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Aitortillas Banned?

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I think i just got banned, but not sure about it.


The full story is the following. I was mining at the gypsum mine, making a nice 10K bag. Suddenly apears Blackbeard from the YARR guild, and on the first teleport nexus he trys to get in my bag. I tryind a bad trick, and at the end resultet that he got my hyerpace bag with the 10K gypsum, and tryed to sell in maket channel.


I have thinked that if i make him grue out, i can get my bag back, so i have started summoning in arius mines, and then some nice allies have joined the party. I want to tell first, that i adviced eveyone i saw in the mine about what we where going to do, and they aproved the idea, and some of them joined it.


I know now, after some mod showed me the region on the rules, that it was bad. I go no warnings about it, and just wanted to have some fun, and try to get what i had worked for back. I accept the consequences of my action, and i also ask the mods to unlock everyone else that was helping to get my bag. I will take all the punishment for the actionss of us ALL. This action will not be repeated again, and if i ever hear of someone with the same idea i will try to discourage them


I have never been banned, and i know that when u multi u get a 1 month ban. Is in this came the same?


If its like that, then as i sayed i take the punishment for all the ALLIES and FRIENDS who took parto of it, so if its a 4*1Month ban, i accept it and apollogise.


Thx for hearing, and sry for waisting mod time


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