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Big favor to Radu, his Wife, Aislinn and all Mods.

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Dear Radu and Wife, Aislinn, the rest of Moderators.


Hi, I write from account of my friend, becouse now i dont know my old password.


My ingame nickname was Shocker, you banned me half year ago. I know you hate me now and maybe you dont want me in your game (I think no..). I lost my el character becouse i was stupid. Yes, I know i broke a rule and when i was angry i told to you all some bad words.. I'm sorry for all. I was in game 5 years and all days i was friendly to you all. Now i know what i done bad. You banned me half year time ago. I think it is big care for me becouse i alltimes cant forgot about EL and my El-friends. I am ready to be unbanned in all canditions. Friend told me, some players was making alts after my ban and they are talking to all they are ME. I want to tell you it was not me. I was only Shocker and my alt to save my guild. I know aislinn I was banned 2 or 3 times. I all times promised it was the last time. Now i can tell you only this same.. But really really primise. Please unbann m character and me in all conditions. I dont know statistics now, but on char i have +/- 1,5mln gc in stuffs. If you want you can unbann me without all my stuffs.


Could i pls get unbanned?


Yours Faithfully



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My answer: No. You act like you were perma-banned because of "some bad words". We have better things to do with our time than clean up after the messes you make and take the abuse you give out. You had more than enough chances, and you had more chances than most people.



I am also going to warn you that if you have any tantrums like you did on your own forum account (which is intentionally posting restricted so stop trying to make new accounts), I will block this Yale account too.

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