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Random Story Ideas for Beginner Writers

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Just thought that if you've been reading through these forums, and would like to write something, but not sure what, these titles and ideas might help:


- The Dwarf who Found his God

- The Mysterious Deaths of the Last Dragons

- The History of Corren Town

- The Pirates of Isla Prima

- The Founding of Portland

- Tirnym, the lost city of ...

- The Curse of the Catacombs (Naralik)

- The Planting of the Teleports

- A Conversation between the Gods

- <name> and <name>, A Love Story

- Those that are Cursed by the Gods

- The Rabbit who saved Grahms Village

- The origins of the festival of ...

- The Legend of the Sailor that sailed around the world

- A Day in the life of ....



If any of you other writers can think up of titles or ideas that you don't have time to pursue, but would like to leave to someone else, please feel free to add to this list.


What would be really appreciated, new writers, would be histories about the places in EL, and short stories focused on one legendary character or place.



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More story ideas and titles:


- The legend of the Grue

- An Paelentologist's notes on the Dragon in Hell.

- <name>, the Gnomish Merchant Prince

- Harvy and Grim, Traders in the Desert

- Why Portland has more rain than any other map.

- Hunters in Evergreen Forest

- The Forgotten Shipyard of Grubani

- The Atheists who descrated the Church/Temple of ... and what happened to them.

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