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The Kilaran Field Clash 3

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Can you add a neutral guild for those who just want to watch?

I am of course happy to have spectators and urge the contestants not to attack/kill them so long as they're out of the way and not interfering, but i'm not willing to allow people to join a guild that's allied to both teams because if some spectators are getting in the way or somehow causing a problem, i'd prefer contestants be able to get them our of the way themselves.


Korrode if you are going to be the guild master of the allied guild to both, and you see the spectators being idiots can you not kick them from the guild so they can be removed from KF by the players?

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1. I don't have time to monitor spectators, I have to keep track of fort domination, it's pretty hard to do anything else at the same time... at most i spout a little commentary in @@7 :P


2. There may be a spectator guild, someone has put their hand up to manage the guild (join people, kick people at the end, etc.) and mods are going to be helping me with the event so there's a couple of ways interfering spectators can be dealt with (not that I want to cause excessive work for the mods, i want the person running the spectator guild, newhope, to keep an eye on such things).

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The Clash is over.


Congratulations to team VeX, they emerged victorious!


VeX dominated for 5m40sec

TeK dominated for 2m15sec


Thanks to Ozmondius for captaining team TeK, and Kaddy for captaining team VeX.

Thanks to Newhope for administering the spectators guild.

Thanks to everyone who competed, hope you all had fun. :)

...and a big thanks to Maxine for helping advertise and moderate the event!




Thought i'd also comment both teams did exceptionally well. The dominating times look a bit different but early on for some time only one person (the monster Mufossa) was just barely preventing TeK from dominating. It was very close and everyone did very well. Gratz to you all!

Edited by Korrode

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Was in VeX (the winner) guild ;)

Edited by Kaddy

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