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Magiczny Banned

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Magiczny ask me to paste it here.


Witam, dziś dnia 30 czerwca, dostałem bana na konto Magiczny od Pani Aislinn, chciałbym wiedzieć za co go dostałem ? Spytałem jej się czy może odbanować mojego kolege Kessella, który dostał bana 6 miesięcy temu, jednak Pani mod, bez odpisywania dała mi boota, odpisałem "lol, why?" po czym drugi boot, i ban. Naprawdę zależy mi na grze w EL, jest to miejsce gdzie spędzam czas z kolegami, i gra w którą włożyłem wiele serca i pracy. Proszę o danie mi pierwszej, i ostatniej szansy :pickaxe:



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Ok, google gives me this at first try, anybody that wants to offer a better translation feel free.


"Hello, today, 30 June, I got a ban on the account of Ms. Aislinn Magic, I would like to know for what he got? I asked her whether it can unban my colleague Kessell, who got the ban six months ago, but your mod, without breaks gave me the boot, I replied "lol, why?" then the second boot, and ban. I really care about the game of EL, this is where I spend time with colleagues, and the game in which I put a lot of heart and work. Please give me the first and last chance sad.gif





I have no idea if kessell really asked anything or if this is yet another scam attempt for yet again somebody else's character. I don't really care.

Kessell is not being unlocked. I am tired of people lending out their characters for banned people to use to get back ingame.

I am also tired of people trying to get locked characters given to them that aren't even theirs. (It's annoying enough when the real owners try).

Kessell also had other rule breaking issues and enough already. No unlock for kessell. End of story.

Anybody else want to bug me or anybody else about it can get the same fate as Magiczny.


Now to magiczny. I would think you would by now know better than to mess around with this. Your history does not lend itself well to believing anything you say. Btw, pretty sure you have a forum account?


Edit: seems bretryano sold magiczny on June 19th and this is someone else. Unlocked magiczny (fitti) with strong warnings to not interfere in banned people's business and to not let banned people have access to his accounts.

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