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Hi I've been banned reasonly for resons i understand now, I've used 2 chars to help me get some more Gc.

I didn't think that I did anything wrong, untill it was too late.


I'm very sorry that i broke the rule, I have read them all through now, so now i know what i can and can't do.


I love playing EL so I would be very sad if i can't get my char back (The_Killer_Dk)


The chars I've been using for this is my main "The_Killer_Dk" and the one I made for faster harvesting "The_Grapper"


I would like to get my The_Killer_Dk opened again, not my The_Grapper.


I got another one, that haven't interacted with any of these 2 chars, "The_Slayer", I'll stop using my The_Slayer, because i now know that it's wrong.



I hope that you understand me. I've learned my lesson, and this was the first and last time I'll ever do such a thing.


Best Gegards: The_Killer_Dk

Edited by the_killer_Dk

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Interesting siggy considering...

Why do i get banned when I haven't done anything wrong???

I would like to know...

And I think that it isn't good that someone is banning someone who haven't done anything wrong... at least they could leave a message in the game... If they know one of the characters of the one who has got that IP address but I would like to be able to play again...

And yes I'm 100% sure that i didn't do anything wrong.


My ingame name is the_killer_Dk and steel_man (not on the last one that much)


Also don't forget the rule applies when you and a friend share characters too for the same purpose.

You might want to read this too:


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That you have quoted on was not ment for this topic :) that was a mistake.


But am i then banned for a month?


And Btw. I don't have the steel_man char anymore, I'm not playing on it anymore :)

Edited by the_killer_Dk

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I know about the first one that was sent, that was my younger brother who was playing on that account together with me


But if it's possible i would like to have my items from The_killer_dk transferred to my new char: grimzreaper


I know that i broke the rules a couple of times, and i apologize for that




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