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Ranging Arena during invasions

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Beware of getting caught in the Ranging Arena during an invasion...I got caught out in there this morning. I thought this arena was like a school or storage area and wasn't worried about the invasion until it suddenly filled up with monsters...yeah I know, too much skipping nekkid through fields of flowers hugging trees and looking at fluffy clouds. :)

A few points to consider:

1. If you have muled in with a shed load of arrows you will be rooted to the spot.

2. You cannot cast magic here, so you will not be able to heal yourself.

3. Since you cannot cast magic here you will not be able to Teleport out.


Some good ideas:

1. Carry a few Disengagement Rings...

2. Carry an IP or other Teleport Ring.

3. Carry some potions of Greater Healing, since you won't be able to heal otherwise.

4. Carry a MoL, it might heal you and save your ass.


I always carry a Disengagement Ring and an IP Ring, but hit my Dis Ring at the wrong moment, then had to wait while the cooldown counted out until I could try again. Luckily my MoL healed me a few times while I was lost in the mob of monsters.

I'd be interested in any other strategies and ideas people might have regarding getting out of a tight spot in this arena.

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Considering the cost to get in there, and randomness of invasions, I think it simply needs to be made off-limits for invaders.


You get people worried about getting trapped in there, they'll stop using it.


While I've been on a temporary ranging hiatus to focus on other things, I have been a regular user of that arena in the past and plan to continue to be one soon. But not with this kinda thing permitted. It's highly inappropriate to toss invaders in there considering the manner in which people use it and have paid for its use.


We're already providing a ton of gc into the sink just being there without this added stupidity.


Think my usage of it will be on complete hold until this issue is dealt with. Between mule glyph, creature food, arena token, and the ~1800 bolts used on a single trip there, that's almost the value of a rosto thrown into a gc sink each time. But not if I have to worry an invasion will suddenly appear there before I'm even close to finishing.

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Kudos Columba ~


A well thought out and intelligent post... there's some great info in there that could be a huge help to rangers in any number of situations :~)


You've managed to take what I'm sure was a very harried situation and make something positive from it instead of being reactionary(not that you weren't at the time I'm sure) :)


Thank you!



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