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PK Tournament

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A fun time was had by all and thanks to dht for hosting and organising this event for us. I think we all agree was a very fun event.

The event started with close matches at our own levels and then closed with a "lets all kill dht " of course he pawned us all hehehe.


dht: the biggest prize, tit serp sword, goes to szatan for not dieing at all :)

dht: HE/srs kit goes to Mlicnak, to get him training, because s/he died in 1 hit :)

dht: Star gets a rosto, because that will make her buy better gear and kill us all ;)

dht: masakrator *drumroll* gets a tit chainmail :) also to get him training :D

dht: and a very special prize goes to.... dht: Nickolah, for wanting to fight so much but not being able to :/ :)

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