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Auction of 150k Silver Ore

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Auctioning 150k Silver Ore.


Starting price: 2gc per ore or 300kgc


Buy It Now: 2.6gc per ore or 390kgc


Auction Ends when Buy it now is reached or no bids have been placed in a while.


I reserve the right NOT to sell if the price is too low in my opinion.


PM Kidberg ingame.


UPDATE: Since the bidding is slowing down and some people are smarta**es, bidding ends at 1PM tomorrow eastern time. So that means 24 hrs and ~ 30 mins.

Edited by Kidberg

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I bid 370kgc (ingame name Anamir)




Removing my bid cause dont know when it ends or, if i win, i dont know if the seller will "like" my price.

Edited by Anamir

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