspiration, won't take long. :) ))

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Guest s4t4n

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Death came along and said HAS ANYBODY GOT ANY CHEESE?

before wandering off into the darkness to find the next people who's egg timers were running out....

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I've already posted AGAINST shit like that! I don't want to read a story and see it ruined by an idiotic post that isn't related!!! Can't you keep the role play threads clean? PLEASE?!

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(( Jesus Bloody Christ! Can't you take your bloody spam and throw it somewhere else!?? You spammers annoy the crap out of me! I should find a way to delete all of that scrit!))



They wandered further and further from civilization, further towards the lands of nowhere. Geelef continued to look at her from the corners of his eyes, smiling at her pleasantly when she caught him.


"Is something the matter, sir?" she asked as smoothly as she could.


"No, nothing's the matter. I was just making sure you're ok." he chippered happily at her.


"Oh.. well, yes, I seem to be alright." she retorted, smiling broadly, as though she could actually make her smile flash from ear to ear.


"I should hope so." he stated.



And so they continued to walk, her legs tiring though strengthening, the pull of each muscle as it rippled beneath her skin, she could feel her heart beat and her breath escape her lips, the light traveling cloak having been rolled into a round little ball and stuffed into her pack, the soft jangle of metal pots and pans and cups that jingled and tinked off the back of her pack made rythmic sounds against the backs of her legs.


The sun had begun to rise, as night had seemed the best time to walk.

Her pearly colors flashing and winking incandescently at them from over the mountains peaks.

The dew had settled into the air, every ray of sunlight dappling between each sigh of a rain drop.

Fusia pinks and midnight blues mingled..


(( Post later.:)))

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(( Two and a half months later...))


The town buzzed with people abount in their own little worlds, their pockets jingling with coins and rubbles ready for little theives to make a living. She narrowed her crystaline eyes, her gaze sweeping over things that made her weary to see.


Crystal goblets set on rackets for the showing, every once in a while someone would bump into a cart and you'd hear the shattering of glass and the tinkle of it as it fell to the cobbled streats.


A womans voice shouted out "Bread! Get your fresh hot bread!" She smiled faintly, wandering towards her, the crinkle of her robes swishing against her legs and pooling at her feet when she stopped before the woman, offering a hand of rubbles for the woman's treat.


((Sorry this is short.. I promise I will post later. ))

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(took me close to an hour to read the entire story up to par lol, jumping in somewhereshere I guess lol. )


Arafin had arrived in the town a few days earlier, in the dead of night. He had to sneak into the city to avoid notice, ash e was taught long ago to be noticed is to be remembered.


He wore red breeches and a red shirt under a red coat. He had bought a red cloak just 5 minutes earlier and was just now getting it on. He liked the color red as he had once been a soldier of a large kingdom, sharing the same color.


He had been one of the last soldiers alive in the castle and while trying to protect the king was hit by a stray arrow nad taken down. When he awoke, nothing but blood and bodies everywhere. The arrow had struck the chain mail he as wearing. The arrow was designed to pierce armor, but they didnt think of checking to see that he was dead, really no point. The attackers were hideous looking humans...atleast he hoped they were human. He tossed the ruined armor adn chain mail, and bought got some clothing from a nearby room to travel in.


He arrived in this town about a month after the raid on the castle. He still had his longsword-it had a red handle, and the blade had a red line running through the middle ofit to the tip. He was looing for a decent set of armor, when a little girl caught his eye. She was headed for a bread vendor. He wasnt sure how he knew, but he did know he would run into this same little girl in his near future.


He turned away from the little girl and continued his search for some armor. He found a complete set of armor, but it was a little more then what he could afford. He took a look around and found a person that looked to be a noble. Arafin bumped into the man and secretly took his money pouch. He knew this was wrong but somethings just had to be done. He returned and bought the armor, and began to pu it on.


Even though the armor was tainted with guilt from what he had just done he followed the noble and planned to replace what he had stolen. He went to the inn he had bn staying.


"Good sir, would you happen to have anything that needs to be done that I can make a little extra rubbles?" Arafin put on a pouty grin hoping the innkeeper would see his desperation. "Well, I've recieved a few commentsabout rats in the cellar from some of the cooks. The floors need to be swept and mopped. Oh yeah, and the dishes are piling up. If you do all that I think I can come up with a little something to give ya."


The price for thievery was endless, but what had to eb done had to be done. He went ot his room to remove the armor adn his sword, and change into some plain brown wool, and went to work.

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(( I wonder whatever happened to my other RP partner.. :) But it's good to see someone's interested! Thanks for taking the time to read it. :D - Mina ))


The woman had gladly taken the rubbles, and Lolen had greatfully taken the fresh bread. She bit into it idely, her figners becoming sticky with honey as she touched the bread, letting it stick beneath her fingers. Cherry flavoring burst into her mouth as she bit further in, chewing and swallowing becoming difficult.


A smile lit her tiny lips as she turned, her cloak swirling in the breeze, the murmers of crowds about her becoming a blur as she focused her bright sea blue- green eyes on a man dressed in red.


How odd.. she thought to herself before dampening her fingers and finishing the bread. She turned slowly, having bought a new gown the day before.


Never in her life had she had so many unliking stares follow her as she did now. The velvet green gown tightening with a beautiful pearl white corset strapped across her bodice. She shifted her arms a little, the expensive lace hand gloves making her fingers tingle.


Every step she took, her new bought heels clicked against the cobbles of the street, scraping in a lady like manner where she walked, the white peal backdrop of the corset and the low cut of the velvet dress letting the cool pearls touch against her warmed ivory skin. Her hair having been professionally done, and scented, moved like liquid against her breasts and trickling down her thighs, beaded through with tiny green and white pearls and set with intricately done braids, twisted into roses.


Her purse jingled softly as she walked, noticing the sway of her hips. Men stared, she turned her rosey cheeks against them and set off to venture further in the market. It had been some time since she and the Elf had parted.. And perhaps they would meet again soon, who knew?



Babbles and shouts of furry met her ears as she heard the shrieks of a nearby man, shouting out:


"Someone has stolen my purse! Theif! Theif!"


This made Lolen nervous, so she tugged the forest green cloak tighter against her body, feelilng extremely exposed, the cleavage of her chest showing moreso now that her breathing had quickened.


Yet she continued to walk on, feeling more and more idiotic for leaving her choice weapons at home... and only carrying a needle in the sole of her shoe...



(( Hehe!))

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(hehe, tht was funny. Dont have time to post right now but I will anyways. I remember you said to make it as descriptive as possible, but I was short on time and did it up quickly. Prolly ha a few errors as fast as I was tying it lol. I also think I forgot to add a few choice words as to who I was and such. I am a human, I was the Kings military advisor. And I am about 28 years of age. Having been around soldiers since 5 thats ho I achieved my position. Anyways lol.)


Waking up that morning and walking down the stairs to the common room he heard the voices already htis early. He had a busy night and was still pratically sleep walking. The stairs being old as they were creaked and gave a little to his light wieghted body. As he stumbled out into the common room, a maid looked at him wierd and he didnt quite know why and did not really care at the moment.


He had taken the money the innkeeper Trelen had given him and went out in the dead of night to try and place it in the man house. With no luck of finding a way in, which was highly unlikely considering his skills in such areas. So he left it on the doorstep and hoped he would find it the next morning. On his way back he lost his lucky charm that was tied to his neck by a thong, and it must have come loose in his wanderings.


"I could not believe it." Arafin looked up to se that the man he had take nthe purse from was sitting at the table right in front of him. Arafin jumped up and made the table shift causing it to atract attention. Arafin jumped to the floor and pretended that his leg was hurt, and he had one of the maids help him to his room. His room was filled with a high backed chair, a table, and a lumpy bed barely fit for a human. But he called it home for now till he could get back on his feet. Th maid left an he drifted off.


When he awoke it was well past noon and thee was a plate of food on the table in the room and a cup of what looked to be dirty water. After he finished eating the bread and water he shoved the bowl of soup aside and returned to sleep again. He really did need to stay in at night.

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Pressed her warm cheek beside the cooling window of the inn of which she stayed, her new dress crinkling and swishing and pooling on the cold floor beneath her feet.


She had drawn a rose scented bath earlier that day, and had washed fully, letting the warm water from the heated spring bubbling around her shoulders. Her hair having been left loose to tangle about her thighs and bosom. The new corset of pearly white color tied tightly about the scarlett taffeta gown. The back crossing and draping down with elegant lace extending to mid forarm, then angel sleeving into perfectly beaded cloth at her waste.


She ran the brush through her hair, feeling it tug on tiny tangles. She would leave it down, let it dry the way it had been meant to do..



Lolen had slipped her slippers on swiftly, before doing a very unlady like thing..




She had seen the banister outside her room's door, the smoothed wood and the way it was sanded to perfection then shined and waxed.

It had made her heart flutter.


So, despite all that tugged at her, bading her not to do it.. She stradled the banister and slid..


The rush of warm air against her face made her smile and laugh, as though she had never laughed. The tinkle of little bells bieng her laughter, it rang out throughout the common rooms and halls of the inn.


Yet someone stood in her path, making it so she would not be able to stop herself quickly enough to land....


It was the strange man from the market, the one that had dressed in red... The one who had stolen the purse..



(( Yay! Detail! Lolen, may look like a child, but she ages about 2 times faster until she hits about 15, which she has.. Then she stops, and she blooms into the body structure of a matured woman of about 18-19-20. In human years she would be about 25. Though people see her as a child still. :) She has an adventurous streak and cannot retain it when she tries. You know Lolen's past. :) -Mina. ))

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Arafin, still groggy, stopped in place to glance around at the beautifully built iinn, even though he had the worse room it was still a nice inn. The common room was filled with about 13 wooden tables all lined with chairs, on each of the four sides, with a back that curved to support the back better.


There were only three people in the common room-a maid and two men at the same table he liked to sit in. The maid was dresed in the inn livery, mostly green, with a tough of white here and there, with lace lining the bodice, the length of the dress ran to just above the floor. It seemed almost made perfectly for the woman.


The men in the corner were dressed in what looked to be something a lesser noble or a well fairing merchant might wear. Thre breeches and coats were all blue, with white lace on the cuffs, the neck, and running down the length of the jacket with the buttons, and the pance were jsut plain old blue. The man wore a pin that caught Arafin's eyes. It was gold and shaped in a circle. He thought he had seen it somewhere, a dream perhaps. Whatever it was it mad him worry.


After drinking a cup of honey-sweet tea, he headed off to get some things to go out on the town. As he approached the stairs the little girl from the market crashed into him. Arafin fell back and *blam* hit hishead on a stool next to the door of the inn and drifted off...

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Slid slowly to the floor, after hitting the man head on. She gasped quickly, folding her small hands over her mouth.


What have I done!? Oh what childish folly I have committed... Should someone see this, surely I will be in trouble! she thought frantically.


Slowly, and gently, she tugged at the mans shoulder, shaking her head and letting the silky waves of still dampened ivory hair fold and curl along the mans chest as she bent over him, smoothing her skirt to better her movement.


"Please.. please wake up..." she whispered, her eyes darting quickly off to the side. She untucked a key from beneath her corset, and tugged idely at the mans arm.


Inhabitants of the inn had paid no heed, nor had most noticed.. All but the one man with the pin on his cloak. The gold having glinted brightly as he stood to attend to his own business, though he let the swirl of his cloak go noticed by both Lolen and the unconcious man.


He stooped beside her, shaking his head slowly before taking Lolens shoulders in his overly large hands and helping her to stand.


Shortly afterwards, Lolen found herself in her own room, with the man laying on her bed, the crushed velvety covers seeming to sink him into the comforter. The other man, who had introduced himself, though Lolen could not remember his name for the likes of her.. It seemed as though he had scrambled throughout her brain and erased the thought of bieng met and introduced.



Lolen had her elbows pressed on the warming sill of the sanded and polished window wood, the fresh breeze passing to and fro, through and about her face, blowing her hair back gently, letting it dance and the ends tangle against her buttocks, the dress swishing slowly against her calves and hips as she leaned further from the window, her small lips set on the brim of a liquid filled goblet of stone.


"Please let him wake.." she whispered to herself, her heart thumping madly in her chest as though something was coming...


Only to wait now.. and wait she would do... Although there was not much time......

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Sorry :P been busy posting this in haste, will make it as graphic as I can with the time I have lol. It will be ok. I recieved a pm from someone who suggested I add some more of Arafin's past life so I will do that in this post.



Arafin awoke to find himself back in his old rooms at the castle. "Ah man what a dream..."


Picking himself up off of his red velvet covered bed he hit his head on the canopy overhead. "I will remember not to do that some day." He had done that countless times now, but he had felt a vague familiarity to the bump this time.


He hastily went to his red oak dresser on the east side of his room. It was a plain red dresser with one drawer for his clothes adn the second was spcifically designed to hold his armor-in the design of a body the armor fit perectly-and his sword and shield were hung on the wall above the dresser. Other then his bed and dresser the room was empty, filled with only the swooshing sound of the wind soming in the windows on the north and west sides of the room.


After he finished locking his belt in place he walked out of his room and knocked down one of his most loyal soldiers.


Wow, never did that before except....


"Sorry Captain, I was not aware that you were in there." The soldier getting up and dusting off stood and looked at his captain. Arafin found it odd that he had said those same words on that day as the day the castle was attacked.


"Are you not supposed to be pacing the front gates today?" With that Thomas started down the hallway briskly. Arafin also headed down the hall but in the opposite direction. The hallway was filled with guiled tapestries most of them depictly large battles of the kingdom or someo ther kingdom. Arafin's favorite one had a knight in shining armor literally fighting the Gods themselves. He liked it because it was the exact opposite if what he was about. He was not sure why but it seemed he was that man but why he was fighting the Gods he would never know.


"Excuse me soldier, can you escort me to the king's conference room?" Arafin turned around to find a large musle bound man with the largest broadsword he had ever seen on the mans back. Why am I dreaming about this day? Am I meant to change it.


Coming to the conclusion he had died and is now getting a chance to change the events in his life he says. "First of all I am the Captain-General of the castle, and yes I am heading there myself." The man got a crooked smile on his face and started laughing and smacked his hand on Arafin's back making him loose his breath and start coughing, only making the big man laugh harder.


Arriving at the doors to the conference room Arafin pushed them open and found it just as he rememvered it on that dreadful day. "I see you have arived Lord Brutus." The king got a big smile.


"Yes your Majesty, I just got here and this wondeful man showed me the way here." The king got a puzzeled look on his face.


"What is your name soldier?" Arafin felt more embarrassed now then ever. He felt even more embarrassed this time then the first time. His past victories for the king and everything he had ever done and the king still does not recognize him.


"Your Majesty, I am Arafin d'Arc, and I am the person in charge of your army. AS many battles as I have won for you I could only hope you'd know who I was. I understand your reasons. Lots of more important things on your mind My Lord."


Arafin turned around and seen Brutus with a regretful look on his face. He was heading for the gaurds rooms in the southern part of the castle. Upon his arrival none of his soldiers were there-only one lone man stood in the room. He stood next to the sheet informing the soldiers where they were to be each day, the man was staring at it hard. "You soldier where is everyone?" The man jumped and turned arounnd and stood up quickly, "Captain, sorry Captain, everyone is out training on the Shiloh plains, they left early this morning."


Arafin had not done this the last time and now heknew why all his soldiers were said to have been killed. "Send a courier to the plains immediately. After that gather the gaurds around the castle. All those except for those gaurding the gates and towers. After donig that return here with them. Make sure they are battle ready." Arafin did not wait for a reply till he was headed out the door and towards the conference room again.


Arafin barged into the room, "Your Majesty, I jsut got word there is a large army headed this way. I do not have time to explain please return to your rooms."


Brutus jumped up, "Wait I can help Arafin. I am not the best, but I am not the worst either. I don't know if ya remember but I was the runner up in the swordsmanship lcontest here last winter." Arafin knew who he was as soon as he had seen him, but he did not have time right now, "Well if your coming lets go I do not have enough time to talk right now."


As the two headed out the doors and to the throne room with the king. The kings sleeping quarters were in a barricaded room behind the throne room. It was a regular door but when needed there was a slideable stone wall that slid into place in front of the door. Iwas noticable, but not if you were not looking for it. They left the king in the hands of two trusted soldiers to gaurd the door well Arafin and Brutus headed for the gaurds quarters again.


When they got there, three men stood there. "Captain, only twenty three soldiers are left in the castle and all but us are at the front and side gates. I sent a coruier to get the soldiers but he said it would take atleast and hour to arrive there. He also said even the most organized army could not make it back before midday."


Arafin knowing that there was no way they would arrive in time even before he gave the orders to send a courier. Arafin also knew that the soldiers that were out in the plains were already dead by this time. Rumor had it before that they were ambushed. Know he knew where they were ambushed.


"Good work soldier, you are now third in command, Brutus you are second. I do not know where Thomas is but I am sure he is playing a part in all of this. No one else has the power to send soldiers out on training other them him or I. Soldier hats your name....ok Evensteen, change your uniform then gather the troops at the main gates. Tell them they may die this day, but we must make a last stand. Fate has tricked us." The soldiers were stupified by what just happened, but they obeyed. "Brutus come with me, I must make a trip to the dungeons." Arafin looked at Brutus who had the look of bloodlust in his eyes and a huge grin on his face. Arafin could do nothing but the same.


Arafin told the dungeon gaurds-not many people knew there were any-to head to the main gates. Retrieving the keys he started going down explaining to the men if they helped that they would be set free and be payed well for thier services....no one refused. Arafin gave them all swords and armor and sent them too to the front gates. "They may not be trained at all, but they will have to do. Most have been here so long anything is better." Arafin and Brutus laughed and headed out of the dungeons.


"Ok we have over 100 men. To be exact 134 men. They don't stand a chance at defeating the army thats coming but I plan on trying," Arafin explained.


"So we heading to the front gates right....?"


"No, we are headed for the western gates," Arafin waiting for the frown on Brutus' face, "The main force is attaking the side gates. They are expecting more men to be gathered there. I told Evensteen that I would take care of the side gate gaurds."


Making it to the side gates the two tower gaurds came and rported they seen a large army to the west. "I am aware already soldier. Head to the main gates and amke a stand. All of you go now!!" The soldiers darted off down the courtyard towards the front of the castle in the south.


Arafin and Brutus stood alone on the ground just outside the side gates. They knew what they were doing...suicide. Arafin felt the breeze better then ever, the very life of the earth in it as well. He felt every hair on his body swish with the wind, his long hair flowing behind him, the clouds looked heavy and it began to rain. Every trickle sent a sensation throghout his body. The cold water droplets made his body return to normal, but he felt hotter then ever. The long expand of land on this side of the castle stretched about 10,000 yards to the woods and was nothing but open fields with knee-high weeds all the way up to the very edge of the castle walls. The walls shone with white brilliance, almost as if it were made of steel and was reflecting the sun, but Arafin knew better the make of the walls-all solid stone. Brutus seemed to be feeling the same way.


Then out of nowhere about 25 archers lined the walls. Then more and more kept coming. Arafin and Brutus being eaten alive by curiosity looked at each other. "Evensteen walking out the side gate doors replied to their puzzled faces, "When sending the courier I also sent about thirty more, payed well mid you, to gather the village people and anyone else they could."


"Evensteen, you deserve your rank. If I could I would upgrade you to my rank, but there is only one of me allowed." All three men laughing they turned at the sounds emitting from the woods. Shouts screams and battle-cries. "Here they come men," Arafin shouted, "don't shoot till you see the white of thier eyes." Arafin scanned the men lining the walls. Men, women, and children were up there he noticed. Not understanding why they would be here in the first place but was grateful for it none-the-less. Arafin also noticed while he was scanning the walls, men were rushing from the gates two at a time and lining themselves for a charge attach. Evensteen seen Arafin's eyes and ansered, "I have men in the woods to the north and south ready for ambush. Even if we lose this battle, it will be in the history of all lands for a long time. I also have men traveling on horseback going far to the east and waiting till they see the army pass them then they will lay in wake till they attack." Arafin congradulating Evensteen on his wuick wits thanks him as well.


Men poured from the woods...not men, but men. They looked human but at the same time savages of some far away land. Arafin drew his sword and Brutus did the same. "Alright men wait till the third line of arrows fire then charge." The sounds of bowstrings being released produced hundreds of arrows over the walls and into the charging enemy. Then another....then another. "CHARGE!!!!"


Arafin did not look to see if the rest of the army was behind him. Arafin ran as fast as he could and noticed Brutus right next to him. Arafin crashed into the enemy sword first taking out two men. He parried another sword and loobed the mans head off, the head rolled tripping two men who were quickly impaled with a soldiers sword. Arafin fought close to Brutus helpngi him out and Brutus doing the same when he could. Arafin fought for what seemed hours. He glanced to the skys from time to time and prayed for protection from his enemy. Arafin looked to the sky this time to notice that the sun was more in the western part of the sky then eastern relaying to him it was about three hours past midday. It was then Arafin realized that the men who were in the Shiloh Plains were long dead.


The bowmen that lined the walls earlier were now out on the battlefield, swords drawn. They must have ran out of arrows and came into battle after they were out. Arafin had to watch his step as not to trip over dead bodies. "FALL BACK TO THE CASTLE!!!!!," Arafin shouted to his men and men from out of nowehre started picking up the shout and falling back. Arafin spotting Brutus not far away stood next to him and fought the enemy to give his men tiem to return to the castle. The two realizing 90% of the army was in the walls they turned and ran for the walls. They flew past the side gates and headed for the inner walls of the castle.


The caslte was built to stop enemy sieges, but not men when they were drastically outnumbered, but it would serve a new purpose today....victory.


Arafin not paying attention to time anymore fought with pride and talent. Brutus had been hit with two arrows-one stuck out of his leg and one in his left arm, but neither seemed to be effecting his performance. Arafin felt exhausted, and his heart felt about to break out of his chest but he fought on at the same rate hoping it would end soon.


Arafin fighting near the innergate, he noticed a larger sized man fighting, larger then any other man on the battle field except maybe for Brutus who was about the size of three men. Afafin headed for him and the man swung a huge axe at him as he rolled uder it and brought up his sword into the things chest. The sword stuck there for a second and the creature turned to stone. What the.....? Arafin picking up the axe began to fight again. He quickly found another sword to fight with. After a few moments went byu Arafin scanend the groudn where the creature had been and found his sword lying there in a pile of dust. Arafin raced for his sword, roled and picked it up and swung and the nearest person knocking the mans sword of of his hands and Arafin ended his life.


Arafin starting shouting to fall abck into the castle intself. His men slowly retired to the main hall in the caslte to fight. Arafin told the men to line themselves on the stairs-being the only way up to the higher floors, once again because of the castles anti-seiging design. Arafin trotted into the throne room to see the king sprawled on the floor dead, the soldiers who were suppoed to be gaurding the door layed on the floor with knives in thier hearts. Arafin appoached each in turn to find all were very dead. "Brutus we can't let this slip to the other men, it will despirit them." Brutus nodded in response. Looking around one last time, Arafin spotted the end of a cloak sticking out from behing the kings chair. "Brutus shut that door and wait outside if you would." Brutus htinking he understoon-he did not but it did not really matter-he closed the door behind himself. "Come out from behind their Thomas. I know its you." Thomas popped out from behind the chair, sword drawn. "He had no respect for his people. We've done everything for him and all he does is bask in the glory." Arafin shook his head, "If you wanted him dead, why not just have him assinated, no sense in killing all these innocent souls, Thomas."


Thomas laughed, "Innocent...? These men you call innocents have sinned, no one has ever made it through life without commiting a sin because as soon as your born you start sinning." Arafin did not really understand but he knew what he had to do, "Then I only have one word for you...REPENT!" With that Arafin picked up his sword and engaged Thomas. Arafin took the first swing and Thomas countered it and swung for Arafin's head. Arafin being highly skilled in swordsmanship, dodged it and had an opening to kill Thomas. The world slowed to nothing, thousands of thoughts rushed into Arafin's head. To kill or be killed. Thomas realized he was going to die and had already started his swing to kill Arafin if Arafin misses for an unknown reason. Arafin had to decide and had no space for failure. Time sped back up and Thomas lost his head and Arafin was hit just above his left knee as he was jumping out of the deadly blow.


Standing up Arafin fell back over and could not get back up. The gash in his left leg was deep and was unbearable. He tore off a strip of Thomas' red cloak and wrapped it around his leg. He hobbled up and began hoppin to the door. Brutus opened it up as Arafin knocked on it. Brutus seen the new dead body, "Oh, I did not know. I am sorry. Let me help you."


Arafin put out his hand, "No tell the soldiers to retreat from the castle. Tell them that the king is dead and his dieing words were to run and live to see another day elsewhere. Then if you wish come back and help me to my horse in the stables." Brutus nodded in acknowledgement and ran off. The last thing Arafin remembered was hitting his head on the floor and hearing the words "Please let him wake.."



Waking up he seen the little girl who had ran into him from the banister. He jumped up not knowing here he was and drew his sword from his belt that was now on the floor. "What are you doing? Why am I here?"


Not knowing exactly what had happened, Arafin was deathly scared and tripped over his armor on the floor and lost his sword in the fall. The little girl at the window stood up and the commotion and said, "Calm down. I can explain..."[/i]

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(( Ooo.. I wondered where you had gone.. I felt alone.. and didn't know where to start. Took me a while to read your last post.. I was wondering about Arafin's past as well. :) ))


With the begining of her explanation, she began..


"You see, sir, I meant only a sample of simple childish fun, though I had not noticed you at the bottom of the banister.. I saw that it had been polished and had been smoothed, and my inner child simply refused to remain at bay.. Therefor, I sat and slid.. Not seeing you at the bottom of course, sir. I ran into you.. accidentally, and you smacked your head on the floor.. and out cold you were. I was frantic about what to do with you!"


She took a rather all too large breath for such a young looking woman, before continuing,


"But when I had been tugging and trying to wake you from your unconcious state, a man with a bright gold cloakpin had clasped my shoulders, nodded his head.. And after that, he had somehow managed to get you to walk in your unawakened state, here to this room. This is my room, sir. I certainly hope that you do not intend to engage in battle with myself?"


A flicker of the smallest bit of fear tinged in her blue eyes, as she turned from the window sill, placing her hands on her new gown. He had slept clean through at least three days, and she had helped him to drink tiny sips of water from a class as he did so, tending to him as a wife would tend a husband.


"I saw you not long ago in the market place, possibly.. A fortnight ago- or so it seemed. Perhaps not that long ago." with that, she turned to face him completely, the sun dappling in her ivory hair and glinting off her clean milky skin.

"I do hope you do not mind my tending to you, I changed your bedding, and your nightclothes.. I meant to hang your armor, but I dared not to touch your sword. Please, forgive my intentions to help- if you would rather refuse."


Such a grace in conversation, her voice both gentle and smooth- like freshly churned butter out of the churn. Both manners and intentions good for one so young as she appeared to be.


"If, of course, sir.. I can explain myself.. But first, I believe there is a necessity for proper introduction.. I do not know your name, but I might as well tell you mine- not that I am sure you will remember.. I would think you would rather not.. My name is Lolendalia. I do not know, nor care to know, my third calling. If you do not mind, sir.. Would you please relax? Noone here will harm you, certainly least of all- not I."


She made a gentle motion with her hand, as to say that he should seat himself in one of the wing backed chairs beside the fireplace... After all, it had been quite a hard fall.. And she felt guilty for it all, as it had been her fault.


She leaned backwards against the sill, the fresh breeze ruffling through her gown, the peach color of the silk pleating and pooling at her ankles, her small feet bare and her nails painted the exact color of the dress, a thin white robe thrown about her shoulders and waste, left untied. She turned a bit more to face him clearly, her ivory hair tied back in a soft peach tie, making her face look softened and not as young as it might otherwise. Though her nipples deemed to show through the soft material of the robe, and the gown itself was thin, her petticoats from her waste down extravagent, though the corset itself was an under-bust corset, leaving most to be covered by the cloth, with it's low cut neckline. This she had not taken into consideration.. as she had not intended for him to wake as abruptly as he had...


He would probably want to know her story...


And she probably would not want to tell it...



(( Sorry, I kind of wrote this in a hasty attempt - hope it's ok. :) - Mina ))

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(Lol nah its wonderful. I'd comment on it a bit more but I dare not go to far lmao. So I stop while I am ahead :P)


"Oh yes of course excuse me I acted in haste. My head was throbbing adn the last thing I remembre was being hit by you," he said that last few words slower then the rest as he realized he was more then half naked with only his smallcothes on he grabbed the blankets.


"I am sorry, I did not mean to be so rude," his cheeks grew incredibly red with embarassment and he thought he caught a bit of a snicker form the little girl. "Lolendalia, such a beautiful name that is. My name is Arafin d'Arc, Cap....I mean just a common man," he said with a slight bow.


Arafin walked to the nearest chair and kind of fell into it more then sat in it. He remembered she said something about a man with a golden something or other. Finding his clothes next to the chair he started to put them on.


He finished placing his red coat on and stood up. He noticed Lolendali's dress and noticed she did not seem as young as he had once though. "That is a beautiful dress your wearing. Looks expensive, hope you did not spend all your money on it, there are more important things then looks my ear." Arafin getting a slight nod and smile in return.


"So what brings you to the city? You look pretty important," Arafin stood there for a few moments with no reply and Lolendalia seemed preoccupied in thought. "Something wrong my dear? Want something to drink?" Arafin began busying himself with pouring some water in the cups on the table. The pitcher was still cold, Arafin assumed it must be fairly new. As did the bowl of water next to the bed as well. Steam still rising from it made it appear so. The wind seemed blowing a little harder then normal giving Lolendalia an almost godly like look.


Pushing the lump in his throat he prompted Lolendalia, "Please sit down, no point in just standing there, you obviously were taking good care of e otherwise the bowl over there would not be there right. I am in your debt, maybe I can one day repay it." Smiling Arafin followed Lolendalai to the two cahirs and sat down.


"So about why your here. I am here because I am a merchant...well trying to be. I am kind of hungry to, want to get something to eat?"

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Guest agent shhh

great but it is very long!!!how do you expect everyone to read it??? people will take one look at it, moan and then walk off....

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(( Lol, go ahead.. I don't mind.. comments, I mean. :P Yes, I know it's long.. I wanted it to be that way. :D ))


Sitting in the chair, she turned her head slowly towards the man who called himself Arafin.


"Well.. actually, I felt guilty that I had hit you, sir, and I meant to nurse you and tend to you until you were able to act on your own." she smiled softly, letting it tint on her pouted butterfly pink lips.


"You asked me why I am here.. Well.. My story is very long. To shorten it in the amount of time I would suppose that I have, I would say that I am of some importance to He Who Resides in Shadow, and am being hunted beyond what others claim they are." she looked slowly to her dress, pulling her robe about her shoulders and buttoning the tiny pearl clasp on the front.


"I do know, by the way, that there are more important things than clothes in the world, but for some reason, I continue to recieve finely tailored dresses, breeches, vests, boots, gloves, and hats in the post." she shrugged her shoulder idely, not really careing at all that anything was showing, the sun outside glinting and reflecting in her hair.


"I have taken my best care of you, making sure to be by your bedside the utmost that I could be." with that, she looked away while Arafin tugged on whatever it was he had to put on, a soft blush tinting her cheeks.


"You would be a wonderful merchant, if, of course, you were not a theif."


She prompted this, covering her mouth with her fingertips, "Oh, please excuse my comments and insults, I meant no harm-"


She cut herself short, unsure of how to appologize for speaking her mind.


She turned her head slowly once more towards Arafin, grasping her glass of cool spring water in her cup, dewdrops around the brim sparkling and glittering as the sun splotched each of them, dowsing them in various assortments of color. From violet to gold, she tilted her cup, swirling the water before she took a tiny sip and dabbed her mouth with the small cloth she carried.


"If you would prefer, I could have tea brought.. and we could exchange stories..." she mentioned, before backtracking and saying, "Oh.. No.. I am of no importance at all, actually.. Just a simpleton.. really..."


She blushed that magenta shade of red, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks as she turned her gaze once more from the man who she had tended.

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Arafin pondering more on why she had called him a thief then paying attention to uch else. Thief, I am no thief. Then it hit him, she was nearby when he had snatched that mans purse. The only explantion was that she had seen him take it.


"Well, tea would be good, but water suits me well enough. I see you noticed me robbing that poor man. I replaced the money I stole and even added a little extra, so in reality I am a....merchant." Smiling Arafin thought about how that sounded. It did not sound good, but well enough as Lolendalia did not mention much more on the topic.


Arafin began telling her his story....the new story. He had lost the castle, but atleast he had done it much better this time. Whether his dream was real or not he no had two stories, and both were true enough. Though Lolendalia did not looked very convinced she listened intently and smiled from time to time.


"Well it was great talking to you, and I wish I had time to hear your story, but I must get going. Perhaps tomorrow." Arafin smiling and bowing he said his goodbyes and good nights and left her room. On his way back to his own rooms he noticed someone still downstairs. Not really caring who it was he kept going till he reached his room. "Aww snakelizards, I forgot my armor." Feeling a little stupid about having forgotten the only thing of value of his he removed his clothes and liad his head down to sleep.

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Lolen had scratched her shoulder thoughtfully after the man who called himself Arafin had told her his own story, though indeed it had not sounded all too convincing to her. She looked about, noticing the shine of the armor on the floor. She picked what she could manage up, slowly, and hung each piece on a rack beside the window.


She craved the feeling of warm water, and hastily made her way towards the bathroom to sink into a tub if lukewarm water, making her skin prickle. She shroud herself in the bubbles, pressing her lips together before she rinsed and scrubbed at her hair.






Her silk robe wrapped tightly about her body, the only thing that covered her was a thin shift that lay tied loosely about her, and a thin and short skirt to lounge about in. She tied the sash about her waste, brushing her hair and tying it back quickly.. Letting some wet strands dangle in her face as she poked at the fire idely, watching the flames grow and then shrink into a burning red ember left in a grate of black mass.


She burried herself solemnly beneath the covers of the bed, the rich velvety having been pressed and a coal chamber having been placed beneath the comforter at her feet to warm her. She picked up the book from the bedside table, and had begun to read.. Soon fading fast into a sleep that seemed as though she was one of the undead themselves.






Late in the night she woke, her skin beaded with droplets of sweat, and a chill hanging about her room. The fire had been doused, the smoke still rising from the charcoal remains, and yet something was not right...


Did she leave the window open? Or had something else.. found.. her?

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Arafin was sound asleep. Dreaming of a past winter, when he remembered the company of his best friends atleast 7 years ago before they had all died. The days and battles that his friends had died in and on were enscribed into his mind and soul. Knowing they were in a better place now he had never mourned for any of their deaths as he felt each of their presences inside of him deep down strengthening him.


Arafin waking up to a freezing chill remembered he left his window open. Although all the rest of the inn had fireplaces in the rooms his was the only one without. It was cheaper for him that way. His room held a deathening chill that ate right don to the bone. He single sheet did not even begin to stop the cold. Lighting a lantern on his stand next to his bed he walked to the cloet in the back right of the room where the tub was. He lit the coals under the tub adn it started to blaze and warm the water up.


The closet had a single hanging lamp in the roof with three vents in the roof. One was to allow the smoke from the coals to escape out of the building. The others he had no idea other then maybe a way to allow rain to seep into the tub for whatever reason-although the two vents were closed he could only think of that, or another way of letting out smoke. Underneath the tub where the coals were burning wa a pit that was about 6 inches deep and had a tube running from the bottom of the tub down though the coals and out the side of the building. The tub had a metal stopper in the drain that you had to manually remov to release the water.


Lightin the overhead lamp and dousing the lantern he had first lit, he climbed into the tun after removing his smallclothes. He sat and soaked up the water as he warmed himself.


A while after climbing in the water it began to chill even with the buing fire underneath it. Arafin decided to get out. Changing into some new slammclothes and throwing on a spare pair of red breeches, shirt, and coat he sat down on his bed. He got up and closed his window hoping that would help a little. Right after the window finished closing the air became twice as painful then before. Arafin began worying and found his sword next to his bed and unsheathed it.


He began to search the room-every nook and cranny. He came back empty handed. Having been a small room he would have seen something from just one spot but he had looked anyways just in case. Losing feeling in his fingers he decided to go inform the innkeeper of the unknown coldness that was creeping over him.


As Arafin reached the door to his bedchamber he heard a load scream from down the hall and burst out his door to investigate.....




If you want you can role play me in the next part as I am not sure as to what your doing exactly lol. I am blonde so that might be why (not dissing blondes or anything, just it happens to imply or me). Or you can just drop off wherever and I will pick up no biggie lol. But I may do something drasticly out there lol. If I do then just fix it lol.


Also the description you give is intense lol. I am glad to have read the entire story :).

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((Hey Lolen! And Arafin :) Back from the dead! Just check out the thread in Offtopic to see whats happened... I see it's gonna take a while to catch up again, but I will! *shifts a little in his chair* I will!))


((OK; like, I just caught up :) Here goes nothing...))


- Ten days before Lolen 'bumped' into Arafin -


His chest still painful Geelef got up. A swift look to his left told him there were two others charging. He picked up his sword, hes left arm hanging soulless to his side. 'Get him Cath!' he bellowed, while turning left to face his attackers. From the corner of his eye he saw a white blur charging at the beast which had thrown him down.

A smile flashed across his face. This is a pretty good fight he thought, before braking into a run to take down the other two. A swift slash of his sword took off one of the creatures left arm, making it screech. The other made to grab his head, but he ducked, narrowly avoiding decapitation.


Behind him he heard the victorious roar of his tiger, clearly she had managed to take her opponent down. 'Just you two now, isn't it?' Geelef said. 'The last of your awful kind. The last of the Black Guards horde...' His voice was deeper as usual, carrying far over the wasteland he was fighting on.


It seemed those words frightened the two creatures, or at least they understood they really were the last of their kind, because they both stretched out their horrible wings and took off into the black night. 'No! Come back here!' the Elf shouted. They couldn't just fly away. Not now, not when he was almost there, almost killed all of them. He new that those two would be able to breed, to have a new horde in a matter of weeks. All that work, gone for good.


He sank down onto his knees, sheathed his sword and mournfully looked at Cath's big eyes. 'All this for nothing.' He looked around him, the wasteland which was once a beautiful forest looked even worse to him now. 'My promise to her, no good at all...' He patted his tiger on the head. 'But at least I've tried. At least I've done my best...' He looked around him once more.


After Lolendalia and he had left the cursed castle of Andruin, they'd set off for the lands where they'd left Catherina, near Cassa. In Cassa they'd rented a pair of rooms, and tried to recover from their fight. After a few days, they'd seen the shadow of the Black Guard once more, flying through the skies, clearly searching for someone.

That was the point at which they agreed to split up. Lolendalia would keep quiet, try to avoid the Black Guard and figure out a bit more about the quest that she had been given, and he, Geelef, would hunt down the Black Guards horde, to wipe them out.


He'd followed the shadow in the skies back to its den, hidden deep in the Forest of Fordan. After what seemed weeks he finally managed to cut his way through the dense vegitation and find the den itself. It was nothing more than a clearing in the forest, open ground covered with bones and leaves. In the night, he had been able to set fire to those leaves, wiping most of the horde out without a fight. But some survived. Twelve, to be excact.


He had been able to take down nine by magic, but due to the speed and agility of those creatures, most of his energyballs missed their target and burned holes in the trees, setting fire to the forest, eventually leaving nothing but ashes.


The last three had flown away at first, but when he ran over the endless heaps of ashes, he was struck by one of them, his arm ripped open, a heavy blow to his chest sending him a few yards back. Then, Cath had managed to kill that one, leaving the last two for him. But he had failed.


He had failed.


Not just himself, but also Lolendalia.

Lolendalia! Would she be alright? Would she've managed on her own?

At these thoughts he once more turned to Catherina. 'Cath, were heading back to Cassa. See if Lolen is alright, if she's still there.' He smiled when Cath looked at him longingly. 'See if your buddies are alright too.' A little growl told him he'd been right about her thoughts.


'Alright! Let's get moving then.' he said energetically. But when he got to his feet, he felt the dead weight of his left arm hanging on his shoulder. His smile turned into a painful grin. 'After we've taken care of this, that is...'

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