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This is ShawNm and as of yesterday i have figured out i had been banned and the reason for my ban was because I was'nt supposed to sell fracture but the thing about that was here are your exact words to me ( No Alts, No sharing, and im not unlocking this character for you to turn around and sell ) i had thought you were kidding around about that because if you remember i had been baned for offering to sell a character in a public channel and i had apologized for that. so you can see where the confusion was aislinn. But aislinn this right here should show you i dont cause problems anymore you didnt even know i was shawnm, Fracture getting in trouble is how you figured it out and im not fracture anymore he's been sold for quit some time now


And the whole thing with me and tap being brought up again, neather one of us thought we were breaking any rules because we were'nt getting on ip's the only time's i could think that we could have been on the same ip is when i take my laptop to his house and i logged onto my account but other than that nothing... and as he said in his post he buys some gc's every now and then and hooks me up ingame because i do alot of favors in RL for him but if this is a problem we will no longer ever trade to eachother or anything again but i think it's fair to say that we have been on our best behavior


Thanks, Shawn


and also could you like let me know what is going on or anything aislinn

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