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I think this is probably something simple, but I'm at a loss and would be grateful for a kick in the right direction :)


I have compiled the editor from CVS for Linux x86_64, and put the binary in my EL folder. I can load existing maps fine. However, if I start from scratch and try to select a new tile, then there are no tiles shown in the popup window (even if I scroll up and down with +/-). In addition, changes in the mapedit.ini file do not seem to be followed. So for example, changes in resolution, display grid do not have any effect. I also set the data_dir to my EL folder too.


Cheers in advance :)

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Do you have the new content from the test update? If so then probably has to do with compiling options..I don't know. I also never used the mapedit.ini so I can't comment on that either.

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