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Buying and Storage Sweeping

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Selling some things I don't like to find some hidden gc :)






300 270 leather gloves - 18ea




11 wooden battle hammers - 150ea

1 sunbreaker - 26k




30 iron helms - 190ea

20 augmented leather pants - 85ea

10 leather boots - 65ea

1 titanium chain mail - 5k




1 red dragon scale - 4.8k

1 gelatine bones removal - 10k

1 hellspawn removal - 10k



19 enriched death essence - 2.5kea

1 enriched magic essence - trade for 1 enriched fire essence




4 mixture of power - 3.2kea




141 fox fur - 7ea

43 white rabbit fur - 5ea

85 beaver fur - 5ea

693 red snake skins - 8ea

210 puma fur - 5ea

170 feran horns - 15ea

217 brown snake skins - 7ea

28 green snake skins - 7ea

58 wolf fur - 5ea




2 1 black tricorn hats - 500gcea

4 brown tricorn hats - 500gcea

1 purple robe - 3k

1 red scarf - 500gc

1 black bandana - 30k




6 5 4 serpent sword of fire - 3kea

3 titanium short of magic - 1kea

4 3 titanium long of thermal - 1.5kea

5 titanium short of ice - 1kea

4 titanium short of thermal - 1kea




deer antlers - 8ea (10ea for amounts 1k+)

turquoise - 4.5ea

sunflowers - 0.5ea

leather - 5ea

white tiger fur - 60ea


Post here please! I offer delivery/picking up for purchases over 10k :)

Edited by teehee

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I buy one book of tit serp of fire


and one book of tit long of thermal


4,5kgc for the 2 books pm ingame Khrull



Edited by Khrull

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Hey tommoro ill buy 10 leather gloves my in-game name is Gebus to =]

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TY people for the buys/sells! And khrull please pm me when you get the chance or maybe have someone pick up the items for you, can't seem to catch you online :pickaxe:. List has been updated and still buying!

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