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Well; GODz has decided to continue receuting!! We are looking for members with theses requirments:


To join GODz:2 or more of the lvl requirements below


A/D: 70 or above (140 A+D or more)

Range/Summon: 40 or above.

Harvest/Alchemy: 70 or above.

Potioning/Crafting/Manufacturing/Engineering/Tailoring: 40 or more.


If you have any questions pls pm a GODz member; btw we're not just looking for fighters/high A/D ppl. We want mixers and allrounders as well: we don't bite so join GODz (:

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Feel it coming in the air, Horrid screams from everywhere; I'm excited by the sounds, There's a dangerous GODz around. GODz has officially stop recruiting.



In Conclusion:


It has been a pr0 two years. GODz started out as a small guild.. & we continue to stay small. BUT we gained reputation. Some bad and many good. Alot frown upon us because of our ruthlessness and our way of playing. But ffs we didnt serp/bj innocent harvesting guild or something. So we just continued to play the game as we see it. We had ups and downs. Twists and turns. Visits and merges. Yet, we always came back to our rightful home... GODz would like to acknowledge the guilds that has/had connection with us:


=HC= : One of our most reliable & longest alliance. We can always rely on you guys when we needed you. Also tyvm for allowing us to join when we wanted to experience a bigger Pk guild. We are very grateful and cheers to a beautiful friendship.



~LE~ : We also had an alliance. It was nice until some other stuff got in between; but nonetheless you did assist us when we needed you. Thank you for letting us use your guild map. Also thanks for the Pk after the alliance; it kept Kf fun.


wWw : We had.. history. ALOT of history. lol; It started out as nuetral. then enemy. then "omfgz everytime i see that tag i want to run over each and ever single one of them with an 18-wheeler" (aka brown tag). then nuetral. then we merged <3. then nuetral. and then we took in a few wWw members after that. All in all; it was a fun and enjoyable experienced. We've had our shares of disputes and differences; but we also had our shares of laughs and friendship. So thank you.


GoW : The offspring of GODz & wWw. We started off rocky; yet we pulled thru for a good ~2 months or so. We dominated. We even made other guilds have a "PK Strike" because we were too powerful. Lol; it was fun. Im sure i can speak for all of GODz when i say: We wont forget each and every one of the wWw members.


KMSA : You guys are a small and peaceful Pk guild. But even tho you were small; you packed ALOT of punch. It was very nice to have your help in Kf/DPA. Thanks sooo much!


DEAD : You were enemies. You kept KF .. interesting. GODz saw you as top enemy at one point; thanks for the fun.


LION : Ow; one of the oldest and most hated enemies of GODz. Was always there when we first started the guild and continued to be there til the end. Even tho most of LIONs are a pain-in-the-arse.. you did keep the game interesting. Pk was always active;.. And i must admit, thanks to you, GODz had a goal: to be stronger. You gave us a reason to train, you gave us challenge, you gave us that occasional migrain (lol), but best of all.. you gave us a rival. We strongly.. STRONGLY disliked you.. yet you gave us something that is so hard to find now a days. So thank you. Thank you for the long-lasting and unbeatable rivally. EL wont be what it was without you. GODz tip our hats off to the LION pride.


Entering Kf in a mist, many need allies to assist. On this day in this year, living beings comes to fear. GODz. A last look of all past/present GODz Members:


Tyrannis: leader of GODz. Pker.

Scarface: ex-leader of GODz. Pker.

Infamous: co-leader of GODz. Pker.

TigerClaw: co-leader of GODz. Summoner.

Amar: member of GODz. Pker.

Kgxjeff: member of GODz. Pker.

Wizzy: member of GODz. Mage.

Koss: member of GODz. Pker.

Firelady: member of GODz. Crafter.

Eedgar: member of GODz. Pker.

Scartissue: member of GODz. Pker.

Athena: member of GODz. Bot.

Stivy: ex-member of GODz. Ranger.

CaptianCrunch: ex-member of GODz. Pker.

Adi: ex-member of GODz. Pker.

Wolverine: ex-member of GODz. Ranger.

Shultz: ex-member of GODz. Pker.

Smurf: ex-member of GODz. Pker.

Pinkroses: ex-member of GODz. Crafter.

Madmax: ex-member of GODz. PKer.

Ryder: ex-member of GODz. Pker.

Diease: ex-member of GODz. Pker.

Heaton: ex-member of GODz. Pker.


Yes, some lefted because we didnt get along after a while. Or because you got kicked. It doesnt matter; the point is that you've made an impression on the GODz. We loved having each and every one of you. We shared laughs and Pk. We grew and we fought. We made up and we lived. We enjoyed life. Together. With our swords in arm; we walked fearlessly into Kf together. And it was amazing. So just: Thank you. Thank you for impacting our lives and thank you for boldly showing off the GODz tag. GODz gives our humblest gratitude.


With this GODz takes its departure from the Land Eternal.:


Can't be crying bout it now, we've made legend with no doubt. Keep your head held up high, for today GODz has died.


Goodbye and farewell to Tyrannis, TigerClaw, and Infamous ;):P:D

Edited by TigerClaw

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Farewell to one of the few current-day real PK guilds.


Was great playing EL with the GODz and I hope to see many of you again elsewhere on the internet :P


The Warlords salutes the GODz, and bids fond farewells.

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LION also salutes GODz for all the same reasons TC mentioned about LION. We've already been talking about how you will be missed. For those of us who love PK, it's a sad day.

Edited by Ozmondius

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Thanks For everything GODz!!!!! I'll Miss you all, about DEAD and LION its true,(not feet kisser) but Fighting you its always fun and you're strong ^^ DEAD is already dead but, the on bad thing is that with GODz and wWw not working as a pk guild, Who will Lion fight? D: interesting true story!!!! :P


Farewell my friends have a nice time I wish you the best for all of you.


PD: Tyra and Infa still waiting for my plane ticket and Wedding invitation :< TigerClaw LEARN TO TYPE!!! kkgo!! Its Neutral not NUETRAL!! also Pker/Ranger in my name pl0x :D!!! ^^ bye to you to TC!

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Namaste - the god in me greets the god(z) in you.


You guys sure have made EL an interesting place for a good while. Causing me at times to never wanna log on ever again, and other times I couldn`t wait to see what would happen next.Being an ex-Lion, all i can say is that the rivalry could have been there as well without a lot of backstabbing, manipulative schemes, insults and complete utter lack of respect. From both sides, that is. I have never understood it, and I never will, and I gave up trying a long time ago.


But I do wish you all the best for your futures, and hope life has good things in store for you.

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Lol wolve; you should take your own advise! It's PS not PD :<


@Dilly; i agree. But what's done is done. The past can't be rewritten therefore there's no point in saying what could and should've happened. All I can say is even tho we had a "bitter" rivalry.. I honestLy had respected LION for their strength. I respected alot of other PK guilds too. Doesn't mean I like them.. But I can acknowledge that they are formidable. And at the end of a PK session; that's what most PK guilds desire.. A little honor and a whole lot of respect. :P

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now i await the epic post from Korrode wWw being dead... lets just let it die already, no point in kicking a dead dog :/

No no... I disbanded the guild once, not doing it again, wWw can just be like =Hc= and kinda float around forever with varying amounts of activeness :P


But as far as being an "active, prominent PK guild" in EL, yes, it would appear it's over. (We didn't seriously "come back" since reformation anyways.)


I've been close to posting "I quit" thread recently, but I always said i never would, cause who knows if i'll get interest in EL again. Certainly if things continue along the path they currently are, I wont... but maybe things will change in the future.


Anyways don't wanna hijack the thread with me/wWw stuff. bb.

Edited by Korrode

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for PATS its also a sad day!

i dont know everyone of you but i think of the nice times i had with you!


Tiger: since i met you, i love to chat with you, noone ever sent me such cute smileys. tigerclaw, i enjoyed every second we had been talking and you always had been one of my very best friends! stay as you are and please keep sending me pics of you, for my galery <3 :P


Infamous: you made me laugh so often about your dry jokes, in game, on skype, and in your posts! i bet you dont even know how often you made me smile! your humor will be missed a lot! at least be me *knuffel* dont forget the flowers for tyra :)


Tyrannis: Damn i was scared when i first met you in EVTR pk-cave! this name and you were in full armor! but when we started talking i always liked you!


for you and all others in that guild, that will leave us, i wish all the best for your future!

may we meet us again somewhere, sometimes, somehow!


greetings also from the other PATS

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I must say that you're missed and remembered. I went to check which gods i worship on my alt and saw this:




btw, glad to hear that tyra and infa are getting on so well, irl :o

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tyrannis infamous tigerclaw come back to EL or i come brod u all :<

Edited by amar

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