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award for the potion tutorial

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I Like that idea.. also like the sugestion of Piner for making this potions very high level to mix ;-) [i would add Vegetal nexus 7 for ballance]


About the IEDP i think that we would still have people that would preffer eat bones (lets say e.g. ppl that doesnt have big belly).


Bones r used too for indicators that is a fair train for engineering skill. But with the actual price of bones ppl probably r having problems to get them for his train. Having an alternative to IEDP i think would be great. As Burn said we r having a problem with resources .. bones r one of them (also bones powders, HEs and many other essences).


I really dont like easy resources (as bones, sulfur and coal) to have such high price.. cause newbies with a lot of money gets high equipaments too soon getting overpowered.



I came to the forum to post an idea of that Professor of Potions could allow u to buy vials from Portia. But that idea is much better.

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Heh. Maybe you could make the reward the ability to eat raw meat as if it was cooked. That would certainly compete with IEDP.


Honestly, I like IEDP....it lets me mix during a/d training. I have done this before and it rocks.

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