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War against =HC=

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For this event I will join =HC= :P

this is if I am online at that time ofc

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Ok it's about time for rules and such for our war:



  • The event will begin Friday 9pm Europe time (central Europe), 12 noon western pacific, 3 eastern (I guess).
  • Meeting point will be at votd sto for both teams. We will tell then the map where we will have the war. After a reasonable time to get organized and to get there (including some time in the pk map to get organized there), the fight might start.
  • Both parties will get some spots they have to defend
  • It is a search and destroy / just destroy event. But anyways there is for both parties a goal to reach. The goal is to get all forts/settlements/defense spots occupied for 10 minutes. If one party reaches the goal - that party is declared the winner and no further fighting is done for 4 minutes (time to leave pk map). Also if no party reaches the goal within reasonable time, the kills of each group will tell the winner.
  • If you die you are allowed to come back and fight further. If you die more than 3 times you should consider to stop entering, but you are allowed to come back and fight.
  • Restocking in any storage is allowed.
  • Allowed are the following weapons and armor: Everything except broding weapons or armor and special magical weapons (such as greaves of ubber defense)... Allowed are all spells (mages), all Summons (Summoners) and all kind of arrows and Bolts (Rangers). No map restriction is applicable (such as just summonable beasts that live in the map). Some restrictions might be considered once we see the teams.
  • Possible maps for the fight are Thelinor or KF - Still needs to be cleared between parties ;p
  • No mines in the map are allowed.
  • If we go to a pk map other than KF, we strongly ask our fighters to return db. However, a db might get lost, so you better bring some bricks in that case.
  • If anyone spots a bjer in the map - we recommend to ally against that person and kill him by joint forces before returning to the war business :)
  • Thermal serps will be considered once me and Oldschool meet again :)



Further questions will be answered in this post after you ask :D

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