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ZOMG!11! you need this so much

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contact me by forum pm, prices shown are guidelines, if there is not price, be reasonable. all reasonable offers considered.


Up-dated as I sell



12838 Vegetables - 8k

89 Toadstool - 100g


6 Bread

963 Fruits 1k

562 Potion of Feasting 6.5k



589 Cotton 1gc/ea

131 Swamp Candles 5gc/ea

2504 Blue Lupine 5gc/ea

1153 Red Rose 5gc/ea

480 Cactus 5gc/ea

636 Tree Mushroom 1gc/ea

168 Yellow Rose .5gc/ea

7885 Impatiens 5gc/ea

1160 Red Snapdragons 5gc/ea

1479 Blue Star Flower 5gc/ea

868 Blue Berries 5gc/ea

3287 Chrysanthemum 5gc/ea



594 Iron Ore 3g/ea



93 Gypsum 5gc/ea

3467 Coal 2/ea

242 Ruby 3/ea

332 Quartz 2/ea



6 Hammer

61 Leather Gloves

111 Gemstone hammer & chisel

341 Gem Sanding Paper 10/ea

55 Mortar & Pestle

1 Ring Mold




1 Short Bow 4.5k

4 Iron Battle Hammer 200ea

1 Iron Sword 250/ea

6 Frying Pan 800/ea

1435 Wood Branches

8 Iron Broad Sword 300/ea

4 Wooden Battle Hammer

1 Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword

3 Wooden Staff

1 Steel Axe 2k

9 Steel Two Edged Sword 900/ea

1 Ice arrows



2 Augmented Leather Pants

61 Leather Gloves

6 Augmented Leather Armor

11 Iron Helm

9 Leather Boots

1 Iron Shield

1 Steel Plate Mail 52k <reserved NoobPL>

2 Leather Helm



16 Ring of Naralik

1 Ring of Damage

20 Ring of Isla Prima

7 Stars Medallion

1 Fast Regeneration Removal 16k

3 Unicorn Medallion

4 Ring of Bethel

38 Ring of White Stone

17 Ring of Disengagement

1 Conjurer Cloak

1 Medallion of Life 15k

9 Ring of Idaloran

1 Antisocial removal 25k

1 Gatherer Medallion 10k



1236 Magic Essence 8k

644 Death Essence 6k

56 Earth Essence

1730 Fire Essence 3.3/ea

51 Matter Essence

476 Water Essence 7k/ea

41 Spirit Essence

473 Energy Essence

351 Health Essence



12 Potion of Crafting

36 Potion of Great Healing

9 Potion of Summoning

17 Potion of Extra Mana

8 Potion of Harvesting

67 Potion of Mana

323 Potion of Body Restoration 12/ea

217 Invisibility Potion 90/ea

562 Potion of Feasting 6.5k

1 Potion of Minor Healing

3 True Sight Potion

5 Potion of Defense

2 Potion of Coordination

257 Potion of Spirit Restoration 13/ea

8 Potion of Manufacturing

65 Potion of Vitality




186 White rabbit fur

75 Puma Fur

1 Sslessar Summoning Stone 5k

163 Tiger fur

170 Bear Summoning Stone 120/ea

314 Black panther fur

2 Armed Orc Summoning Stone 400ea

636 Leopard fur





5 Fur Hat

8 Racoon hat

3 Excavator Cape

46 Warm Fur Gloves

10 Fur Boots

1 Fur Pants

2 Augmented Leather Pants

6 Augmented Leather Armor

7 Skunk hat

1 Fur Torso

3 Monster Magnetism Cloak 6.5k ea

7 Body Piercing Cloak 1.5k ea

9 Leather Boots

3 Fur Cloak

1 Conjurer Cloak 3.5k

1 Leather Pants

1 The artificer cape 100k

4 Padded Leather Armor

11 Fox Scarf


303 Ashes

1435 Wood Branches

402 Thread

2 Skull key

1 Invasion Token 15k

6 Wood Logs

Edited by smokeyd

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I'll take wine, bronze sword, white tiger fur 65ea, and empty vials, sunflowers, and LE's please!


#EDIT and leather, hawk feathers at 15ea, and deer antlers 6ea too if agree to prices


total of 61466gc

Edited by teehee

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326 Emerald 3/ea

668 Diamond 3/ea

133 Pickaxe 15ea

1 Orc Slayer 25k

4 Enriched Fire Essence 7k/ea

1 Enriched Magic Essence 7k

7 Enriched Life Essence 4k/ea

1 Monster Magnetism Cloak 6.5k ea

6 Serpent Stone 5k/ea

49 Polished Emerald 20g/ea

7 Gold Ring 60ea

400 Polished Sapphire 20g/ea

39 Polished Diamond 20g/ea

1 Silver Ring 60ea

118 Polished Ruby 20g/ea


I'll take these ;)

total value of 142077gc

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8 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword

1 Jagged Saber

22 Moon Medallion


I'd take these, 35k for all.


Edit: Just saw OS has been reserved, so removed it from my bid.

Edited by Dreyan

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562 Potion of Feasting 6.5k

14218 Silver Ore 2g/ea

55 Mortar & Pestle

809 Empty Vial 4k


I would like these, pm me in game pls..


Or at least what is still for sale ;)

Edited by MasterZen

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i'll take the titanium plate mail for 75k gc. would be great if you could reserve it for me till i get home from work :-) (ca. 7 hours from now on) ;) i will catch you in game then!


thanks very much!



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2 Enriched Water Essence 2k/ea


5 Skunk fur

6 Racoon fur

5 Snow Leopard fur

165 Falcon Feather

155 Deer Fur

51 Green Snake Skin

54 Beaver fur

44 Red Snake Skin

8 Brown Snake Skin

1595 Wolf Fur 6/ea



1 Leather Pants 50gc

4 Padded Leather Armor 200gc



I offer 11755 for the animal parts ;)

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I'll buy:

5 Hydrogenium Bar 10.5k/ea (52500gc)


and i can buy:

5 Skunk fur

6 Racoon fur

51 Green Snake Skin

44 Red Snake Skin

398 Bear Fur 20/ea

8 Brown Snake Skin

172 Feran Horn 15/ea

139 Rat tail

122 Brown rabbit fur


for 11k


pm me in game ;)

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Hi there,


I would like to buy the following:



279 Rue (1gc ea) = 279gc

414 Yarrow (1gc ea) = 414gc

535 Nightshade (1gc ea) = 535gc

228 Wormwood (1gc ea) = 228gc

712 Henbane (1gc ea) = 712gc

110 Red Currents (1gc ea) = 110gc

2821 Mullein (1gc ea) = 2821gc

874 Tulips (1gc ea) = 874gc



142 Titanium Ore (2gc ea) = 284gc

594 Gold Ore (3gc ea) = 1782gc



1601 Blue Quartz (2gc ea) = 3202gc

764 Rose Quartz (2gc ea) = 1528gc

782 Sulfur (2gc ea) = 1564gc

6 Turqoise (5gc ea) = 30gc



2275 Raw Meat (4gc ea) = 9100gc



180 Bones Powder (5gc ea) = 900gc


Total 24363gc


Thank you Raistlin


P.S.: If you can't catch me ingame, please contact my guildie Sir_Odie to make the deal. Ty.

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