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Eldest Ban long ago

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Hi, my character Eldest was banned long ago and also this one(Everest) for breaking rule number 5. The reason I've started a new character (everest) was to test a new way of developing the character, with high defense and low attack. I was doing pretty well, although I see now that it was much better playing the old style like Eldest. I'm asking you guys to unblock Eldest, my older char (83 days unblocked) so that I can continue levelig him up (since he's slightly stronger than this one, and also lots of friends are added there). The things about breaking rule number 5 you don't have to worry, I broke it in the past cause I was impatient to sit down a week and harvest some iron to make some money, so that's why I'm asking you guys> Can you unblock Eldest so that I can keep playing with him.


I appreciate. Thank you very much.

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After being locked for rule 5, you are not allowed alts nor are the characters unlocked from before. You got the character of choice unlocked, it's a done deal now.

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