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Please Unlock Frumious

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Could I please have Frumious unlocked? Each character at this IP had one player. The last two characters at the time of the ban were only temporary while we introduced our friends to the game; they are no longer on our network.


For the most part, only Frumious and Skywatcher play, and players who have interacted with us both know we aren't the same person.


Sorry about any misunderstanding. To my knowledge, no one here was trying to pull anything shady.

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I will unlock Frumious but I will lock Megabyte67. Also nothing from megabyte67 can go back to Frumious or skywalker or anybody who will give it to you later (no hyperspace bags either).

You will be allowed no alts and no sharing.

At this point, there is to be no trading too unless you can prove to me you are 2 people.

A picture with both of you at your computers playing EL at the same time would suffice. You can email me at my email address on the official site, or forum pm me with it here.

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Thanks. We've emailed the requested photo.


I should point out that Megabyte67 is Skywatcher's alt, not Frumious's, and she wouldn't want it locked out before Skywatcher is unlocked.


Sorry for the confusion. Skywatcher is having a lot of trouble registering despite the automatic validation. Will it be necessary for her to post in the Bans forum?

Edited by Frumious

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