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Food consumption

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recently (could be longer, but i noticed it just now) i noticed that harvesting consumes quite lot of food.

From my observation:


My harvest level: 96

Was harvesting Tulips (recommended level 33)

5:53:03 - 45 food (here i started harvesting Tulips with 45 food)
5:55:03 - 39 food
5:57:03 - 35 food
5:59:03 - 29 food
0:01:03 - 23 food
0:03:03 - 16 food
0:05:03 -  6 food
0:07:00 -  0 food (here i had harvested 558 tulips)

During the whole harvesting session i was wearing harvester medallion and was not interrupted:

[10:50:43] You started to harvest Tulips.
[10:53:33] You gained 32 extra harvesting exp.
[10:54:15] You gained 44 extra harvesting exp.
[10:54:46] You hurt yourself, and lost 1 HPs.
[10:55:49] You gained 24 extra harvesting exp.
[10:56:50] You found 18 coins.
[10:58:00] You gained 56 extra harvesting exp.
[10:58:45] You found 14 coins.
[10:58:51] You found 12 coins.
[10:59:49] You found 20 coins.
[11:03:52] Your harvesting experience limit for this hour expired, you won't get any more harvesting EXP until the next hour.
[11:04:51] Game Time: 00:07:00

That means my 45 food got depleted after 14 minutes...

(i did not check my harvest/degrade astro, because i had no indicator :icon13:)


I'm curious what are your observations on food consumption while harvesting ?


edit: i don't have PH perk

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Nightshade makes you a very hungry harvester.


I have not noticed this for anything else than nightshade or toadstools, both of which could be poisonous in real life. Perhaps harvesting poisonous things makes you hungry? (shrugs)

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