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[19:04:47] #Message from radu: we are going to have an invasion for people 100 a/d and under in the idaloran mines, in 15 minutes

[19:04:58] [rutuliukas @ 6]: radu :)

[19:05:03] [rutuliukas @ 6]: for others ? :D

[19:05:06] [Violater @ 6]: nothing for us radu..:D

[19:05:25] [spinacZ @ 6]: for 30/33 ad ?

[19:05:29] [Loic @ 6]: tbh, you rly should do invasion for ppl with ~120 a/d limit

[19:05:31] [Nova @ 6]: omg hes one guy. doesn't he usually do one in bethel right after the ida ones?

[19:05:50] [rutuliukas @ 6]: yes loic agree with you :/


after some time:


[19:08:31] You were booted by radu!

[19:08:34] Connecting to Server...

[19:08:34] <5:29>: Disconnected from server!


uhm what actualy did i said wrong?... asked with: [19:05:03] [rutuliukas @ 6]: for others ? :( or replayed to loics line with: [19:05:50] [rutuliukas @ 6]: yes loic agree with you :/?

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What you did wrong was being ungrateful and borderline rude. Instead of politely asking if there will be a higher level invasion later, you had to give me: ":)" and ":/" as though other people are not allowed to have invasions for their levels, and only you are entitled to invasions.

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