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Harvesting/Mixing Service

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Starting a Harvesting/Mixing Service, ill mix your ess or harvest you stuff! (this char wont change, so i will 100% do the orders :P )

Items that i will take on trade:

CoL: 85kgc

Aug Top or Bottom: 100gc each, max of 10

Srs: 16gc each (max 1k)

Health Ess: 7gc (max 2k)

Jagged Saber: 30kgc

Harvesting: max of 5k each (in single order, but you can order as many times as you want)



All small flowers: 0.6gc (from blue stars to sunflowers)



Sulfur: 2.3gc

Q/RQ/BQ: 2gc

Ores: Not yet available, need 1 more PP :P



Mixing all essences up to/including Health (will replace fails with the FE, and will give any Enriched Essence made back to you, if you provide food)


Korushiku: 1.8k BQ, 1.7k Q and 1.5k RQ = 10kgc (paying in 630 srs)

SenZon: 3k sulfur = 6kgc :>

Marnick: 5k Sunflowers = 1200gc


Completed Orders (ready to be picked up):


Expired Orders (hasn't been claimed, and up for sale):


Finished and Delivered Orders:

Raistlin: 5k RQ = 10kgc



PM me in-game, xChrisxCollardx, and remember to include your ingame name in your post!!!

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horrible typo, i havent been to sleep and its 6 A.M. XD if you all still want at the right price, just msg me in-game or here telling me yes/no

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