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My IP is banned?

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Hi there~


I dunnoh if anyone remembers me. It's been a very long time since I played. :)

But I just got one of those mobile-wireless-broadband thingies so I have internet access again! Woo!


I thought Yeaaah~ I can play EL again~


But now that I finally managed to download it, I find it tells me my IP is banned!?

As far as I can recall I left EL on quite good terms... I'm not the sort of person who breaks rules (they're mostly common decency, after all) and I certainly don't remember anything along those lines. In addition, since I no longer live with my parents (or in Edinburgh) I must have a new IP.


And so, I am wondering why I am banned, and how I can become un-banned, or is it only possible for me to follow the Whitelist proceedure? (I'm not sure I can GET an email from my ISP as it's one of those dongle things, a pay-as-you-go one, not a contract.) :)


EDIT: Oh yeah, my in-game name is Raavea, I think... Well.. It's been a number of years. It's not entirely relevant though, in this case, is it?


EDIT2: Oh, and I see that I can also pay 5 USD. But that would take weeks as I'd have to transfer the money to paypal (my account is debit only, and does not work online) and I'd really like to know just WHY this IP is banned, if that's okay. I'm looking into getting a my3 email address, but I'm encountering nothing like that so far..


EDIT3: Mm, nope, doesn't look like I'll be able to get a 3 email address.. I could use my old one for BT, back when I lived at my parents' place.. Damn, I really wanted a good hack at EL before I have to get back to work. :)


EDIT4: (Haha, yeah, sorry, I tend to forget things, so I edit a lot putting them back in. I feel it's better than spamming up the replies if no-one's answered yet.)

Oh, and I need further clarification on rule 5, as I'm hoping my boyfriend will also get into EL, but we will be using the same computer most of the time. We will therefore not be able to meet in-game (as there's only one PC) or trade, as far as I know, but he will be on a seperate account to mine. This would not be regarded as multi would it? Because there is no er, what's the word.. No benefiting from one another?

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You already have a forum acount, that email is good enough.

I will whitelist Raavea for you.

You will still see the banned message, but ignore it and log on as you usually would.

I can't unban the iP range, it was banned due to some serious problems by someone else.

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