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Summoning Stone Service

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What is this?

-Simply put, this is the cheapest way for you to get your summoning stones made, PERIOD.


How Much Does It Cost?

-I am offering this service free of charge, asking only that you provide the ingredients for each stone set you wish to be made. (That means everything required to mix them) I will take care of my own food.


Which summoning stones can you make?

I Currently Offer The Following


1. Bear Summoning Stone

2. Armed Male Orc Summoning Stone

3. Giant Spider Summoning Stone

4. White Tiger Summoning Stone


NOTE: I can attempt to make other stones if you so desire, but the possibility of failure is MUCH higher.


Important Rules

1. Orders Placed here on the forums are preferred, however if you do not have an account, you may contact me in game via my name; DrMadFellow

2. I can only fill 3 active orders at once! However I will set up a queue so that you are helped accordingly and timely.

3. Once you are added to the active list I will send you a gossip message or speak to you directly if you are online.

4. If I am unable to contact you or I do not hear from you for 48 (in real life) hours, then you will be moved to the back of the queue and the next person will be activated.

5. I am NOT responsible for failures in the mixing proccess and I will NOT replace any lost ingredients.

6. You are responsible for providing me with all materials needed for the stones, if there are materials leftover when your order is filled, the leftovers will be returned to you.














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