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6 Tit/stel short sword of magic

13 Tit stel short sword of ice

6 Tit/steel long sword of thermal

4 Tit/steel long sword of fire

Tit/steel long sword of ice

Titanium serpent sword construction

2 Serpent sword of thermal

6 Serpent sword of fire

Iron axe construction

Humans fighting

9 Evasion

7 Invisibility

Potion of physique

Potion of manufacturing

Steel axe construction





1160 Polar bear fur

91 Leopard fur

264 Puma fur

126 Tiger fur

92 Wolf fur

158 Fox fur

44 Brown snake skin

65 Green snake skin

24 Leonard fur




5 I can't dance removal

5 Fast regeneration removal

3 Gelatine bones removal

2 Hellspawn removal

I glow in the dark removal

2 Coordination removal stone ----12,5kgc


2 Artificer cape -----55kgc

2 Monster magnetism cloak ----15kgc

Cape of passive camouflage ----12kgc

2 Excavator cape


215 A/D Indicator

9 Harvest/Degrade Inicator


200 Polished ruby

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