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The sexiest guild evar is looking to take some new members.


We are the official, "Do whatever the hell you wish" guild in EL.


  • Want to PK, but other guilds take EL too seriously?
  • Do you just want a place to hang out?


As you see, we'll take anyone! -disclamer-Providedtheymeetoutotherrequirements-disclaimer-


All you need is a skill over 20, a willing effort to attempt the English language, and a willingness to make fun of TirasHazor to be considered. (14 years or older in age is preffered.)


Just apply at our forums here: The Beam.net Forums


or drop a message to us at channel 20, the official unofficial home of ELM. Just ignore the other spammers.


We'll take anyone, regardless of EL history.

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*cough* Second sexiest Guild in EL, just after Nome. :P


Awesome group, GL recruiting and with the Guild. :)

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Do you rarely ever do anything in EL? Do you ever wish there was a group of people to make fun of you and share your apathetic view of everything? If so, ELM might be the right guild for you!


Our exciting daily activities include sitting on IP, talking on #GM, and making occasional brief appearances on channel 20, generally followed by an extended appearance in channel 11.


Type "#join_guild Eternal Lands Misfits" and start enjoying EL again!

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