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EITC - East Iridia Trading Company

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For EITC's Website, click here!



EITC is a friendly, helpful and mature guild with a keen business sense. We're not one of those guilds where you have to sell

items to the guild master for a cheaper price, and we're not a scam guild. We welcome all in with open arms, and we have a

shop for our guild. We all chip in to help the shop run smoothly, and we all get some of the gc back.




Cool!! EITC would love you to join, but a couple of conditions apply:

1)Skill of 20 required (Not oa)

2)Must be mature and non-abusive (We dont really want slang wars over gm thanks)


PM Lady_Night or RasberryBeard to join!!


Edited post per rule #7 http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13949 (It would be nice if people could actually read it)

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You can also contact me IG, I am co-leader of the guild. Ask any of the members I am more than willing to help new players get a foothold in the game. ig name rasberrybeard. I am also in charge of most administrative duties, and will be creating a bot and guild map for the guild once I return from field duty in about 2 weeks. JOIN US!

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