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IP Ban

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Hi - I went to log in tonight and found that my IP has been banned. I only have this one character - so it must have been something my son did who plays on the same network. His characters are Ajaxrocks, AJ_the_best, Dragon_Queen, Sun_shine, plus some others apparantly but he can't remember. Can I please get unbanned - I will make sure that my son only plays his main character from now on.

His main character is now AJ_the_Best - I will make sure he plays no others. Also his main character used to be Ajaxrocks - I have discussed with Rauch (I think) the rules concerning trading between Braemar and Ajaxrocks - can these now be applied to AJ_the_best and Braemar - ie limited trading, fair trade etc.

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Hi there...

Yes he was character creation spamming, including making character names involving the names of other players.

There have been some incidents as well with using one to spy for the other in pk which had been discussed with him on several occasions.

I see about 15 characters alone in just this last 2 week period.

The IP was banned after I tried pming him and he logged off with no response.

I will unban it now, there will be no need for a whitelist situation unless he continues to make multiple characters.

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