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A collection of suggestions from MrsBrom

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MrsBrom created a character, and played the beginning of the game out. She quite liked it I think. These are the comments she had:


1) To Roja: The green pants and green shirt do not match on the female avatar. :)

2) The X that is the character on the map, is very thin, and sometimes hard to spot, can we make it thicker?

3) She wishes she could walk with the arrow keys instead of clicking, it feels better when you are exploring.


Those are her current suggestions, I am sure she will come up with more as she continues to play. (hopefully)

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I have also from time to time wished I could use the arrow keys to move. They currently control the camera and only the home key will move you (1 single step).


Imagine that the signals that the server desires for character movement requests are x,y coordinate based. This is probably for the sake of low bandwidth.


If the game was to let you use the arrow keys to move, it would probably be with the addition of moving 5 or 10 steps in either the direction that either the mouse or the character is facing, with an override for if you release the key to move you forward. Of course, this is only guessing by a geek that has done a little programming here and there and understands some game mechanics. I just hope that if someone does want to implement a walk by arrow key method, that my input on the matter helps.


I sometimes squint trying to find the X's on the map. I agree that they need to be thicker.

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