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Storage Sale (mostly books)

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2 Book of Humans Fighting 2.5kgc

1 Book of Titanium Molding

1 Ring of Damage Building

1 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction

8 Titanium Short Construction

1 Book of Steel long sword of magic

2 Book of Botanics

1 Book of Axe Construction

2 Moon Medallion Building

5 Book of Bear Summoning

1 Book of Titanium Mining

6 Book of Potion of Manufacturing

1 Desert Pines Ring Building

5 Book of Iron Axe Construction

2 Book of Steel Axe Construction

6 Isla Prima Ring Building

6 Book of Titanium Smelting

3 Book of Potion of Feasting

1 Disengagement Ring Building

8 Book of Potion of Physique

8 Book of Potion of Summoning

2 Steel Shield Construction

1 Unicorn Medallion Building

1 Book of Iron Broad sword of fire


1 Enriched Fire Essence: 8.2kgc


1 Dvarium Bar: 15kgc


For items without prices PM me in game, they are negotiable, The few items with prices, aren't

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