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The Wake of A Child

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Wake up! Someone shouted in her head, making her turn a bit to the side, pressing the soft fleshy palm of her hand to her cheek. Strands of hair stuck to the ivory skin. She fluttered her blue eyes open slowly, her head pounding and her heart thumping madly in her chest. The old woman.. Where was she? She had not rambled or slapped that damned cane in quite some time...


Slowly.. She sat up. The fire had gone out into a whisp of gray smoke in the grate, it was time to move.... Something was in the house.. With them.


She moved quietly from the chair, her bare feet pressing on the cool, scuffed floor of vines and thatches twined together, her hands pressed closely to her body.


The flutter of great wings reached her ears, making her skin crawl uncomfortably, and the pit of her stomach twinge and twang...


Something is in there.. With the old woman!! She thought hurridly and peaked into the doorway...


The old woman came into view first, her corpse sprawled spread-eagle, her limbs apparently bent at odd angles of unnaturality..

Blood poured from a gash, or more like a chunk of the woman's old neck gone, her head tilted back and her upper half and lower chin covered in blood. The beasts black eyes swiveled in their sockets, nasty, cold, stone coloured. It flicked a slimey black tongue across it's parched and burnt lips at it turned to look at her, yet somehow Lolen had ducked to remain hidden... This thing.. Her dreams...


I have got to get out of here! Before it finds me too!!


She crawled slowly towards the door, the creature having gone back to feed on what remained of the old woman, having wanted to eat more then blood and energy, it had taken a hold of the womans face, and Lolen did not want to watch any longer.


The door creaked open, and she crawled out, curling into a ball, her hands entwined in the silky strands of hair. Her tiny lips pout at she curled into the smallest nich she could fit, noticing a rather nice looking elf on the firewood blocks... Did he know what was in the house? Was this who she heard on the stair? He must wake up soon! He had too! One of the most gruesome of beasts was in the house, and there was no longer protection...


Lolen knew where to go... But for now, the sight of the beast had caused venom to boil in her mind... So she curled tighter, and burried her head into her knees, her small toes wiggling out of impatience, though bare, ready to go... When she would allow it...

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Catherina had been sleeping sound, until she was woken by the door creacking open. She'd fastly jumped behind the firewood, out of view. A familiar sent slightly tickled her nose, a bad odour from inside the house. Even though she'd only smelled this once before, she could tell; the Black Guard was here. But it wasn't the only sent that she could smell. A fainter, but fresh sent came from the doorsteps.


Cath curiously poked her head around the firewood and she spotted Lolen on the ground. Smart as she was, she instantly linked the girl to the Black Guard, and let out a great roar. Lolendalia didn't seem to hear it, but Geelef woke up in an instance. His eyes fell on the small ball that was named Lolendalia - then he listened carefully, without moving an inch. Oh no... It's the Black Guard. We gotta get out of here, now! he thought. Without further hesitation, he closed the door, picked up his staff, and magically sealed it. Then he kneeled next to Lolendalia.


'Are you alright?' he asked. Not a reply, except for the little moans that managed to fight their ways out of her mouth. 'Are you hurt? Just nodding will do.' Geelef said, understanding her emotions. After a while, a little nod of Lolen's head confirmed her wellbeing. 'OK, let's go then.'


Geelef picked her up, carried her down the stairs and out of the city, never looking back. Catherina followed, growling at anyone who dared to open his mouth.


It was only deep inside the forest when Geelef gently lay Lolen down, getting a bit of air back in his lungs. 'So, you're Lolendalia, if I'm correct?'


Lolendalia, who'd gotten her voice back, answered with a faint 'Yes, sir...' not knowing how to adress the tall elf. Geelef smiled. 'It's been a while since anyone called me sir. No need to, I'm Geelef.'

He held out his hand, which Lolendalia shook eagerly. 'And this is my tiger, Catherina, better known as Cath.' Cath looked at Lolen with huge, interested eyes, Lolendalia on the other hand looked a bit frightened by the sight of the snowwhite tiger. 'Ah, she's not bad. Just call her name and she'll come to you.' Lolendalia nodded, then said, with a little fear shimmering through her voice, 'Catherina, come here!'


Cath stood for two seconds, thinking what she was going to do, but when she saw Geelef's face, she slowly walked towards Lolen, sniffing her sent. Lolen smiled, and stroke Cath's head. 'Yeah, she's nice.' she said happily.

'Oh, I totally forgot, thank you for taking me out of there!'

'No problem. Just wondering, was it the first time you've encountered the Black Guard?'

Lolen slowly shook her head. 'They've taken my father away from me. After that, I've been attacked in my dreams.'

'Aha. That's not so good. It's gonna make things a bit harder for me.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, I know you're on a little quest. And I'm kinda here to he-' Geelef was interupted by Lolen.

'Do you know of my quest? How? Why? When?'

Geelef smiled. 'Yeah, I know of it. It is my duty to make sure you will not fail. I can't really tell you much more, for my memory has been blocked. My boss put some sort of spell on me, I can't remember a thing, except that quest, and some faint memories of the good old days.'

'But, but, what did you mean by it's gonna make things harder?'

'Well, as I was saying, I'm here to help you. That includes hiding you from the Black Guard, or the White for that matter. Since the Black guard has taken your father and has sented you before, it'll be easier for that evil creature to get to you again - magic won't do much good.'

'Magic? You mean you're planning to use magic?' Lolendalia asked, her eyes filled with fear.

'Ofcourse. How else would we survive? Oh, wait a minute...' Geelef said, spotting the feared look on Lolen's face. 'You're not... Afraid of magic, are you?'

Lolen slowly nodded. 'Yes, I am.'

'Oh. I guess I'll cut the use of it then.' Geelef said, putting his magical sword a bit further inside his backpack.

'You're not.. not gonna use magic against me, are you?' Lolen said in a faint voice.

'Wha-? Ofcourse not!' Geelef said surprised. 'It's not like all magical creatures are evil, you know? At least, I'm not.'

'Well, you don't look evil.' Lolen replied, relieved.

Geelef smiled and said, 'OK, now we've got that out of the way, let's get going. Do you think you can stand and walk?'

'I guess so. I'm still a bit shaky, but it'll pass.'


And so the three of them set off, away from Cassa and the Black Guard, ever deeper into the forest.

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When night fell in her pretty little nest, Lolen looked up to stare at the sky. Magic? Magic would be involved? No one had ever mentioned this, though she should have automatically have known. It should have been apparent.


She turned a bit to the side, to look at the man... He seemed still, so strange to her. Did he sleep? Was he aware that she indeed did know some small amount of household magic? Though it would not be enough to spare her from anything.


She leaned her head back a bit in her little bundle of branches and leaves, to stare at the Lady Moon ahead, in her waning state. The double moon, in her waxing state, streaking white smoke across the blackened sky and the diamonds that glittered hidden.


She blinked slowly, hearing a softened rustle not far from where he sat seemingly asleep. Her ears perked quickly, the silver rings along her left ear jingling faintly in the dead silence. She moved from the nest of rather comfortable down... To move closer to the man.. Her eyes widened like large saucers of blue china.


"Sir! Sir, please wake up.... There is something near..." She murmered as she touched him slowly, fearing that the Black Guard had found them even here... Even in the shadows of the forest.... Like they had done to the old woman.


Geelef remained alseep, drooling slightly from the side of his mouth, a thin line of silver drool escaping his sleeping form. Soft snorts from apparent dreams bieng the only sound aside from his breathing of his dreams.


Lolen looked once more to the shadows.. Her skin prickling and creeping moreso then it had in quite some time.. Not since..


Well..Not since the dreams..

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Her next though was to scream out load, but that would certainly draw the attention of what she thought was the Black Guard. So she remained quiet once more. Only then her eye fell on the white tiger.


She poked it with a small finger, holding her other hand over Cath's mouth, so she wouldn't roar. Cath's eyes opened up, her feet moved a bit.

'Shh... Don't make any noise.' Lolen said, not knowing if Cath would understand. But Cath didn't do a thing. 'Can you wake him? There's something here... Quietly though... we don't want to get unwanted attention...' Cath slowly stood up, walked to Geelef, and growled very softly. In an instant Geelef was fully awake, his hand searching for his sword. 'Sir?' Lolen murmered. 'Sir, there's something here... I think it might be th- the Black Guard.' Geelef nodded and whispered back, 'No Sir, remember... Remain still, I'll check it out.'


Geelef's hand finally found his sword, he stood up silently, and walked towards the bushes, where another faint rush was heard. When he turned around, to whisper 'Get everything ready to leave at once!' a black shadow arose from the bushes behind him. Lolen froze with fear, she opened her mouth to warn the Elf, but no sound came out. Look behind you! Behind you! Oh please look!' she thought desperately.

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The massive creature bent at its waste, Geelefs sword through the skin, through bone and all matter. A sickening crack fought its way to her ears, her mouth remaining open and her eyes wide. The creature brought its razored claws down upon her newfound friend... And with a sickening pop and squilshing noise, the beast fell in two, the head lolling yet away from the body and the torso of the bieng tumbling to the forest ground.


Not a sound made in the forest, her ears picking up the heavy ladden silence.


"Sir...? Sir.. Are you alright?" she whispered into the silent, as though she were ashamed.


Geelef turned to look at her a little, his skin paling greatly...


"Yes.. I'm fine.. I only got a little scratch."


He pointed quickly to a deep looking gash in his shoulder, which the blood boiled and seered from the stream. It trickled down his clothing- making Lolen rather uncomfortable.


"Sir, you are injured.. Please? Let me..."


She removed a small pouch from her waste, a herb that was said to mend any wound or heal any illness. She wandered close to Geelef, gracious that the tiger had awaken the Elf, but ungrateful that the man had become hurt all because of her own carelessness. She should have known better then to allow rest in the Forest of Dreams...

It just was not done.. Not at all.

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When Lolen told Geelef her thoughts, he smiled a little and said: 'It's not your fault, it was my choice to sleep here. And even if we had walked on, we would've been found. There's no stopping it. And we made anyway, didn't we?'

Lolen nodded silently, taking care of Geelef's wound. She was still upset about the attack, but Geelef's words had calmed her down a little. Neither said a word while both thought about what happened.


'Hey, I was wondering, do you know how to wield a weapon? Any weapon at all?' Geelef suddenly asked, breaking the silence of the night.


'Except my fingernails, no, sir.' Lolen replied.


'Ah well, maybe I should teach you how to use a sword, maybe a staff or a bow - although for the latter we need to wait till we get to another town. And how many times need I tell you? It's Geelef, or Gee, but not 'sir'.' The Elf smiled. 'It'll be long till this all ends, we might as well get along.'


Lolen smiled back and said. 'Yes, that would be nice indeed. But my manners won't allow me to call you anything but 'Sir' or 'Mister'.'


'You'll be over it soon enough,' Geelef smiled back. 'It won't be a nice life, this night is just a small sample of what will come. But not to worry, we'll get stronger too, we will find help in the most unexpected places. That's how this world works.

Once we get out of here, and find a decent place to rest, I'll teach you how to fight.

For now we can stay here and rest some more. Tomorrow we'll be in a huge clearance in this forest. It's more like a plain surrounded by trees - there we can rest, maybe we will meet hunters or other travelers.'

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The forest buzzed with thousands of different sounds. The sounds of wild animals chittering and chattering as the sun poured through the canopy of trees like liquid spotting the ground.


Lolen looked slowly to Geelef, smiling broadly though the springing day seemed to peak through the remnants of a winters chill, brightening her large blue eyes and her hair seeming to shimmer moreso than it ever did.


"I.. Sir.." she sputtered, trying to regain some semblance of mind to tell him her thoughts that had recently began to flutter into her mind, and down into her stomach to settle in a pit.


Geelef looked at Lolen, one of his brows raised...


She tangled one of her small hands in her hair, tilting her head to the side.

"I lied.. To you, sir." she murmered, her lips pressed tightly together, as though she were about to cry.


The Elf raised his brows once more, as Lolen curled her fingers behind her back, standing rather too straight, her clothing stained from the recent rain that had left her mark on the leather tunics and clothing.


"Sir, I do know some small amount of magic, a wee bit of protection magic and mostly household work magic.. To... To mend broken dishes, and the such.."


The Elf remained silent, watching the girl with some mild humour, though also mild dissappointment in her manners.


And at this, Lolen felt as though her world had begun to tremble violently, as though an earthquake had rumbled through her.

Guilt had flooded her since the day she told that she could do no magic, though this was what she had been told to say. Otherwise, -they- might find her.. And what would happen then!?


Her attention flickered back to Geelef, her innocent eyes resting on him, waiting for him to chaste her for her lies..




((Post again soon.. In school now. :D Posting when I have time! -Mina))

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Slowly, as if he was thinking very deeply, Geelef said,

'Well, I'm just glad to know you do know a little magic. It means that, deep down, you're able to use it in times of great need. I won't press you to learn it, if you don't want to, but you just need to know that magic is a part of you, it belongs in you, and in this world. Like I said before, magic itself isn't good or bad, it's the way it's used that matters.'


He stopped there, and his thoughts seemed to wander away from the subject of Lolen saying she didn't know magic.


'But.. Sir? Am I not going to be punished? Or even shouted at?' Lolen asked in a tiny voice.


Geelef looked surprised. 'Ofcourse not! I'm your friend and helper, not your father, or your master. If you want to hide things from me, that'd disappoint me, but I won't stop you - it's up to you to decide what you want me to know.' Then he smiled, 'Just don't be afraid of me, or of my judgement, I won't think bad about you, or try to hurt you in any way.'


Lolen shuffled her feet a bit, drawing little circles in the sand with her boots. 'I - I know...' She looked at him with watery eyes. 'It - it was terrible to lie to you!' Then she flung herself around his neck, crying.


'Now now, don't cry, it's alright...' Geelef set her on a large trunk, sat next to her and said, 'It really doesn't matter, you know? I just met you, I wouldn't have trust me either.'

Lolen smiled a bit, wiped off her tears and stood up. 'You're right. We should move on. That plain you talked about yesterday, is it far?'

Geelef nodded his head. 'Only two miles, we'll be there in notime.'


And indeed, half an hour later the woods cleared, and a vast, green plain emerged from behind a little hill. It was covered with grass, yellow, purple and white flowers, a few bushes scattered on it. All sorts of animals were grazing, or enjoying the sun.


Lolen ran into the fields, letting the sun tickle her skin. 'Ohh it's lovely!' she exclamated. 'And all those animals!' She turned to Geelef. 'Can you tell me how they're called?'

Geelef smiled at her happiness, nodded and said, 'There, by those bushes, those are puma's, left of them -' he pointed to the left '- is a bear. And there, a wolf. Don't wanna come near it. Right of those puma's is a little group of boars. We gotta shoot some for dinner.'

'Shoot one?'

'Yeah, you know, hit it with an arrow, to eat it.'

'That's disgusting!'

'But it tastes good.'

Lolen rolled her eyes up. 'You're hopeless.'

Geelef laughed. 'Maybe. But if you want some food, you'll have to kill some animals.'

That moment their conversation was interrupted by Catherina, running past them, towards a small group of beautiful, black and orange tigers. When she was near, she growled a little, and the group started sniffing her.

'Looks like Cath found some company' Lolen said.

'Yeah, she knows that group, she's been here when I was in the hospital in Cassa.'

Lolen raised her eyebrows. 'Long story...' Geelef replied.


That evening they had made a campfire, a boar on the spit.

'Tastes pretty good, doesn't it?' Geelef said, when he looked at Lolen eating.

'Oh, yes Sir, it's delicious!'

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After the dinner of rather nicely done boar, Lolen wiped her tiny, china doll mouth with a piece of cloth from her bag. She looked slowly to Geelef, smiling broadly, her pearly teeth straight.


Her bright blue eyes traveled slowly to the sinking sun on the horizon, watching the colors fade into deep purples, violets, velvety blacks, and midnight blues. The stars had begun their vast, kaleidoscopic swirling across the sky, the galaxies so many miles away shining brightly. Planets, most of them. A milky streak spread vast across the sky, twinkling and shining incandescently. She leaned back on a log, the animals having reverberated into the woods near by... The field clear, the soft breeze fluttering the grassy mass. Some of the grass remaining a parched and twig-like brown in tufts, though most of it lush and green after the rain the day that passed.


She yawned slowly, smiling once more, many many thoughts scattered behind her mask of happiness.


Who are they? What are they really searching for? Who is this man who claims to be my friend.. He is rather cute..


Cut that out! Do not think of him in such a way, you are much too young I believe.. And men will get you in trouble. Like your mother.


She turned her head a bit to the side, to examine a broad boughed tree, her limbs extending over a pond, whose weeds and vines surrounded the shore line, the dirt a perfect bark brown, scattered in footprints. The wind moving through the reeds making a soft and lulling whispering melody.


She was begining to become tired, and apparently, so was her new friend. She wanted to make him happy, and she did not know how, which bothered her greatly. He had done so much for her already.. Though watching him hunt.. Make her stomach tie in knots all over. She could feel the animals pain as the weapon of choice sliced through its skin, her skin feeling as though it was bieng torn in peaces, the weapon piercing the animals lungs, as it gasped and cried out in pain. She too, had felt it, and had nearly collapsed from the feeling, like someone had torn her heart in pieces, punctured her lungs, gasping for air she had been.


Then.. all went still, and the animal had closed its eyes, the shiney, large eyes of the boar. Lolen felt the cold, the stillness, in her very bones. It hurt.. and it scared her.


But now, the animal was in a better place, or so she hoped, away from Them.. Further than she would ever get, she thought.


"Lolen, is something the matter?" Geeleft asked, startling the girl from her thoughts, making her shift uncomfortably for a moment.


"No. Not at all." She lied with a matter of ease, though deep down she felt the flutter of tiny wings and pain in her stomach. Lies.. Lies lies lies... Was that all she could do?


This seemed to please the Elf.. And he nodded, returning to his gaze at the sky.


So he was interested in the stars as well? This was interesting to Lolen..





A few hours later, the fire continued to burn, held by a magic to let it burn until put out purposefully.

Lolen lay bundled down like a bird in a nest, under a mass of vines she had intentionally netted tightly together to use as blankets after the days drying over a branch of a tree nearby. She had gathered a mass of shiney, ripe apples.. their coats a red red.


She turned her head a bit, entangling one of her small hands in her hair slowly, the silky mass falling and floating between her fingers. What was she to do? Was it safe to sleep here, beneath the thick and hardy boughs of a tree? What would the night bring?? She thought this carefully, her eyes remaining closed, the long thick lashes pressed to her upper cheeks.


She could have made the very image of an angel, if she knew that she was not hiding secrets... Though Geelef had probably noticed this.. She did not need to alarm herself with guilt as much as she did.


And the night continued on... On until what the child had dread most, happened.....


(( *Grin* I have a second half of this post.. But I don't know if I have time to scrape the surface of my mind for it now.. But let's try it. :D ))




The sound of scraping and screams, the smell of smokey wafts spreading through the forest awoke her. The animals.. what was happening??


She crawled immediatly from her bundle, standing and dusting off her night shift, tugging at the thin cloth slowly. She might as well as not have worn anything, her shift bieng so thin that she was nearly visible through the material. A dagger pressed tightly between her breasts, she reached for it, turning to the side.


A terrible shriek filled the air, like the gasping and screaming of a banchee in the night. Flames licked the trees about them, as the shriek rang out once more, closer now. Geelef seemed to be asleep, though Lolen doubted that anyone could sleep through such a racket.


She turned her body more to the side, towards where most of the animals had begun to scatter through the trees, running as though they were afraid, obvious fear visible in their eyes like they were glass and mirrors.


Then she saw them.. All of them.. And what she counted frightened her so much that she stumbled backward. She counted the best she could keep up, twenty two of them... Twenty two ghastly winged creatured.. Their leathery bodies twisted and gruesome.


Her mouth widened as her hand went to reach for her dagger, which had flew from her as she had toppled backward, her hair covering all that was necessary, shimmering against her skin. She stood out like a black rabbit in the snow...


A scream made it's way past her lips, bursting forth with such violence that her throat and lungs began to throb. One creature, with obviously nothing to hunt, looked directly at her, his creepy eyes showing interest.


It came towards her, and she backed up, throwing her only weapon at him. It hit, though not where she wanted... her aim obviously lost..


The creature stopped, and snarled at her, muttering some odd language in her direction.


"Sir!! Sir please wake!" She shouted, but it was a little too late, the creature had gained hold of her arm, pulling her, sliding her through the air like a ragdoll in a childs arms.


It had her, this gruesome thing.. It's gnarled and leathery hands grasping her tightly, though she kicked and screamed and fought....


To no avail...



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((I really Like it! *shivers* Now, let's see if we can do something about those creatures...))


Lolen screamed, she screamed like she never had. 'Wake up! Oh please wake! I'm going to die!' She looked back at the creature that was squeezing the life out of her arm. It seemed to grin, its evil mouth was cranked up a bit. 'No!' Lolen kicked it whereever she could, but it didn't seem to feel the elvish boots penetrate its skin.


Geelef hadn't woke up yet, the only thing he did was murmer a bit and turn around.


The creature's mouth opened silently, it's fierce teeth shimmering in the dark. Lolen punched on its nose - but nothing seemed to harm it. The teeth slowly came closer, instoppable. Lolen closed her eyes, soon she would feel sharp bone slicing through her body... She could feel the ends of the teeth rubbing along her waist. She shivered. This was it...


But she would not die - not that day. A large roar accompanied a white tiger jumping on the creature, throwing it off Lolen.


At the moment Cath had roared, Geelef woke up. 'Huh... What's goi- Uh oh.' Without thinking twice, he grabbed his staff and pointed it at the creature that had held Lolen. With the faintest muttering, and help of a small, greenish glowing orb that he hold in his left hand, a large, green jolt hit the creature. It twisted and curled, before spatting into a thousand pieces. Along with the creature, the orb vanished into thin air.


The other creatures noticed the green light, and now all attention was directed at the three travellers. 'Guard her, Cath!' Geelef shouted. Catherina ran towards Lolen, growling whenever one of the dark creatures came near, once or twice jabbing her great paws at one.

Lolen slowly scrambled up, looking around wildly. 'Help!' No sound came out of her mouth, but even so Geelef threw his sword to Lolen. It landed only inches in front of her. 'Just swing!' Geelef yelled, while he braced himself for two dark creatures racing towards him.

With a huge swing of his staff, he brought one down, while he ducked to dodge the other. A ripping noise told him his cape was torn to pieces by the creatures wings.


Not seeing Lolen, he shouted into the dark: 'Head east! There're old ruins there, we can hide in those!' Another creature speeded towards him, he evaded it's claws, while the creature passed above him, he jabbed his staff through it, piercing its stomach.

Jabbing out his bloodshed staff, he heard Lolen's faint voice yell 'That's for my father!' then a roar from Cath and a little scream from Lolen. No! he thought. He rushed past two other creatures, towards Lolen.

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She stared at the beast, it's claws covered in blood. The tiger lay on the ground, her sides bloody. The beast had grabbed her arm once more, the sword having strayed from her hand as she had swung, causing it to fly forth and embed itself in a tree.


She looked to Cath, tears flooding her eyes, her cries ringing through the air as she swiped her small hands towards the beast.

Where was Geelef? He was out of her site..


The beast had lifted its great wings and begun to drag her into the sky, Lolen fighting the best she could manage all along, though she was weakening greatly.


The creature seemed to suck the energy from the air, through the large gaping holes that were it's mouth.


"Let me go!!!" She shouted down, in hopes that the Elf would hear her meandering cries..


Yet the beast did not, it held firm.. It's crisp grasp making her skin prickle at every breath it placed against her neck. The hair standing on end at the line.


The night had covered over in smoke, from the burning forest... The sky bieng licked with mighty flames reaching like burning corpse' hands from a grave.


The creature had dipped many a time too close to the flames, letting them lick the backs of Lolen's legs, just enough to sear her. Her cries seemed to make no difference to the beast of burden.



What have I done!??? She asked herself, fear roaming through each of her veins.


Oh please let them be alright! I cannot bear any more pain!


She closed her eyes, though continued to fight until she could fight no longer, and remained limp in the things arms, praying the best with all her heart for her friend's lives...


And for her own.


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(( :) ))


When Lolen looked around, she saw that about 15 others were following the creature that held her, she supposed it might be their leader - if these fierce creatures knew what 'leader' meant...



Geelef was sitting next to Catherina, a few tears dripping from his eyes. 'You'll be alright, won't you Cath?' he said. He sat there for a few minutes, overtaken by a deep sadness, not thinking about anything but his good friend. He only looked up when he heard a few small growls around him. The pack of tigers Cath had run to the previous day appeared through the flames.


'You - you're gonna take care of her, aren't you?' Geelef said, not knowing if these tigers were as smart as Cath, but slowly his mind got focused again. Then, in an instant, a shocking thought struck him, Where was Lolen?


His eyes searched for Lolendalia, or any of the creatures, finally he spotted the group, flying east.


He then drew his sword out of the wood it had sunken into, the faint glow replaced by a bright shine. He left behind all but his clothes, his sword and his staff. He started running, running like he never had - trying to catch up with Lolen.


More than a day he'd run, gaining only a little on the fierce flying beasts. For an instant, he stopped, exhausted. Sweat was dripping from his face onto the ground - then he was off again, trying to gain a few more meters. He didn't even looked at the beautiful surroundings he passed, from dense, green woods with little waterfalls scattered in them, to high mountains, covered by snow.




Lolen had given up screaming, given up fighting. It was now more than two days since she'd been captured by the creature, but still they were flying east.

No hope remained in her mind, no hope of rescue, but also no hope for the future. She had failed her quest. Even the shiny light that seemed to tail them at night didn't awake some of her old spirit. If she had only known that it was the Elf following her, slowly, but steadily, gaining on them. Maybe then she would've made it as difficult as she could for the creatures to fly on.

But she didn't know...

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Oh... My head... she thought, rubbing the back of her head and neck slowly, something sticky reaching her fingers and it was warm.

She pulled her fingers through her hair slowly, the red mass tangled and mused together. Her already large blue eyes widened to the size of saucers... Blood... It was blood in her hair!


A gash had been made at the back of her head after the winged beasts had thrown her in captivity..


That had been two days ago.. She had reamined unconcious for 48 hours... 48 hours of unrecognizable confusion. What had happened to her?


She went to move from the floor, the dust and dirt cluttered about her, a pile of hay that spared for bedding in the corner. As she meant to pick herself from the ground, her head swirling madly and throbbing as though she had been rammed over by a thousand horses in rampage, the chains which bound her hands clinked and tinckled and clattered, clanging against one another, preventing her from moving further than exactly two steps in each direction.


She heaved a soft, pained sigh for a moment, her soft lips quivering in slight fear, though she was determined to remain forever brave against all odds that might be determined just as much as she to withstand her.


Her appearance had deffinitely changed as she had foiled her best outfit days ago with the blood that obviously cluttered her hair now, teh red shimmering against the pale silver and white colour. She now wore a dress like that which she had quite some time ago, the simple cotton skirt and shift, the simple peasant top and the corset about her waste, the leather sandals having been removed, her bare feet cold against the floor.


A gutteral growl and snort met her ears, fear flickering in her eyes before she pushed it from visibility, rather forcefully. A man.. an ugly ugly ugly man came to the bars, ratting a cane at her that seemed to be made of human calf bone, carved over in exquisite design. Around the bottom, where one might tap the cane along the ground, their were human teeth to adorn and give it height. This was disgusting to Lolen.. but the man was so much worse..


Scars crossed his face in every which way, giving him one ugly mug, twisted and snarled together like a very old, very wrongly planted tree.. or possibly a potters mistake of clay..


His skin seemed like the beasts, like parched and dry leather.. But his eyes seemed to catch her most, like raven's feathers they were.. shining, black.. hid behind half closed, half burned eyebrows and eyelids, his hair ashy and gray.. like the ash of the fireplaces of Andorel's inhabitants, his composure like that of a wilting flower... whose stem lay nearly broken.


He snarled once more at her, frightening her backwards, though the chains prevented her from moving. He seemed to glare at her through the bars of her cage, into the damp and darkened cube.


She shifted a little, staring directly into the mans raven eyes.. jet black they seemed, moisted over.. filled with age...


"He-he-he... So.. You be the one the master wants eh? I see not why. Your scrawny little bonnie lass, arent ye?"


"What do you know of me.. And who are you? Where am I? What do you want?" These questions split from her lips as quickly as ligtening could...


And he replied.. In his raspy, husky, low and old voice....

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'So many questions, from such a little girl... But I'll tell you anyway, the master wants you to know why you're here...' The word know was pronounced with the happiness of a lion ready to tear the life out of his victim.


'OK, your first question... We know more of you than you can ever imagine, then you might even konw yourself.'

The man smiled madly, revealing a few rotten teeth.

'As to who I am... I'm just your average guy, serving his master. While I'm at it... You'd be in my masters castle. Very secret, very hidden, very unknown. Very little hope for rescue. Even that Elf won't be able to find you.'


'How - How do you know about him?' Lolen said, breathing fastly, now also concerned about the Elf's fate, next to her own.


'Like I said... We know...'


Without any further words the man threw some greenish bread through the bars. With a mad laughter which seemed to fill the entire castle he walked away.

Lolen grabbed for the bread, examining it closely. Then she threw it away, even the dogs wouldn't touch it, it was that filthy.

Desperately she sat down, wondering what was going to happen next.




For two days he had run, following the creatures in their flight. He had seen them disappear into a forest, the forest he was now standing in front of.

'Andruin Castle...' the Elf muttered. 'This must be it, all those tales... I never thought it really excisted.'

He picked up his sword again, hid it in his clothes, to stop the bright light giving away his position. Then he took his staff, muttered something, in a very slow and deep voice. The spell obviously worked, his body became transparent, only noticable when he moved.

He firmly walked into the darks of the Forest of Andruin, heading for Lolendalia.

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Geelef found himself wandering, from his path. It had been days that he worried for Cath, and for Lolen. It had been a day since his last meal, and he had been tracking since that night.


No footprints, no broken twigs.. Nothing.. nothing in the ominous dark of continuous searching.. Nothing at all.





He soon found himself stopped, as though there were a barriers infront of him that he could not see.


He held up his hands, a blinding pain finding its way through the tips of his fingers, sparking and grinding at the barrier, though it held for a while.


His energy nearly gone, his mind sore with pain, the Elf thought that it was best to stop for the night, and continue his practice when he gained the strength.




There lay a tiny scraping sound, as though of glass against glass or wood against stone.





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The night crept on, the still sounds broke by the crackling of a faint noise, though close by. Geelef's ears had been strewn on that noise since it had begun..



And suddenly, the scene before him shattered like glass, falling in shards on the ground, the serene darkness turned to all but a gaping hole in the forest, a black mass that dangerously invited those brave enough to enter...


And Geelef thought for a moment, his bravery shrinking in his stomach though two thoughts ran through his head...


One of Cath.. and one of Lolen.



And so he went.. the first step trudgingly deathlike- as though he took a funeral march, a dead man.. people would later say... of course, that was only if he didn't make it through..



It felt like ice shattering and bleeding in his throat, his head piercing with a high pitched noice and then numbing sensations he could not explain.. but this was only until he managed to gain feeling of the burning.. the whipping and burning that the air did to him, though still.. it felt as though invisible forces *which there probably were* were trying to prevent him from continuing.. But the Elf kept his head held high and his bravery in place.. his mind concentrating on not the pain, but to make it through to his friends... for them, and only them.


.. And so.. he continued to walk...






"What master? What have I done to be locked in a chamber like some common criminal!?" Lolens pure little voice rang out in the cell, a few of the rocks from the walls scuttering onto the ground. Anger building like a blinding, white fire branding through her.


"He-he-he.. Aye, ye' are a wee li'il beastie, aren't ye'! He told me ye' would be." the old man cackled a horendous cackle, ending in sputtering coughs.


"You deserve your wracking coughs! You deserve to die! You are a terrible man! Have you no pride!? Have you no family!? No friends!? No one to care about you!?" She shrieked, becoming suddenly overcome with anger and greif..


I hate this place... I want to leave.. and I want my friends.. I want them to be safe.. What if he has died!? What of that wonderful tiger?? What will happen to me!?


- these thoughts rang in her head as clear as a bell on a Sunday morning mass...



The old man had been speaking the hole time, tossing little pebbles at Lolen from behind the bars, grinning, with his rotted teeth black at the nerve.. Glearing at her from behind the cold steel cage...


Lolen of course, could not move but a two feet in either direction.. and ended up bieng jabbed and caught by pebbles, and with the mans cane... she did not listen to him, she hated him.. And to Lolen, hate was something that was a terrible, terrible thing to do. So the Guard had found her.. Tracked her, he said. And now He wanted to see her.. He who she had been "Born to serve." He who she, Lolen absolutely knew, hated.




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((It was worth the delay :D))


Every step Geelef took brought him closer to the Castle of Andruin and Lolen, but those same steps also heavied his burden, the pain surging through his body as jets of iced lighting.

But he went on, not caring about the pain, for he knew if he turned around an even worse pain would haunt him for the rest of his life - the pain of losing a friend.


Walking up a hill, he found himself to be covered with not only sweat, but also blood. As he looked at his hands, he could see the blood dripping out of small wounds, carved into his flesh.


So, the myths are true... But those same myths also tell about a huge relief at the end of it all... If I will make it to the end...


Shaking that last thought of him, he walked on, his pace more vivid.






The old man that was bullying Lolen finally went away, leaving the girl to herself. Her first feelings of gladness that the man had gone, were suddenly replaced by terrifying thoughts of what was going to happen next.


Not five minutes later, the man came back, a large dog on his side. It was one of the most beastly dogs Lolen ever laid eyes on.


Its black fleece was ragged, she could see the insects crawling through it. The small eyes were bloodshed, the pointy, yellow teeth visible through an evil grin.

But this was not the worst of it, the tail was. The color faded from deeply black at the beginning of it, do fiery red at the tip. A closer look revealed it was that red for a reason, fire came out of it. With a shock Lolen realised it. A hellhound...


'Ye are gonna come with me, little girly. And if ye resist...' The man pointed at the hellhound. 'Ye're gonna meet Elle...'


Lolen swallowed away a huge ball which seemed to grow in her throat.

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(( heh!))


Geelef's strodes slowled greatly, as the hilly scene had become more porous and dangerously shallow ledged...


He sidestepped a ghastly looking pit of lava, watching it for a moment, the liquid bubbling from the inside of the crater. He knew what he would chance by stepping over it an it worried him to a degree.


Without looking back, he tugged eerily at his clothes before he actually stepped, more the less leaped over it to the other side where it was somewhat safer... where the land would not pour and crush into the burning liquid beneath the apparently solid ground. And he continued on.. whispering voices of nonapparent people swirling about him as he did so.. The castle coming into view before him as he continued..


The crumbling bridge, over the lava pit, the steaming, hissing liquid splattering and spitting at the sides.. A dangerous thing this..


But the towers of the castle itself were riveting, her dark glooming gray stones advancing far into the air, scraping the night sky- which lay black, swirling with seeming blood in steam like presence..- telling all to beware of what she had seen in her many, many centuries of abuse and neglect...




And here Geelef needed to make his choice.. Would he continue on to save his friend's life.. who was in great need of assistance.. Or would he perish in his attempts?


It was, after all... His decision.






Lolen swallowed thickly, as the man entered the room, hobbling on his cane, letting the teeth tap the dirty stone beneath it. The hound at his side growling viciously, baring yellow, slobbered teeth. It snapped at Lolens heels once she was freed, her hands placed behind her back as ordered.


She would remain silent.. though whimpered every so often.. afraid of what would become of her.. As they traveled the crooked, winding tower stairs.. Through dungeons of longing usage.. Cobwebs entangling themselves at her ankles and her shoulders, musing her hair indignantly...


Yet she continued to walk.. praying that nothing would harm her.. or her friends.. And if it came down to it, she decided..


She would die before allowing any more harm to anyone...




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In a second Geelef thought about what he was going to do... How to enter the great castle without being noticed?


His eye fell on a small, blackened door, on the roots of the castle. He kept in the shadows to avoid being spotted while he moved closer to the door.

After a while he halted under the last bush between the him and the castle. Slowly he pulled out his sword, which was still shining brightly. His left hand clutched onto the staff. Then he ran out of the bush, towards to door. He knocked it open with his staff, decapitated the guard which was standing to his left and looked around, for a way out.


There was none. The door had led him into a room, no other doors present. He knocked on the walls with his staff, trying to hear a secret passageway, but nothing. He slowly sat down on the filthy ground, his face thunderstruck.






Lolen silently walked between the man and the hellhound, thinking about the best way to escape. But everytime she only stepped aside for an inch, a roar made her jump back in line. After what seemed ages, they finally entered a small room. In it was a black orb.


'Ye gotta see this!' The old man rattled. 'An' ye won' like it!' A mad laughter followed these words.

The man gave a little knock on the orb, which started to glow, colors twirling inside it. Suddenly all these forms formed a clear picture.


'No... It can't be!'


Lolen walked towards the orb, gazing in it. She saw Geelef sitting inside it, holding his staff. His sword wasn't visible through the blood of the guard.


'He's - he's... captured?' Lolen's voice trembled as she asked it.


'Hehehe... Yeah, we got that little elf.. Too easy. Ye can' even help'm.' The man grinned at her. 'Unless ye're gonna tell us everything ye know.'





Little did Lolen know about Geelef's real state. He was thinking hard about how to get further into the castle. Ofcourse! Should've done it way earlier!'


He stood up, his stretched arms supporting his staff. He started to sing a violent song, his eyes went black. After a little time, his staff flew up a few feet, turning to a vertical position.





'Tell me wha' ye know 'bout tha' questy of yours!' the man yelled happily.


Lolen sighed. She didn't want to, but she had no choice. They had Geelef. 'Well... I'm supposed to-'

She suddenly stopped speaking.


'Go on! Or we'll have to punish yer little friend...' the man shrieked.

But Lolen didn't speak anymore, she was looking at the orb, which was now glowing in a bright, white light.





Geelef was indeed covered by a white light, emitted by his staff. His eyes still black, he shouted strange words in a deep voice much unlike his own.


The white light suddenly turned yellow, blasting away the walls around him. Immediatly, Geelef eyes and voice returned back to normal, his staff fell down on the floor. The Elf picked up his sword, which was now shining more brightly as ever. With a fury unknown before, he ran along a small, yellow cord, which seemed to be a result of his spell.

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Lolen had refused to speak, and by doing so she angered the old man further. He jabbed at her cruely with his cane, bruising her side and leaving a line across the backs of her calves.


"Tell me!" He shouted, his voice cracking from age...


But before Lolen managed to open her mouth even a little, the door opened behind her.. And she could not turn her head to look, as though she was froze into place.. an invisible grasp holding her still.


"Isss thisss what I asssked for, Torquin?" His voice like those of the creatures he commanded, though had a semi lulling quality to it.. breaking from invisible lips..


The old man nodded, grinning, his disgusting teeth showing once more, Lolen herself wishing as though she could wretch on him.


"That isss good..." The voice said once more.. making Lolen ever so much more uncomfortable where she stood...


And within seconds.. the sight of a black cloth bieng tied around her head, to her neck, and then back behind to prevent her from seeing anything. She kicked out and screamed, though the sound seemed to muffle in the cloth.. obviously magic woven...


Her hands and feet bound once more, though this time in magic bound chains to prevent her from freeing herself, Lolen was taken away... The soft slithering and hissing of the man bieng the only sounds..




Talking had met Geelef's ears, making them ring and perk at every small and single movement anywhere nearby..


Up the tunnel and hall from where he stood, there were obvious guards and other nasties to protect something.. something that was valuable perhaps?


He urged his already tiring legs forward.. revenge in mind, and heart..


His friends lives at steak..


And his own.


His sword pressing warmth into his hand, the light dimming as he came near to the beasts, pressing himself against one of the cold, damp, dingey walls of the hall.


He could hear their grunting voices and disgusting speech from where he stood..


Preparing to attack.



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Geelef stood in the shadows for a moment, trying to make out how many guards, or whatever they were, were standing there. The yellow cord seemed invisible to the guards, although it was shivering slightly, as if it was being moved.


Not caring anymore about the amount of creatures around the corner, Geelef made up his mind, for he knew Lolendalia was being transported away, away from this castle, if not even further.


He jumped around the corner, saw about fifteen guards looking at him in surprise, before they charged. Luckily, these guards seemed trainees, not armed well, not armoured well, and absolutely not skilled. Without much trouble Geelef decapitated the first three, drove his sword into the stomach of the fourth, and knocked the fifth out cold with his staff.

The others seemed to hesitate, the Elf was looking furious, his clothes dirty with the blood of their comrades. Suddenly, one very small guard dropped his blunt sword, and ran for it, as hard as he could. The others followed immediatly.





Lolen was dragged along a long corridor with many curves and steps. The ceiling seemed to get lower, for her head had bumped with it twice in the last two minutes.

But she wasn't afraid. Along with the white light that she saw in the strange orb, a small, but persistent voice had settled in her mind.


Keep quiet, I'll be right there to fetch you ... No, don't say a word ... If they'll notice I'm in your head, they'll kick me out, no chance of finding you then ... Just a few more minutes ...


It went on and on, and although she wasn't sure, she thought this was a result of the powerful spell Geelef had used to blast his way through the castle. So she remained quiet, not saying a word, waiting for the Elf to rescue her.




Geelef was really making speed now, he knew that those little punk guards would soon be calling their big brothers - he didn't want to fight ten fully capable guards at the same time. The yellow cord seemed to stretch out a little, indicating Lolendalia was indeed being carried away from here.

He could hear low voices from far behind him, but steadily those voices got closer.

No! I'm too close to give it all up for some brainless guards! he thought madly. He pulled out his staff once more, and jabbed it at the cord, which broke at once.

His other hand just cought the end of the cord, which was now shrinking very fast.

He was being dragged along with it, and after two minutes of twists and turns, he found himself to be in a long, curvy corridor.




The voice in Lolen's head said something different now.

Just one more minute, and you gotta scream your lungs out ... Breathe deely ... 30 seconds left ... 20 ... 15 ... 10 seconds ... 5 secs ... 3, 2, 1 SCREAM!!!

And as the last word echoed through her head, Lolen screamed:



And although the magic cloth dampened her voice much, it still carried for a few hundred feet, all the way to Geelef, who let go of the magical cord, and started running towards her. 'Just a second!!' he shoute into the dark corridor.


Torquin on the other hand, wasn't pleased at all to hear all the screams. 'Ye'll pay for that one,' he muttered, pulling out a few sharp needles. 'Ye'll pay, even before that Elf of yers gets here...'


(( :) It's good you're back. I had no clue how to carry this on ... ))

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Geelef ran directly around one of the corners, having defeated all that lay in his path. Torquin was in sight, and so was the view of Lolen, who, by the looks of it, had began to suffer consequences from shouting out.


A needle planted in her shoulder, another two in her calves, her hands stained in blood that had begun to crust over the cuticles of her once clean nails. Her head remained in the bag, though by the sight of blood, Geelef guessed that she had been hit by a blunt object.


Torquin had seen Geelef, after puncturing his last needle into Lolen's thigh.. The amount of blood dripping from the wound satisfying him a bit.

He grinned maliciously, raising his cane at Geelef, waving it around madly... The battle would begin...




Lolen bit her lip to control her cries, to stop them all together. The sharp and cold entry of needle after needle in her flesh having been bad enough, then the feeling of something slamming into her head, making her dizzy, then the feeling of warm blood trickling down her cheek and over her eyebrow, making her close her eyes as it dribbled onto the lids, then had begun to crust over her lashes, her eye sealing shut.


She trembled in her spot, remaining upright somehow. The sounds of shouting and screaming, then laughing and a horendous screetch meeting her ears as though someone battled. She knew who it was..


It was Geelef and that aweful man...


She prayed to all that she could think of that Geelef would remain alive and that the nasty old man, the greedy scoundrel would be murdered.




Geelef felt as though he was dancing the dance of death, his shoes scuffing and scraping along the floor as he twirled from side to side, initializing in combat with the old one.


"Ye'll never win 'er back ye' mighty brute!" Torquin shouted, his withering voice echoing in the halls.


"Oh yes I will!" Geelef retorted sternly, his staff smacking into Torquins cane, the pressure bending the old man back onto his knees, forcing him down towards the ground.


Torquin held on, using as much strength as he could to hold upright.. Pushing Geelef into a wall..




Lolen was shoved backward by a violent blow to the chest, knocking her into a wall. Her head wavered dangerously, yet she held her own. Muffled voices met her ears, and somehow her hands had come undone of their ropes.. She lifted her hands to her head, to move the cloth.


The knot in the back gave her trouble, and she broke one of her nails back so that it began bleeding. It panged and twanged at her while she worked on the knot, finally freeing it..


Removing the cloth, Lolen stared aghast at what was happening in her wake..


Geelef against the wall, Torquin seeming to press the end of his cane into the Elf's neck..


And Lolen was unable to help.. Only to watch and to wonder..




Would this be the end of her dear friend??



(( Sorry it took so long.. I've been busy... :P ))

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The end of her dear friend... Those words kept echoing through her mind, amplified every second. No, he can't die... He just can't. He couldn't have come this far just to - to die...


And right she was. About the same thoughts rambled through Geelef's head, finally finding a way to his mouth.


'I will not die. I have come too far.'


The words came out of his mouth, but it wasn't the usual, soft voice that broke the horrible silence. Instead a highpitched, cracking one teared the man's eardrums apart.


'Wha'? Come too far, have ye? Not my problem,' the old man croaked back, forcing his cane further up Geelef's neck.


'Oh yes, certainly your problem.' Geelef answered, in the same highpitched voice. 'You're in my way.'

With the last sentence, Geelef's voice went low, thundering through the passage.


A mighty blow hit the man's temple, knocking him and his cane away. Swiftly, Geelef took up his staff and sword again, while the man got up.


'So, yer really wanna fight me, do ye, laddy? Let's get it on, then.'


And the man charged, Geelef just dodged the blow. Not waiting for the man's second charge, he dashed his sword into the man's cane, breaking it in two.



The man screamed. 'No... My staff... My beloved staff... None can break it... None but the -'

Torquins eyes widened. 'Are ye - are ye..?'

He couldn't seem to find the word.


'I don't know what you're talking about, ugly one. But you will die.'

And with a huge swing, Geelef decapitated Torquin. The moment his sword had cut through the last inch of flesh, Torquin's broken staff started to glow, sending a blackish light through the passage. It levitated, until it was at about eyeheight.


For a second it hung there, blackening Geelef's face and eyes. Then it shattered, driving needlesharp bonepieces into Geelef's body and flesh.


Along with the staff, the hellhound disappeared.




Torquins master, the master of the castle of Andruin, said,


'You've proven yourself worthy. I will not attack you, not now. It would mean a huge insult to me if I didn't know for sure I could take you on my own. But once we meet again, I will see to it that you will pay for Torquin's death.'


With a little poof he vanished.



Geelef sank down on the floor, exhausted.

'Finally found you... Safe at last.'


His head fell on his chest, his eyes turned white and he passed out.

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She had been offered a spare room at one of the out-er city homes, as someone had soon wandered by in her despare, showing her the way to build a cot and use it to transport her dear friend from that aweful castle.


The inhabitants of the little cottage had seen her state of shabby clothing and her frazzled and sensitive little thoughts... They had seen her while she managed to tug and hall the Elf to their door.


At first they had been hesitant as to let her in, being a stranger in this sort of place was unusual.. And mostly unheard of.


But soon after, they allowed entrance, unlocking their hearts for the little girl who tried to hard.





Geelef lay in bed, still unconcious.. Though he seemed to sleep without pain for now.. The covers tucked tightly beneath him, a pan of hot coals at the foot of his bed to keep him warm. He had begun to shiver and shake in his place violently as the sun had dissappeared behind her canvas of colors. The stars had begun to swirl, blinking, twinkling incandescently at the little cottage through the window, the merlot drapes pulled neatly to the sides.


Lolen dipped the lambskin cloth into the dish of warm water beside the bed, patting the Elf's head lovingly, making sure that he remained warm.


She would not eat, she would not drink, she would not move from her spot on the side of the bed until she was absolutely sure that her friend would wake from his rest.


She curled slowly, tugging her knees closer to her chest, the silver white silk floating about her ankles as she did so.


So many bad things had happened already, in such a short time. Yet some things remained to be as good as she had hoped they would be.. She had managed to find friends on a trip such as hers, and to escape unscathed for the most part...




And so she sat, and pondered, shifted, and pondered more..


Thought, and fussed, cried and lovingly took care of Geelef..






It was about three suns and three moons later that he woke.. His head wrapped in a bandage from where he hit the wall, his body feeling weak and frail, and warm...



He looked about the room slowly, his head hurting emensely.. Where was Lolen? He shifted his attention across the room as slowly as he could, so that the ripping pain would not make him shout out.


There lay Lolen in a small chair, curled to the smallest ball that he had ever seen a person be able to do, covered by a quilt.


She looked like crap.. As though she hadn't rested in weeks, her hair not shimmering like it should, her skin not glowing with youthful lighting, but looked rather ghaunt. Had she been eating? Did she sleep? Was she -alive!?- What had happened? Where were they? What was he doing in a bed?.. So many things to do.. So little time to do it..Who was that man? Where did he come from? What did he mean by the things he said?


Yet he remained where he was, sleep soon overtaking him as though he had never woke..


The night seeming to fold on them, to envelope them in her warmth and comfort.


And they slept on..




The morning sun had begun to pour in from the windows, pooling at the sill and spilling over onto the floor, small spots of light dancing on her cheeks.


She wiggled her nose slowly, bringing her hand to her face to block out the light.. Before opening her eyes and letting her gaze immediatly snap to where the Elf had lay sleeping.


Yet he was gone... When did he get up and leave? She wondered.


She stood slowly, meandering over to the mirror on the wall, shrinking back at her own appearance. I could be one of the living dead in this condition... she joked thoughtfully before tugging on her overcoat and boots and leaving the room.


"Good morning Lady Lolen." the woman, who had called herself Malra said in greeting.


"Yes, Good morning Lolen." her husband, Zak, greeted her as well.


"Yes, it is a good morning Sir and Madame." she prompted quickly, smiling broadly the best that she could.


"You should take a bath, Lolen.. You look as though you could use one. The hot springs are not too far from here.. You can go there if you please, I think you would quite enjoy it.."



And so she wen't.. On her way.. And perhaps she would meet up with the Elf.. He couldn't be too far.. Surely he wouldn't leave her.

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She walked along the beautiful path, leading to the springs. It ran through a dense forest, and the sides of it were covered with the most lovely flowers. Once or twice a small bunny hopped away at the sound of her soft footsteps.


After a while the path made a large turn, revealing a fantastic sight. A large pool, covered in steam, was sided by large cliffs, on those cliffs was the forest Lolen walked through.

One side of the pool was pretty shallow, finally blending into a beach, which ended in a jungle-like forest. A few deer were drinking the hot water, one looked up at Lolen, standing way above at a cliff, blinked with its eyes and bowed his head once more to drink.


Lolen smiled. This was a the most beautiful place she'd ever seen. But soon that smile faded at the thought of were Geelef was. She sat down on the edge of the cliff, her feet dangling in the deep. She stared blindly at the beach, almost twohundred feet below her.



Her thoughts were disturbed though, by a soft voice, coming from beneath.

'Yo Lolen! Are you gonna sit up there forever or are you gonna jump in too?!'


The girl looked down, and a smile lightened up her face again. Down there was the Elf who saved her, waving at her. 'So here you are! I was wondering...' she yelled back.


'Where I was? Thought I left you?' Geelef shouted. 'You know I wont. Jump in! The water's pretty nice!'


And so she did, she jumped from the cliff, into the hot springs below. Her hands hit the surface of the water, breaking it in a gentle way, before the rest of her body went under too.




That evening Lolen and Geelef sat on the beach, devouring a deer.

'I never knew swimming could make you this hungry...' Lolen said, ripping of another piece of meat.


'Hmm hmm.'


'Hey, can we get back up again? I want to thank those nice people for letting us stay at their house.'


'No, we can't. And it's a shame. Those people were really nice...' the Elf answered, his eyes avoiding Lolen's.


'Wait a minute. It's not like you planned us to leave that soon, did you?'


Slowly the Elf nodded. He pointed at the backpacks laying on the beach.

'Planned it. I knew once I was better, or at least well enough to walk, we should get going right away. Else those creatures might capture you again.'


'Oh, yes. But I still think we should've thanked them somehow.' said Lolen.


'We did. I left them a small present. They'll like it.'

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