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Leaked Black Friday super secret offer!

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We just got this from our inside source with the EL guys. Check it out, it sounds really good:


Secret, confidential, not for release!

Players buying 100 USD or more of stuff at once between 17 of November until 27th of November are automatically entered in a raffle.

Here is the list of prizes:

1. Thermal Serpent

2. Radioactive rapier from the shop

3. NMT Cape

4. Your choice of perk removal stone (if it exists in the game)

5. 4 rostos.

6. 10 Binding stones

7. 10 ELE

If you buy stuff worth 100 bucks multiple times, you will be entered in the raffle multiple times. Same thing applies if you buy everything in a single purchase (for example, if you buy 300 usd worth of stuff, you will be entered 3 times)

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