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One Last Chance?

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Dear Aislinn,


I'm fully aware of why you banned me, and will therefore not waste my time or yours by attempting to justify what I did. All I will say on that particular matter is that I apologise servilely.


You'll be aware that I subsequently changed both my character and my IP (several times) not just to avoid the ban, but also to make a 'fresh start' and more constructive approach to the game.I have realised that on my first few accounts both me and my brother where stupid and was probably a huge burden upon the moderators again for this I apologise.I'd really like to leave the problems associated with my previous char behind me so I neither want or expect you to reinstate him. However, given my apology and assurance that there will be no further issues, i 'd be grateful if you'd give consideration to unbanning PhysX I know I will be really lucky if you do, but I believe that I do deserve another chance, I have changed, there will be no more scamming, luring or even bag jumping. Me and my brother will no longer be a strain on you and your team (moderators). We would do anything for one last chance on this game, even if it means having a "no alt" restriction (as an example) or anything. I am sure we can also sort something out? Like say we have to be 100% honest and constructive ingame and the time we become a strain upon your team again. You can ban us for good and we won't attempt to try and come back either. Thanks for your time and thanks for any reply I get (good or bad).

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One last chance? Are you KIDDING?

I am done with you and your "brother" and your lies.

Edit: You had "one last chance" four times, you already had conditions for those which you broke in spades. You had your chances and we DID "sort things out" multiple times.

You ARE banned for good.

























There are more but this is before my coffee and I am anxious to get to it.

Oh and add bribe attempts to stay ingame ;)

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Ok here's the deal, per our conversation:

You get one more chance on leprikon.

Your brother gets one more chance on tehfreshhkid fuze_. Not changing this again, btw.

No alts either, or sharing. One of you gets on both and deal's off as well.


No scamming, no lying, no luring, no anything that hints of trouble or upsetting the people here you claim to miss so badly.


They will know this is you. I will not put up with more trouble and wasting of moderator time. Your reason for being here is the people. Treat them right from now on or you won't be here any longer.

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Miles? PhysX has never been Miles cus I am Miles. This has been brought to my attention after tryin to join a guild. I would like to know how myname was brought into this scenario.

Edited by MilesBreezy

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