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Ok, well since our little conversation the other night I have been thinking and I agree with the points that you made, about me being immature and lying cheating little boy and I have realised what I was doing wrong all along, I've write a public apology to all the mods and players of EL. Therefore I would like to ask you and Entropy to come up with an agreement and a set punishment for me, as I would love to have one final and I mean final chance in EL to prove you all wrong (right if you believe I can change)


I understand that the in the initial brake of rule #5 was wrong and that will never happen again and also the continuous and very stupid and sly braking of rule 25 over and over again was really immature and stupid of me to keep braking and therefore I will never do that again.


I realised that you will more than likely just say no and lock this thread, but if that is the case I will not break rule #25 to get back into the game.


I know the rules I have broken have put a strain on yourself and possible other members of the moderation team, so I am willing to face the punishment like a man now and stop trying to run away from them?


If you do decide to let me have one more chance, I would like to know if I would be on,

1) A no Alt's agreement

2) Which character I could have unlocked or if I would need to start a new one

3) any extra special agreements such as a no disputes rule or so etc.


If not I would like to know ,

1) how long I would have to wait until asking again


Thanks for your time! (I know I have wasted alot of it in the past)

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We have had this conversation more times than I can count.

You had your chances. The issue has been resolved. Multiple times, I might add. Your constant re-asking of the same question does not mean it was not resolved or that you were not answered.


(Not sure where you come up with we only talked once before, we have talked many times on each character you have made. Or rather, you spammed me to death with the same thing every time.)


Also take a look in forum rules about reposting multiple times after a thread or topic is locked, and trying to start the topic again in another thread.


Let me clarify: It's not "just one time of multi". It is many times, every time you came back. And in a big way. It also is the constant lying to everyone, including admin. You had MANY chances to prove yourself and blew it every time. You were allowed back each time with conditions beyond the game rules and you broke those too. It is the constant sneaking back. You were a constant drain on moderator time, and no this is NOT about the "legal" stuff within game rules you pulled to annoy players.


You have broken many game rules (maybe read them sometime and you might realize the problems instead of claiming it is all because of one case of multi) and have broken your personal conditions for being allowed back. You then lied to us on top of it many many many times.


You had your chances. Many of them.

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