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Trying to pull all the major stories together

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Okay, this is me just trying to pull all the stories so far together into one cohesive whole. Please don't take it as the history set-in-stone, because it can still change, based on what you guys think. I'll be continually updating this post, for easy reference.


General Description


1st Age = The Age of Power. From the creation of the world to the War of the Gods. A time where the races began to exist and great power was unleashed through the form of magic and the gods, before limits were set and restraints imposed by the Gods. The gods walked among their races and were quite intimately entwined with them, sharing their nature and enjoying the discovery of the new world. However, not everything was peaceful and pleasant to discover, and several races were destroyed during these early years by wars.

– approximately 6,000 years.


2nd Age = The Age of Princes. From the end of the War of the Gods to the Great War. After the devastation of the War of the Gods, it took some time for the races to build back to their former numbers. The gods began to withdraw from their racial affiliations, so that they would not drag their races into war again the next time they had a conflict. The races started to become more secular and god became associated with certain qualities and skills, rather than races. It was also the time where kingdoms and local political powers became established and vied for control over the Lands. Nevertheless, with the return of Mortos, there was another war that wracked the continents.

– approximately 3,000 years


3rd Age = The Age of Purpose. From the end of the Great War to the present day. Again, it is a time of rebuilding after the destruction unleashed by the Great War. The various survivors have begun to rebuild their civilisations and the gods, realising that their withdrawal had allowed Mortos greater freedom to act during the Great War, have also began to exert their influence over the Lands. This is the Age where the final purpose and destiny of these Lands will be determined.

- Current year: 2,004 A.G.W (After Great War)







1st Age Stories & Events: The Age of Power (B.G.A = Before Great Agreement)

approx. 6,000 B.G.A Creation of the World (Entropy)

approx. 5,500 B.G.A Dragons created (Kayliana)

approx. 5,450 B.G.A Elves created (Kayliana)

approx. 5,300 B.G.A Dwarves created (Kayliana)

approx. 5,200 B.G.A Humans created (Kayliana)

5,200 – 5,000 B.G.A Other races created (Saii & Kayliana)

4,750 – 4,600 B.G.A The Dragon Wars (Kayliana)

approx. 4,500 B.G.A Orchans begin to exist. Mortos banished to underworld. (Saii)

4,000 – 1,000 B.G.A Mortos slowly corrupts the gods (Saii)

approx. 3,600 B.G.A Mount Polan erupts (Aira)

400 – 50 B.G.A Mortos teaches Unolas & Selain (Saii)

48 B.G.A Unolas promoted, Selain declares his own godhood & the beginning of the War of the Gods (Saii)

47 – 21 B.G.A Destruction of the Centaurs (Saii)

3 B.G.A Glilin and the Dwarves join the War (Saii)

2 B.G.A Battle of Portland (Saii)


- Signing of the Great Agreement and the End of the War of the Gods. –


2nd Age Stories & Events: The Age of Princes (A.G.A = After Great Agreement)

1 A.G.A Elevation of Glilin (Saii)

213 A.G.A The Great Battle of Grubani (Tumaros)

412 A.G.A Battle at the Gates of White Stone (Aira)

2293 A.G.A Birth of Fingolfin Telemnar (Arafin)

2373 A.G.A Fingolfin Telemnar captures Mynadar (Arafin)

2583 A.G.A Orchans overrun Mynadar and the Elven City (Arafin)

~ Dwarves reclaim Mynadar sometime between 2583 & 2795 ~

2795 A.G.A Gondric Mithrilfist leads the Dwarves of Mynadar against Mortos (Tumaros)

2796 A.G.A Gondric Mithrilfist becomes King of Mynadar (Tumaros)

2937 A.G.A Battle of Mynadar and the Beginning of the Great War (Tumaros)

2938 A.G.A End of the Great War


3rd Age Stories & Events: The Age of Purpose (A.G.W = After Great War)


1999 A.G.W Kayliana the Black Dragon is released from her silver pendant and begins to search for the other Dragons. (Kayliana)



Under Development


Established Stories:

- Tumaros' "Peril at Mynadar", "Grues and Their Ways", "The Great Battle of Grubani" and the "Great War" series

- Kayliana's "The History and Truth About the Eternal Lands Dragons"


Stories Pending Final Approval From Roja:

- Saii's "A History of the Lands" (a.k.a War of the Gods) and "The Battle of Portland"

- Arafin's "Storyline" (a.k.a. the story of Fingolfin)

- Aira's "Ghost Story: Evil in the Forests"

- Kayliana's "Tiral Learns How to Sing"


Stories to be Sychronised with others:

- Geelef's "Diary of a Common Man"

- Conner's "Curse of Naralik Catacombs"

- Master_Templar's "The Founding of Tirnwood"


Stories under Revision

- zsert's "short story in eternal lands"

- Saii's "Not a background but could be interesting" (Story of Qast)

- Conner's "Desert Pines Canyon"

- mistercool's "My story of Isla Prima"

- Wolf_Lord's "Legend of the Wolf Lord"

- lobonar's "Aluwen's request"



- Entropy's "World Creation Story"

- Lyanna's "A Tale of Vermor Castle"

- Saii's "The Destruction of the Centaurs"

- Curor's (and OX guild's) "Mynadar" story

- zsert's "greton in eternal lands" and "life by zsert"

- kat's "a sneak preview"

- Aira's "Battle at the Gates of White Stone"

- Alderan's "the war of the valley"

- Jum's "Eternal Lands - a story in progress"

- Geelef's "The Finding of the Diary"


References and Resources for Writers:

- This thread

- Before You Begin: http://www.eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewto...opic.php?t=5180

- Story Ideas for Beginner Writers: http://www.eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewto...opic.php?t=5101

- Races and Names: http://www.eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewto...opic.php?t=5480

- Current Calendar System: http://www.eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewto...opic.php?t=4926

- Dragon Customs: http://www.eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewto...opic.php?t=5052

- HTML files: http://www.eternal-lands.com/misc/ELhistory.html

- Religion and Gods: http://www.eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewto...opic.php?t=5541

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This is really impressive, and makes a good deal of sense :P. Should it be a sticky?


Oh hidden away somewhere near the bottom of the board is a story - probly for the third age - about a demi-god servant of Mortos called Qast which Roja liked.

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Right, thanks Roja for making this thread a sticky! :P


Now, I'll be using this sticky to coordinate the weaving together of all the stories, so please do pay attention and read up whenever there's a new addition to this thread. Also, don't uselessly spam. :) The calendar will be constantly edited and changed to fit.


This thread is meant for writers who have already got into the calendar of events to discuss how to integrate their stories together.


Now, the first thing I need to know, Saii and Tumaros, is how long do you want your respective wars to be? I've given you both a gap of about 50 or so years - just enough for two generations of Humans. Is that too long? Too short?


Kayliana and Saii, I also need you to work out the order of creation. (Others can input as well...) Kay, in your story, you stated that there were only four races, which is why I gave those four a "head-start" over the others. Saii, on the other hand, implies that all six races were created at the beginning. We'll need to try and modify either one or both of your stories to include each other. I'll like your input on this, please. :) Also, consider whether the time gaps I included for the First Age are too long.


Aira, I'm going to put your ghost story into the First Age, since Grubani's name had to have existed by the time the Second Age arrived.



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Okay, we'll move the extermination of the dragons to be later then. I was considering the same thing, actually. No real rush, at THAT end of history. :) Besides, the Humans need more time to develop. A scant 200 years would NOT see them being able to create a Serpent Sword. We'll move it to much later...say about 4750-4600. I don't want to make the war TOO long, so I only gave it 150 years for the dragons to be wiped out.


Yes, the whole creation thing has to be sorted out. Kay, I think you're going to have to modify your story a little to allow the races to be created together, rather than separately, as implied. I was thinking something along the lines of Aluwen experimenting with life, by creating the dragons, and then after a span of maybe 100 years to see how it turned out, all the gods began to create their own races.


But on the other hand, Saii...I'm worried about this idea of having racial gods (so to speak). It doesn't seem to mesh very well with the actual gameplay. Would Aluwen, for example, grant a blessing to an Orchan? Seeing as (in your story) Orchans were despised by the gods due to the mixing of "essence", and furthermore, were the offspring of Mortos' race - the orcs - it doesn't seem very likely. We may have to adjust it or put more stories in to tell of how the Gods became less attached to their races and more focused on the qualities/skills of their worshippers. What do you others think? Should the gods stay attached to their own races, or become detached?



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Thanks Kayliana that's really encouraging to hear :cry:. I like yours too, they're really stylish :cry:.


Hmm I don't reckon having different timings of when the races were born should be a problem.


I never properly gave a timeline for when the various races were created, rather I simply linked them to other Gods and explaned how they later became independant. Kayliana said when they were all born but not who did it (unless I missed a thread). It's conceivable that Aluwen was simply the first God to think of creating her own race, and the others followed on in their own time - and the intervals could easily have been thousands of years cos the Gods aren't half a thoughtful bunch :D.


I can change the order in which the Gods are placed in the histories to take Kayliana's timescale into account without too much bother and reference the fact that the Elves were Aluwen's second race, not her only one.


I agree with Kayliana that the races don't really need to be inextricably bound up with their original creators any more, their independance was established long before the Great Agreement, and afterwards although it could be said the Gods have a soft spot for their original races it's all been a very long time.


Mortos' training of Unolas for example suggests that he's much more interested in the mindset of his protoge than the race. The fact they're Gods also plays quite heavily to the idea that they'd be far deeper than appearances only.


I'd say as far as the Orchans are concerned the Gods would not blame them for their father, nor for their actions during the war (especially as they were duped and drugged by Selain) - though tieing in with the description of them on the site, this doesn't mean they are trusted by the other races.


Having said that a story about how the Gods and the races gradually drifted apart after the Great Agreement might be quite fun :)

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Dreagon/Glydoc's backstory is gonna need rewriting though, anyone mind if he 'adopts' the Dreagoni race later on instead of creating them himself? He's a bit of an odd one after all so he can do without having his own race to strt with.

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Good idea, Kayliana. The reason why I started this sticky WAS to give you two (and Tumaros) the chance to discuss ideas and plan on how to interlink your stories and write new ones together, so have fun nitpicking over details on this sticky! :P Go ahead with the adoption process, Saii. You're going to have to come up with an explanation of how the Dreagoni race came about through Iringold, though. But one thing I have to warn you...be careful to keep it fairly vague. This IS Ancient History, after all, so there are not that many records that survive to our time - especially about Dragons, since Roja wants it a mystery. You might also want to consult with sam3773 about his ideas on Dreagantal. But keep in mind that at most, the Dragons can only be a subplot to the storyline. The main focus should stay on the six current races. Don't make them too central to the situation today.


Since you two are modifying your stories, then I guess we'll stick to the current timeline about the creation of the races. The Dragons first, then Aluwen, Dvar and Hume create their own, and the rest get around to it later.


Yes, the whole Glydoc background will need a rewriting. I also suggest that both of you (and all the other writers who plan to write about the Gods) talk to the priests in-game and pay attention to their descriptions. There are some things you'll have to work into your stories. (Case in point: Aluwen is easily taken advantage of, Glydoc had parents that drove him neutral, etc...).


I also agree that it would be nice to have the Gods attached to their races at first, but gradually drift away. That could happen very nicely in the Second Age (since I've got a dearth of stories there :D ). Maybe you could make Unolas' case a ground-breaking precedent set by Mortos, and have the neutral Gods push the detachment issue through. You'll notice that in Tumaros' story of the Peril in Mynadar, Aluwen is sufficiently detached to use a Dwarf as her avatar.



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Like always I did not read everything down through, mostly just suggestions and questions about already written pieces.


Ok, number 1 the ages just like...lol...completely scattered my stories. I wrote a few quests (not that they coincide so much as the stories), but what I was doing was keeping them lined up base on what I thought the times were. So the 5 uncompleted stories that WERE coniciding just got thrown from one age to another lol.


My 1st story was thrown to the 2nd age and my second was thrown to the 1st and part of the 3rd lol.


I will just have to fix them I would imagine, but its just kinda odd. I will have to read through the stories and piece mine back together.


Pfft....also curious as to how you got the title Lyanna? No offense meant just curious.



Just read a few more posts and I found it kind of.....arrogant of you to pretty much say that all other story writers are bust at the moment.


3rd Edit: Ok hears just some things I am going to offer as a work in progress:


Fingolfin Telemnar, married to Elemmir Telrunya, born in Mortosin on the 3rd say of the 15th Quartet (can not name a year as I want to place him somewhere in there as a famous elf, and no I do not want anyone to writ him into a story either I have plans for him lol). Now #1, I need a date he can be place to be at war so I can then determine his birth year and make a story for his following years.


Also another suggestion about weapons; Dwarves should be makers or iron-based equipment, humans steel-base equipment, and elves titanium-based equipment .


Reasons for this are:

-Dwarves were known more for axes an hammers rather then swords of the sorts, and as the hammers are (atm) wooden and iron I figure who better then Dwarves to have that field.

-Humans for steel because lets face it, no dwarf is going to make s sword taller then he is right lol.

-Elves for titanium, because it is the lightest ore in the game and as such elves should own the titanium equipment because of that fact. Oh yes lets not forget, they are the most knowledgeable of all the races as well, minus the gnomes who are by all standards smarter in most every way.


Another suggestion is I am not sure if the great war is meant to be war between the races or what, but it is based in the Age of PEACE lol. And also if it is the war between the races then that is the perfect spot to place my war hero, and I will have to work it into the storyline of Tumaros.


Plus, I can only find a handful of the stories talked about in this thread, and I have read all of Kaylian's stories, and 80% of Tumaros, but Airas and Saii's are a little harder to find for me.


Last but not least, I think that the 1st age needs its ears shortened. Heres my thoughts on it:

6000 B.G.A-Creation of the world

5985 B.G.A.-Creation of Dragons

5975 B.G.A.-Creation of the Elves

5950 B.G.A.-Creation of the Dwarves

5925 B.G.A.-Creation of the Humans

5920 B.G.A.-Creation of the Gnomes

5910 B.G.A.-Creation of all other Races

5850-5650 B.G.A.-Extermination of the Dragons

5600 B.G.A.-Orchans begin to appear throughout the world, Mortos is sent to the underworld

5300-2300 B.G.A.-Mortos begins to corrupt the Gods

3100 B.G.A.-Mount Polan Erupts

1800-1100 B.G.A.-Mortos teaches Unolas & Selain

1395 B.G.A.-Unolas promoted, Selain declares his own godhood & the beginning of the War of the Gods

1050-300 B.G.A.-Destruction of the Centaurs

150 B.G.A.-Mortos escapes from the Underworld and goes into hiding

38 B.G.A.-Glilin and the Dwarves enter the war

12 B.G.A.-Battle of Portland


~Signing of the Great Agreement and the end of the War of the Gods~


1 A.G.A.-Elevation of Glilin

213 A.G.A.-The Land of Grubani

412 A.G.A.-Battle at the Gates of Whitestone

(a big gap is here, if allowed maybe I can fill in about 200-300 years with Fingolfin maybe, just curious, let me know)

2583 A.G.A.-Mortos comes out of hiding and takes City of Mynadar from the Elves (this is here in case I am able to fill the gap)

2795 A.G.A.-Gondric Mithrilfist leads the Dwarves of Mynadar to reclaim their homeland from Mortos

2795 A.G.A.-Mortos fleas from Mynadar and goes once again into hiding

2796 A.G.A.-Gondric Mithrilfist is appointed King of Mynadar

2937 A.G.A.-Battle for Mynadar an the beginning of Great War

2978 A.G.A.-End of the Great War


3rd age is still small, and I feel it needs no date changes at this time.



Just think upon it, it has a few more rational dates fro certain events and fulfills the age more. And also in relation to the Gods races, Aluwen isnt a dwarf derivied name and therefore if she is going to be of the dwarf race I am going to highly disappointed as I am sure others will. Aluwen is more of a human or elf name, more human based on certain context of the name, then it could ever be as a dwarf name. I am just curious if anyone even listens in school anymore, if you did you would know a lot more about writing then you do, no offense meant by that.

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Thanks Arafin, for the comments! :) I really appreciate someone being able to criticise well.


Minor details first:

- I got the job because of two things: First, when Roja announced the new channel for the Eternal Times, I was there discussing it, and suggested creating our own calendar. She gave me the job of doing so. Then, when I read through the entire Storylines forum, I saw how my calendar could be used, and was a bit worried that Tumaros wasn't compiling everything, so I did a rough sketch on this sticky. That happened to be the same day Tumaros announced he was going to leave. So Roja saw this, contacted me, and offered the job of Compiler. ;) I've also had nearly 10 years of experience in writing, proofreading and editing for various small newsletters.


- The stories I drew on, that you need to read, would be Saii's "History of the Lands: Final Edit" & "The Battle of Portland", Aira's "Legend: Ghost Story - Evil in the Forests" & "Battle at the Gates of White Stone". Please read everything...I had to pay attention to minor details to get this calendar up, like the fact Selain mentioned Mortos had been training Unolas for 300 years (that was only 1 sentence in a 12,000-word story, so you can imagine...).


- The weapons thing will need to be thought about more carefully, but I generally disagree that we should make the materials race-specific. Read Roja's description of the races in the EL website. Dwarves are still the most likely to smith all the metals - but they may have taught the other races certain tricks of the trade.


Okay, now to storylines themselves:

- Your comments about the Age of Peace are well-taken. Actually, I DID have some doubts about calling it the Age of Peace, since that would block off a large section of history from any major wars. We may rename it - that's what this sticky is for, anyway...to make changes. :D However, as far as I know, Tumaros' Great War is largely an alliance of the races against the Orcs, Goblins and Undead, so there are no interracial conflicts.

- Creation of the Gnomes can be put in very easily. In fact, I WOULD like to have dates for all races. I just lumped those that haven't been mentioned yet into one, until someone writes a story about them. The other calendar changes, however, especially about the War of the Gods, probably won't do - 1,300+ years is a bit long for ANY war... (you'll need to read Saii's epic to understand). 50+ years is a bit short, I grant, but after reading the story, you'll realise that Selain had been planning and preparing for 300 years, while the rest of the races were taken unaware, so...

- Aluwen is the Goddess who created the Dragons, and then the Elves. Dvar is the one who created the Dwarves (and maybe the Gnomes).


- Yes, I think it'll be best to fit in your story about Fingolfin in the Second Age, where you put it. We'll have to rename the "Age of Peace" to something else, but that's no big deal. Can you suggest anything (preferably starting with 'P', but that's just my little foible... :) )



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Another thing which I think we're going to have to raise is this issue:


Should Saii's "History of the Lands" be the definitive story behind the First Age?


There are a lot of other alternatives that have been posted up - from the early ideas of the Eternals being transparent ghosts, to the karmic punishment ideas. The main reason why I chose Saii's epic to include in the calendar was because it was the most highly-detailed and complete picture. But that doesn't mean the others aren't good, too. Perhaps it might be possible to put all the creation stories into the Myths section, including Saii's one. That way, we can allow a wide variety of writers to offer their own interpretation of what happened during the First Age, and why we are all here.


Having said that, some of the story ideas about the Origin are clearly out of date or irrelevant, and hence will not be included. Furthermore, if we DO make Saii's story only ONE of the alternatives, then coordinating 8 or 9 different possible histories on one calendar would be absurd. It would basically be a choice between variety (and freedom of speech), or coherence (and a definite storyline/background framework).


What do you guys think?



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This is going to be a lot of work...

I hope it turns out to be something good...



I think we should all listen to Black Sabbath...


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For starters, I think Killerlamb ought to smacked lol and his post removed, secondly I am going to read the stories you mentioned then reedit this post.


Also congrats on the 'Compiler' position. Thats a lame name if I have ever heard one, but I guess it is what your doing so I wont argue on the name lol.


EDIT: Just so all know Killerlamb edited his post ^^^

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It is because your a incopetent fool.


As for the creation of the world, I say maybe take 2-3 good ideas and combine them lol, maybe ask some people to post suggestions in another thread of a few starter pieces and ask the best three to write it out a little fuller or something.


'P' words for the age:





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Hmm...that is a VERY interesting suggestion, Kay. That way, we can have both variety AND coherence - sort of. What would be even more interesting would be to stipulate a certain event, and then get six different writers to tell the six different races' views of that same event. Good idea.


Okay, I'll look through some of the old stories about creation and see if there are any good ones to pick out. You guys can help too, if you want, by reading through the earlier threads and posting. Good idea, Arafin. But the merging process would need some detailed working-out, though.


Yes, Pride might be a good name for the Age. But we don't have to rush into it. See if we can come up with any more names. There might be an even better one that we just didn't think of at first. Don't want to rule out any alternatives now, do we? ;)



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THANK YOU!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou so much, Kayliana! ;)

You've just saved half my work. :D


Now I'll go over the ones you highlighted slowly and see how to incorporate them into the timeline.



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Good work Kayliana ;).


Just a couple of quick things, if the Dragons were woken earlier, say 2,000 BGA, they'd be able to play a far greater role in the overall histories (and from a selfish point of view, I wouldn't have to burn them out of the war/portland). Also, Glilin and the Dwarves would have been in the war for at most a few months, as they reach the front lines for the Battle of Portland just as it's kicking off. Before then though the stand-off could have been longer (particularly as Selain had to build himself a fleet to cross the ocean).

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Hehe if I knew you wre going to do that I coulda saved you all the time, I wrote or read in every single thing you posted lol, but yes thanks for your time.


Few more 'P' words:

Philosophy (would be good if the Gnomes did something interesting, will see what I can do)













Thats all for the leeter p for now.


I wrote a little history of discovery for the Gnomes, not very long maybe like 4 paragraphs max. Gonna post it after I look over it for mistakes.


I like the idea Kayli came up with about voting on the stories for each race and such that sounds kinda cool. For the different sections for stories, maybe Ent can make it so that the Storyline thread hen clicked goes one screen ahead and gives you another 4-5 sections for you to choose which one and a General Purpose Storyline thread as well for those who are not sure where to post there story.


Was gonna write something else, but my thoughts have escaped me so I will post later.

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I don't want the Dragons woken up earlier, precisely BECAUSE it'll make them too central to the storyline. :D Remember, for most players, the only evidence of Dragons in the game will be that skull in the underworld. It was Kayliana and the GDC that built up the legends of the Dragons, and hence, it's more of a guild RP thing than a real storyline plot planned by the creators. (Besides, if the dragons were woken up that early, it would mean that Kay has lived for nearly 7 millennia...)


The separation of the storylines might be a good idea, but we don't need it for now, since we've barely got 2 pages of stories on this forum. Even the General Chat forum hasn't split yet, and that has over 12 pages of threads. We can wait, until we get more people contributing. Right now, the only ones posting are the 4 of us and Aira (occasionally). I'm calling in the OX guild to write up some things about the Dwarves, though.


About Glilin, yes, I know he only joined the war in time for Portland, but I'm wondering if that would make his contributions to the war too insignificant? After all, he's supposed to be already a General by the time Portland arrives, and furthermore is elevated to Godhood later. If he just mustered the Dwarves in time for 1 battle, that doesn't seem to be very significant. Nevertheless, if you still want it, I'll change the dates.


Arafin, I was wondering if you'd consider maybe writing a story about the Gnomes to involve them in Saii's war as spies maybe. That way, they wouldn't be mentioned in the "official" histories so much, yet would still play an important part.


As for the event, I was actually referring to an event in the past, like a war or something in which all the races took part in, and have widely differing views about. Nevertheless, the competition idea is a good one, and if we can get enough people to write, we can hold it later (as in, a few months from now).



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