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Simple contest

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so i came up with a contest, not too hard and not too easy.


contest will be Thursday, at 10:00 (GMT -7:00)

that time is Los Angeles time, so you can look up on internet what time it will be for you.


this is what the contest will be:


at the given time you'll need to be in C1 portal rooms (in the middle of the portal rooms)

from there, when i give a start signal we all rush to Killeran Fields (dont worry it's No Drops, so you dont lose stuff when you die)

and go to the coordinates [143,101] there is a Tiger Lilly bush there, and everyone will start harvesting.

the first one to get 5 regular harvest events (not mini events) will win.

to make it interesting contestants are allowed to pk eachother.


Prizes are:


1 Halberd

2 Enriched Magic Essences

3 Heavenspawn Medallions

2 Harvester Medallions



and last but not least, I can cancel the contest IF there are RL issues that prevent me from being on EL, or if there arent enough people participating.

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Hello Infamous,


This contest looks like fun. I doubt I shall be able to get too far (considering the best pkers will probably be there), but I will try to make it anyway.



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I might be crazy, but LA is GMT -8.

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