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small storage sale

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selling some stuff out of my storage that i dont really need, offer for what i am selling :evilgrin:



248 Cotton

334 Lilac

679 Ogre Toes

307 Yellow Roses

3352 Tree Mushrooms

654 Tiger Lillys

332 Mullien



111 Honey Comb



227 Emeralds

100 Gypsum

71 Turqoise



2 Scissors

20 Leather Gloves



1 Frying Pan

1 Wooden Battle Hammer

1 Quarter Staff



6 Aug Leather Pants

7 Aug Leather Torsos

19 Leather Boots

4 Leather Pants

4 Iron Chain Mails



19 Rings of Damage

5 Moon Medallions


Keeping all Essence



6 Potion of Heat Protection


Keeping all animal stuff



1 Blue Cavalier Hat

60 Warm Fur Gloves

1 Black Cavalier Hat



1 RC Mine Detonator

55 Empty Vials

671 Wood Branches

45 Bones Powder

6 Skull Key

284 Wood Logs

1 Wood Handle



1 Polished Emerald

1 Polished Sappire

2 Polished Rubies



1 Book of Crafting Potion

1 Book of Elf Fighting

2 Books of Potion of Manufacturing


I will not accept offers under price!

Edited by LittleLooter

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tried to PM you about the fruit and veg - which you promptly ignored >.<

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