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Selling some armor and weapons

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Transparent Sell/Auction, post serious offers only and here (no edit), i will contact buyers ingame or via forum pm! [Open till friday, though i might accept/refuse offers earlier]


1 steel helm

[1 steel cuisses

1 steel greaves] ---> sold: kornholio 48k

1 steel plate


1 bronze shield --->sold: boedha 25k

1 bronze helm

1 bronze cuisses

1 bronze greaves

1 bronze plate


1 red dragon helm

[1 red dragon cuisses

1 red dragon greaves

1 red dragon plate] --->sold 200k


1 titanium shield --->sold 30k

1 titanium helm --->sold: lartherel 20k


1 cutlass --->sold: dugur 35k

1 emerald claymore --->current offer: devnul 28k




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i can offer either 22k for either the cuisses or the greaves. either one but not both :stare:. steel cuisses or greaves that is hehe.


or 30k for tit shield.


tell me which one you'll accept and we'll have a deal


edit: had to specify which greaves

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