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Burn's Big (Hyper)Bags!

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Celebrating 110 Levels of Alchemy!





Winners and bag locations are in post #9 below!



Prizes: 5 bags


FOUND! Bag 1 - Traveler's Delight: 500 Portal Room Visits (2.5k EnEs, 500 MatEs, 500 SEs, and 500 SRs)

FOUND! Bag 2 - Fighter's Delight: 4k HEs + 1k SRs

FOUND! Bag 3 - Mage's Delight: 4k AEs

FOUND! Bag 4 - Summoner's Delight: 5k LEs + 1k SRs

FOUND! Bag 5 - Manuer's Delight: 1k Steel Bars



Contest Rules and Information:


1- One winner per bag. There will be 5 winners here!


2- 5 hyperspace bags will be placed in various locations "somewhere on Draia". This means they could be on a main map or insides.


Exceptions: The bags are NOT placed in pk areas, nor anywhere that you would have to cross a pk area to access. They are also NOT located anywhere a creature that ignores MM perk would be able to attack you (excluding Leonard). So with the (possible) exception of Leonard, the bags are in a location you'd be guaranteed to be safe in with MM perk/cloak.


3- The clue to the location of the bag will come in the form of a (very) close-up screenshot of where the bag was placed. Those who actually take the time to look at things and explore will likely have a better chance of finding them. The image will give just enough detail that if you see it, you'll recognize it, and know exactly where the bag is.


The clue will not be attached to a specific bag. That is, if you look at one of the locations given, you won't know which of the 5 bags is there.


If any bags should happen to not be found within 24 hours, more clues will be given.


4- THE PRIZE IS NOT IN THE BAG! Because there's so many items and it (may be) a good distance from a storage, prizes will be traded to you at storage for convenience.


What will be in the bag: a single item of each thing you've won. (i.e. Bag 1 would have 1 EnE, 1 MatE, 1 SE, and 1 SR)


As well, to ensure the award is given to the person who actually found the location/bag first, a random item will be in the bag completely irrelevant to the prize. You will have to tell me what that random item is in order to receive your award, so don't forget it, and don't tell anyone what it was!


BONUS: The random item in each bag is mostly something cheap like a flower or such. However, 1 of the random items will be a nice mini-prize of its own!


5- What to do when you find a bag: PM Me (Burn) in-game, stating the location, coordinates (click the compass), and the name of the random item that was in the bag.


If I'm not online, leave a gossip message, or send me a PM here on the official forums if you have an account.


Prizes should be awarded within 24 hours of finding the bag. Immediately if I'm online (and able to move).


Clues and prizes will be removed from the list as they are found.



Here's the Clues!


The hyperbag is located exactly where you see the bag in the image. The "N" is (a little) extra help by showing the camera angle, hehe.



Bag "A"


Has been found.



Bag "B"


Has been found.


Bag "C"


Has been found.


Bag "D"


Has been found.


Bag "E"


Has Been Found.

Edited by Burn

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Great contest Mr. Burn


A big thanks from all your loyal employees in Sector 7-G :)

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Congrats to:


Miikz - Traveler's bag (which included the "bonus" item of a binding stone)

XenaMT - Fighter's bag

Felessan - Mage's bag

Hormania - Summoner's bag

Bugabear - Manuer's bag




Wondering where they were? Well...


Bag A - Portland, inside the Mayor's house



Bag B - Outside of the fence that surrounds the summon arena in Whitestone



Bag C - "Vanyel's cabin" very north of Palon Vertas, just west of the Bethel exit



Bag D - Northwest Idaloran, near a small hut (319, 515)



Bag E - A small cave in southeast Irinveron


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