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LLL is Actively Recruiting

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Lords and Ladies of Legend is one of the oldest Guilds in the Eternal Lands; as newly-installed Guild-Master, I would like to invite those of you looking for a Guild to chat with any LLL members you happen to see, or, to PM me, in-game.


Our first order of business is to have fun...EL *is* a game, and we want our membership to enjoy themselves. We have Guild Projects that our members are welcome to join...or, not...we have no compulsory activities. We hold Guild Competitions quite often, that are fair and balanced so that, no matter what your skill levels, you have a chance at a really good prize. We have Quests, where our members can test their skills and grow in stature within the Guild.


Our Guild Chat-Channel can, at times, be a bit boisterous, as we DO like to have fun. But, it's also a place where advice is freely given and help is never more than a shout away.


Take a look at our Guild Pages, at http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?Guil...mp;TabID=656051


If you happen to see me or any of my Guildies wandering around, say "hi"...we'll be happy to chat with you about LLL or, if it turns out that we're not exactly what you're looking for, we may have suggestions for other Guilds.




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