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Storage Sale

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For sale:


767 Toadstool SOLD

339 Vegetables SOLD

6 Cooked Meat SOLD

76 Mead SOLD

3796 Fruits SOLD

64 Wine SOLD



440 Lilacs SOLD

767 Toadstool SOLD

635 White Asiatic Lilly

4357 Tiger Lilly

687 Cotton

1131 Blue Star Flower

2391 Tree Mushroom

2100 Red Rose SOLD

3531 Red Snapdragons

565 Impatiens

1 Black Rose

1233 Henbane

532 Ogre Toes SOLD

8946 Mullein

4591 Poison Ivy SOLD

2044 Chrysanthemum SOLD



20 Titanium Ore

6 Hydrogenium Ore SOLD

1489 Silver Ore

2 Cinnabar

880 Gold Ore

375 Iron Ore SOLD



1 Wolfram Bar

955 Steel Bar SOLD

1 Silver Bar

3 Bronze Bar

10 Titanium Bar

2523 Iron Bar SOLD

1 Seridium Bar SOLD



148 Blue Quartz

4587 Turqoise SOLD

1606 Coal SOLD

227 Quartz

118 Diamond SOLD

67 Ruby SOLD

58 Rose Quartz

17 Emerald SOLD



1664 Crossbow training bolts SOLD

1 Titanium Axe

4 Iron Broad Sword SOLD

3 Fire bolts

1 Staff of the mage SOLD

1 Frying Pan SOLD

15 Ice bolts SOLD

1 Long Bow SOLD

6 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword SOLD

9 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword SOLD

11585 Wood Branches

1 Second Hand Steel Axe

5 Steel Two Edged Sword

17 Wooden Staff SOLD

1 Rapier SOLD

1 Steel Axe

23769 Bones

3 Wooden Battle Hammer

1 Quarterstaff

8 Steel Long Sword

6 Second Hand Titanium Long Sword SOLD

1 Eagle Wing

6 Iron Battle Hammer

1 Iron Axe

1 Halberd SOLD

1 Radioactive Titanium Long Sword

1 Used Steel Two Edged Sword

1 Dragon Blade

1 Emerald Claymore SOLD

2 Iron Sword




14 Iron Helm

1 Steel Chain Mail

1 Iron Shield

3 Padded Leather Armor

1 Used Titanium Cuisses SOLD

1 Leather Gloves

1 Titanium Cuisses

1 Damaged Iron Plate Mail

9 Steel Shield

8 Augmented Leather Armor

1 Crown of Life SOLD

9 Leather Boots

1 Wooden Shield

1 Titanium Greave

137 Leather Helm

1 Steel Greave

3 Enhanced Wooden Shield

1 Leather Pants

1 Steel Cuisses

1 Bronze Greave

3 Bronze Shield

1 Bronze Cuisses

1 Titanium Plate Mail

35 Augmented Leather Pants SOLD

1 Iron Greave

1 Damaged Iron Cuisses SOLD

1 Iron Cuisses

1 Used Titanium Greave SOLD



47 Racoon fur SOLD

238 Wolf Fur SOLD

78 Beaver fur SOLD

483 Deer Antlers SOLD

27 Fox Fur SOLD

22 Green Snake Skin

10 White rabbit fur

84 Puma Fur

26 Brown Snake Skin

449 Polar Bear Fur

35 Tiger fur

16 Black panther fur

57 Leopard fur

128 Deer Fur SOLD

107 Bear Summoning Stone

80 Skunk fur SOLD

34 Feran Horn

854 Cockatrice Feather

6 Leonard fur

3 Phantom Warrior Summoning Stone

23769 Bones

897 White Tiger fur SOLD

2936 Raw Meat SOLD

248 Bear Fur SOLD

13 Tiger Summoning Stone

94 Hawk Feather SOLD

6 Red Snake Skin

137 Falcon Feather SOLD

122 Snow Leopard fur SOLD

3332 Brown rabbit fur

1 Sslessar Summoning Stone



also 18 binding stones ( actually offer 12.5kgc each) SOLD

3 enrichment stone SOLD

and iteams from UnitGirl some of prices are negotiable




Maybe later i add more good iteams like bod/brod/thermal/dragon sets and other :rolleyes:

I am waiting for good offers as you should know i dont like crap prices :P

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Offer withdrawn - obviously, going straight to PM is the way to go - items I really wanted gone because I took the time to type

Edited by XenaMT

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I hope i didnt confuse you cuz i know i confused myself, Ne ways ty

Edited by Kalix

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Oink ^@^


I will take:


1 Wolfram Bar (I need 2 of them, so if you have any more :) )

3 Titanium Bars

1 Damaged Iron platemail


I also need Polished Emerald and 1 Serpent Stone (or WBar insteed). So please keep that in mind when we will meet in storage.


I will catch you in game.

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