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Is it worth it mixing high level manu items

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So basically we dont mix and we wait for people good will to drop prices

Nope, just mix only for people you know and trust :(


great rewarding for 6 arti nexus and good manu level

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It sounds to me like a number of us agree that making high level manu items for the general public is no longer worth it but some people disagree on what should be done about it.


Some people think that you can stop people from selling at high prices by not buying, but one person stopping while others do means that person is out of business and everyone else continues. There are bots and there are some who will pay even higher than the standard price simply because they can and they are good with numbers and manage to ring in a profit.


The rare ingreds available from npc are wolfram bars and hydro bars, but the hydro bar price does not compare to player supplied bars. The wolfram bar price does compete with players but would not be able to if iron ore was once again 3gc instead of 3.5gc or if serpent stone prices dropped back down to 5K.


EFE and binding stones and EME are the key issues for rare ingredients. Hopefully, those prices could be lowered, but with bots buying them and reselling them, it is not likely to happen. The EFE rate, serpent stone rate and binding stone rate seems a little higher lately in my oppinion, but does anyone else perceive this? Will that make a difference? About the only way you can adjust these things (and I do this) is to narrow your profit margin from your bots and buy for a little more and sell for a little less than your competitors. Unfortunately, it is not working so well on the expensive ingreds for me, but oh well. Maybe I will adjust my prices to cut up that market later on.

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