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question about equipment

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I'm not a mage, but would guess some of these pieces could be a good start:

Mage Robe Pants
armor 2-3
mana +60
heat protection +2
cold protection +2
CotU perk effect

Mage Robe Shirt
armor 1-3
mana +60
2% chance of mana burn against opponent

Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana
armor: +4
heat protection +2
radiation protection +1
magic protection +1
magic resistance +1
life +170
mana +40
or Crown of Mana
mana +150

Medallion of Mana
armor +2
mana +20
accuracy +2

Staff of Protection
damage 10-21
accuracy +6
critical to Hit +3
critical to Damage +2
armor +2 
defense +7 
+2 to all resistances
20% Healing Chance 
or Staff of Mana
damage:	  15-20
accuracy: 	6
critical to Hit: 	3
critical to Damage: 	1
defense: 	5
5% chance to do mana drain and mana burn

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What is the best equipment (armour, clothes, weapon) for the magician?



Essences ofc :pickaxe:


Putting joking aside though I would say mage robes are a great start. And personally I would pick a CoM over the red dragon helm of life and mana because if I was a mage I wouldn't be so concerned over amount of HP I have but I would try to increase/conserve my EP instead.

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MI removal wards, TS, Invisi Spells.

Diss rings upon diss rings.


And it's staff of the mage, and probably not all that effective for a mage.


Dragon blade may be better as it does increase mana and health.

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