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Animal removal stone

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You know the drill folks :P




Starting price at 475kgc, BIN at 625kgc, at least 5kgc increments, thanks.


Auction end on Friday at 20:00 (GMT+1/CET)


(besides gcs, I also accept offers of items, list follows:


up to 1 crown of life

up to 1 steel plate

up to 1 steel greaves

up to 1 jagged sabre

up to 1 titanium shield

up to 2 medallions of life

up to 2 gatherer medallions

up to 3 rostogol stones

up to 50 rings of Glacmor

up to 100 rings of Isla Prima


if you wish to offer any items rather than full cash, please state your price behind the items in your offer, thanks)


EDIT: added items list

Edited by Khalai

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