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From Rose To Toad




Prices are subject to change without notice.

From Rose To Toad reserves the right to refuse clients who are

abusive and disrespectful.



1.Max holding time for orders is 1 week after finishing.

2.Only 1 order at a time per person.

3.Larger orders may take time and you will be notified here or by a PM.

4.No night deliveries on C2

5.Our main sto delivery is VOTD so all deliveries will be made there unless stated in your post.

6.Pker's that have killed workers will be denied service

7.Max of 5k per order.

8.Yopu can order 2 2.5k orders of something .5gc

9.Banned Players:

10.We are the store for SLAY. No other guilds are involved with us.





Black Rose | Blue Lupine | Blue Star Flower | Cactus |Chrysanthemum

Impatiens | Lilac | Red Rose | Red Snapdragon | Swamp Candle

Tiger Lilly | White Asiatic Lilly | Yellow Rose | Sunflower



Cotton | Daffodils | Wheat



Blue Berries | Dandelion | Mugwort | Poppies

Red Currents | Rue | Tulip | Valerian



Henbane | Mullein | Nightshade | Ogre Toes | Poison Ivy

Tree Mushroom | White Chanterelle | Wormwood | Yarrow


2.00 (Max of 1k)

Red Toadsools


Order Form:

Ingame_name-Orders(Seperated by commas)-Total Price




Finished Orders:

1.Vino 5k Chrys

2.Boo: 10k Sunflower

3.Konec: 5k WAL



Recently Delivered Orders:



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Indeed, didnt see any flower from the last harvestingshop yet.

Will try it one more time.

10k wheat for 9k gc please.

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I would like 6K of each of the following:

- Blue Berries

- Dandelion

- Poppies

- Red Currents

- Rue

- Tulip


for a total of 45K.


if u have to split it in different orders, is totaly Ok.


Thx a lot for the service


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Well we do have people working on your order forever it's just that I'm doing the ones I post but I have people working on yours.

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omg, how long will this take to harvest? Or is this shop closed or anything?

Delete my order, I dont want to wait for a month and still get nothing!

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